Belize: A Honeymoon Destination You’ll Fall in Love with This Fall

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Belize – Best Fall Honeymoon Destination

June weddings are so yesterday! Your fall wedding will be held at the trendiest time of year—especially if you choose a romantic, affordable honeymoon destination like Belize.

Once upon a time, no bride would consider holding her wedding during any month but June. According to historian Christine Schultz, the restriction had everything to do with paying respects to the goddess Juno and in fact, choosing another month for getting married could have impaired a bride’s fertility, according to folklore.

But June weddings have gone the way of white dresses and throwing shoes at newlyweds. These days, June has been replaced by September and October as the most popular, and Paris has been replaced by Belize as an ideal overseas trip that’s close to home and where everyone speaks English.

Where to go in Belize? Chabil Mar Villas located on the Placencia peninsula. And if you’re marrying in the fall, you’ll be delighted to read that you can honeymoon here without emptying your savings account at a destination guaranteed to give your married life the most amazing start ever.

Why Chabil Mar?

This is an equal opportunity honeymoon haven. Bridal magazines offer women excellent advice but it’s rare to find a men’s magazine raving about a destination. “GQ” editors say, “no one would blame you for holing up” at Chabil Mar with your loved one.” Agreeing on a honeymoon destination couldn’t be easier!

This resort is sexy and exciting. Accommodations are luxurious, private and intimate. Imagine being sequestered in a honeymoon suite surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it; you can see it for yourself:

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Chabil Mar has won many awards. Listing them all here would test your patience but each one is well deserved! From gorgeous suites to the onsite gourmet restaurant, the number of honeymooners hanging “Do Not Disturb” signs on the doors of their lodgings for the entirety of their stays is staggering.

Fall honeymoons at Chabil Mar are affordable. Getting married in September or October? Take advantage of the resort’s “buy 4 nights; get 1 free” offer by reserving before September 30th and as long as bookings are available, you could save a bundle. You get the same white glove treatment you would enjoy if you came during high season when rates are at their highest.

Activities newlyweds adore. Chabil Mar offers an assortment of tours that suit all appetites. Whether you book a package that includes tours, or you want to choose activities when the mood strikes, you can marvel at Maya temples and caves, scuba dive the barrier reef, zip line over jungle canopies, fish the ocean or explore diverse cultural treasures. Staff does the work. You have the fun.

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Start Planning Your Belize Honeymoon

Let’s say you have something more intimate in mind. Imagine a yachting island cruise, relaxing couples’ massages and intimate dinners served beachside, poolside or on your villa’s veranda. Why would you think of honeymooning anywhere else now that you know how splendid a fall honeymoon can be when it’s celebrated at Chabil Mar?

Why You Should Visit Belize Now. Not Later!

Did Benjamin Franklin ever visit Belize? We can’t be sure. But there’s a chance he came to this paradise on earth while he was still kicking around because he coined the phrase, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

We suggest you take his advice. Life is crazy these days. You need Belize–its soft breezes, gentle waves, and laid-back lifestyle. You need a beach. Here are just a few of the reasons you owe it to yourself to book your visit today.

-Belize re-defines the color blue. Seriously. Travelers have been known to stare out at the water edging our neighborhoods and communities for hours at a time. Even photos don’t do justice to the Caribbean Sea that surrounds us and if you decide to dive into the Big Blue Hole during your visit, you’ll experience the mother lode of blue.

-“Conde Nast Traveler” magazine editors are happy to provide you with reasons why you should visit now rather than later ( Belize is trendy, fun, affordable and exotic. Top airlines deliver frazzled North Americans here in just a few hours, so paradise couldn’t get closer, according to the writer assigned to write his love letter to the country’s beauty.

-You could run into celebs who love the anonymity they enjoy here. If you peer over your sunglasses, you could spot frequent visitors like Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. Practice your best “I’m not going to disturb you” behavior, but if you’re in a position to do so, sending champagne their way could earn you a nod of gratitude.

-Find out why the ancient Maya settled in this gorgeous land with all of its natural riches. Visit temples and pyramids. Marvel at wildlife that draws birders. Investigate sacred ceremonial caves. Wander into jungles to explore ancient Maya cities and if you don’t sense the ghosts of the Maya all around you, you need to extend your stay because you’re in worse shape than you imagined.

-Treat yourself to award-winning lodgings. There’s a reason Chabil Mar’s luxury villas with sea-facing verandahs, full kitchens and hand-crafted Belize furnishings and arts are the place to stay if you seek a sanctuary. Take a look: Remember what we said about coming now, not later?

-Don’t spend your entire time in Placencia curled up in your Chabil Mar villa—even if it takes a Herculean effort to get you off that verandah. Placencia will seduce you with its natural beauty and attractions.

-Belizeans are waiting to meet you. Now is the time to meet the people of Belize—the friendliest, warmest people on the planet. They all speak English, so you won’t have to wave your hands in the air to fill in verbal blanks. They get you.

In fact, you’re going to want to use English to tell them how grateful you feel that you decided to visit Belize now rather than waiting for Benjamin Franklin to remind you that there’s no time like the present.

For more information about visiting Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

Fall is Fabulous in Belize

Autumn may mean chilly nights and trees changing colors in North America, but it’s the perfect time to visit balmy Belize. The sun is shining with temperatures in the high 80s, ideal for enjoying one of the many fabulous activities in Belize like snorkeling and scuba diving the offshore reef, horse back riding through the jungle, or climbing to the top of an ancient Maya pyramid.

Best of all, autumn is part of the “low season” in Belize, meaning there are fewer tourists and great discounts on lodging and organized tours. And there are plenty of colorful national events to enjoy in fall such as St. George’s Caye Day (September 10), Independence Day (September 21), and Garifuna Settlement Day (November 19).

Here are four other great reasons to visit Belize in the fall:


With beautiful, pristine rivers and the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the waters of Belize are a rich source of fish and seafood. Few experiences can compare to a meal of fresh-caught snapper, shrimp ceviche, or delicious lobster.


A vast unspoiled wilderness measuring 150 square miles (400 square kilometers) in size, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place for a day hike or a multi-day expedition. With mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and a coastal area brimming with wildlife, the Cockscomb Basin Sanctuary is also home to the world’s first jaguar preservation site where scientists study some of Central America’s last remaining big cat populations.Other popular activities include boat safaris up the well-named Monkey River, learning about the vast cornucopia of indigenous plants that are still used to make traditional medicines as well as stopping off at a riverside village to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Ancient Maya

Once the heartland of the vast Maya civilization, Belize has more ancient Maya sites than anywhere else on the planet. Popular destinations include the giant palaces of Caracol, the legendary lost city of Xunantunich, and the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave, a spooky underground labyrinth once used by Maya priests to perform human sacrifices.

The Belize Barrier Reef


With hundreds of gorgeous islands, the Belize Barrier Reef is a mecca for snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and fishing.

Chabil Mar is currently offering several special offers for travelers who visit Belize this fall.

For more information about visiting Belize this fall, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

17 Things to Do While Visiting Placencia Belize


Should you stay on mainland Belize or one of the islands? Do both by vacationing on the Placencia peninsula. Find 16 miles of beach, a lush lagoon surrounded by mountains plus access to the Caribbean Sea if you stay at one of Placencia’s coziest resorts, Chabil Mar. With their help making arrangements, the following 17 ideas should just get you started.

1. Meet the people. Placencia residents have deep roots: English, Spanish, and Mayan, to name a few. They’re charming, helpful, eager and happy to introduce their communities, so walk about and get the lay of the land.

2. Rent a beach cruiser bike. It will take you further than your feet along beautiful landscape and vistas that amaze and inspire. Placencia was once a fishing village; you’ll spots lots of era reminders as you ride.

3. Meet the Garifuna people in Seine Bight. Learn about their lifestyle through their art, music, folklore and cuisine, and you won’t leave hungry!

4. Request a dive day tailored to your specific interests by asking Chabil Mar staff to explain your trip options. The reef is just 17 miles away; spot tropical fish species so vivid, the colors don’t seem real.

5. Go whale shark spotting when there’s a full moon if you visit between April and June or dive with these gentle creatures near the Gladden Spit if you’re looking to prove your prowess.

6. Try your hand at kayaking around Laughing Bird Caye. Pitch a tent here overnight for full access to the water day and night.

7. Ask Chabil Mar staff to book a 36-foot catamaran adventure that includes either diving or deep sea fishing. Even lunches are brought on board so you don’t starve.

8. Dine at a private restaurant. Placencia families set up little home restaurants on patios that stretch along a path between the lagoon and the beach. Order the specialty of the house: stewed chicken with rice and beans.

9. Make a wildlife pilgrimage to the Placencia lagoon. This unique breeding ground hosts endangered manatees, crocodile species, marine turtles and some types of rays within this nutrient-rich wetland.

10. Your Chabil Mar concierge will be happy to arrange a Monkey River Tour that includes sailing into lush jungle to spot turtles, fish, iguanas and other local wildlife.

11. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary where jaguar, jaguarondi, margay, ocelot and puma—all five indigenous cats—roam the protected 128,000-acre jungle preserve.

12. Go bird watching, whether you’re a fan of the hobby or not. There are around 300 species in all, some not seen elsewhere in the hemisphere, like the brilliant Scarlet Macaw.

13. Climb a mountain or just stay at the base to observe water crashing to earth from some of Belize’s most photogenic waterfalls. You’ll be inspired.

14. Get wet riding a rubber inner tube while cave tubing, a sport that’s relaxing and exciting if you float into caves with prehistoric-looking interiors that also hold Mayan artifacts.

15. Take photos. Placencia sunrises and sunsets are spectacular, as are the jungles, wildlife preserves and natural wonders that never met a camera they couldn’t seduce.

16. Visit the Creole village of Independence by ferry to stroll fruit plantations. If you’re in town for Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the 50-artist Placencia Peninsula Arts Festival on Main Street.

17. Grab a map and see Placencia by bicycle. Where to get the map and the bike? From your friends at Chabil Mar. They’re so helpful, they might ride that bike to your room if you ask them to!

Visit our website for more information on Placencia and Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Tourists, Expats, And Locals Alike Love Placencia, Belize


Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Placencia Offers a Little Something For Everyone

There are vacation destinations that exist because they’re overflowing with landmarks and museums of historical importance, and then there are destinations that are all about giving you a chance to relax and immerse yourself in local culture. Belize falls into the latter category, and there’s no region that better personifies that chill and casual personality than Placencia.

It’s the humility of Placencia that makes it such a popular destination for locals, tourists, and expats alike. That’s because it’s not a place where you just check off a list of things to see and do. It’s a place you go to live your life at a different pace. You won’t find a friendlier group of people than those who live in Placencia, and despite being named “the pleasant place” by Spanish conquerors and a recent rise in awareness from visiting tourists, the pace of life in Placencia Village is still slow and steady. Most of the residents continue to live the humble lives of fishermen. And while there are now a few resorts and nice hotels in the area, this is still a placid region through and through.

It’s certainly a nice change of pace from areas like Ambergris Caye that have become overrun by sprawling resorts and tourists pouring in by the boatload. While you’re likely to see some other visitors during your time in Placencia, you’ll have a refreshing amount of time to spend away from the tourist scene, browsing local markets, exploring the surrounding countryside, and tasting delicious but simple local specialties like barbecue chicken.

laughing bird caye belize

The fortunes of Placencia’s residents are made on the sea, so it’s naturally easy to get out and explore the waters with this region as your starting point. Half-day and full-day boating expeditions launch from the small pier is a particularly beautiful and secluded worthy of your attention. But there are no lack of opportunities to go snorkeling, diving, or fishing from Placencia.

And it’s not like Placencia is completely behind the times. As tourists and expats have come to recognize the beauty of the region, local bars and restaurants have started to crop up in greater abundance. And the annual Lobsterfest event held in June every year is a major attraction that draws in both Belizeans from all over the country and visitors from far abroad.

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If you’re coming to Belize, you owe it to yourself to visit Placencia, and if you’re going to stay in Placencia, there’s no better place to set up shop than Chabil Mar. It’s one of the most luxurious resorts in the region, and you can count on the staff to provide you with the ultimate Belizean experience you’ve been dreaming of.

For more information about Placencia and Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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