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Can A Vacation Home Rental Harmonize With Resort Services and Amenities?

Vacation Home Rental Services and Amenities

A Vacation Home Harmonizing With Private Guest Exclusive Resort Services and Amenities! What beautiful music they make together!

Chabil Mar Resort offers Luxury Villa Homes on a private beach in Placencia Village, Belize.

All you would need to do is beckon a staff member to summon a cocktail while lounging among the palm ladened beach or beside a beach-side infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean.

Vacation Home Rental Services and Amenities in Belize

Luxury Villa accommodations are lush and spacious, wrapped in local artwork, decor, and fine wood carvings. They include free Wi-Fi, fully-equipped open kitchens, zoned air conditioning, washers, and dryers, private entrances and verandas with hammocks, and outdoor dining areas to view vistas of the sea and lush gardens. This is why you chose a vacation home accommodation.

Do you have to sacrifice service, the best beach-front location, or amenities? Can you have guest exclusivity and personalized services harmonizing with resort services too? Can you have privacy, safety, and a Vacation Home? Meet Chabil Mar Villas Guest Exclusive Resort for just such a Belize vacation.

Belize Vacation Home Rental Services and Amenities
Convenience and service when, where, and if you want it? Put yourself and your travel companion(s) into the skilled hands of our local Belize staff, on-site, nearby. Born and raised in Belize, trained in the art of Chabil Mar’s guest exclusive service & privacy policy, and available to you when you choose that cocktail, rum punch, or lobster ceviche delivered to you at the pool, pier, or beach. After all, you are on a Belize Vacation!  

Chabil Mar Villas provides a festival of resort extras not available with ordinary Vacation Home rentals. You can have your morning coffee and breakfast delivered to you if you prefer some mornings. You’re on vacation. Or have your Villa cleaned for you? You’re on vacation! It’s included too. And, yes, if you have a favorite travel agent, we pay them on your behalf for their services and expertise as well.

Vacation Home Rental Amenities
Consider this: Alfresco beachside dining on-site; serving tasty Belizean and International cuisine, plus an outdoor bar and picnic area where stainless steel grills are at your disposal, to supplement your Villa kitchen when you choose to cook for yourself. The entrance to each Villa and its veranda is private, so you won’t meet up with other guests while coming and going, unless you want to. Breathtaking beach-front views of the Caribbean along the Placencia peninsula may convince you that Villa living is the best way to vacation in Belize. We get that. Of course, we do! We live here in our little slice of paradise called Placencia Village!

On-site golf cart rentals, kayaks, bicycles, and paddleboards to explore the Placencia seashore and offshore wonders are yours for the taking. Chabil Mar Resort’s complimentary concierge service is extended to you to book all manner of activities and day tours on your behalf. Whether you know exactly what you’d like to do during your sojourn or could use suggestions, our staff stands ready to help you make quality decisions.

Vacation Home Rental
It’s easy to be on vacation at Chabil Mar, to have your Belize Vacation Home Villa while being immersed in resort services and amenities when you want them, all included.

There’s so much more about staying at Chabil Mar Villas than you probably imagined. How can a Caribbean Villa-style beach resort deliver on luxury, personalized service, amenities, and affordability?

Being extraordinary has been our mission since the day we opened our gates.

Vacation Home Rental Services

The choice is yours when it comes to a decision to take advantage of a “Belize True” Villa Vacation Home experience. There’s an elegant Chabil Mar Villa awaiting your arrival in Placencia Belize and it’s filled with the trappings of success plus small touches you dream about, like cozy robes and fresh flowers in your Villa when you arrive, to the ceiling fans twirling the cooled air inside. And, that wonderful relaxing “Welcome Home” sensation . . . that this is what it feels like to have it all on vacation! You deserve this holiday! It’s Belize and as the saying goes . . . You Better Belize It!

Belize Vacation Home Rental

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Take a Purpose-Filled, Luxury Belize Vacation That Changes Lives

Take a Purpose-Filled, Luxury Belize Vacation That Changes Lives

According to the website Cause Inspired Media, changes in support for charitable causes may have dipped during the worst of the Covid pandemic, but the results of a recent Fidelity Charitable study produced some surprising news: Going forward, donors not only intend to continue to contribute to worthy causes throughout the remainder of 2021, but 25-percent of respondents intend to increase the amount they give in 2022.

Why mention these statistics when you’re all about finding a vacation spot for your next getaway? Because if you support nonprofits, why not choose a luxury resort that is close to home to double down on the reason for your visit? At Chabil Mar Resort, the property’s “Pack for a Purpose” initiative generates lots of goodwill and help for underprivileged Belize school children. Guests are drawn to this cause and you will be, too.

About the initiative that captures hearts and minds

The ability to help children in need while enjoying a lavish vacation at a boutique property that is running out of wall space to display awards is likely to give you the most amount of satisfaction you’ve experienced in years. Pack with a Purpose is a dynamic, global nonprofit committed to both the kids who benefit and the personal aims and goals of travelers looking to make meaningful contributions at the same time they enjoy getting away.

At Chabil Mar Resort, frequent guests know to leave a little room in their suitcases when they pack for items that may be small but make a world of difference to the kids who don’t have them, like school supplies, age-appropriate books, arts and crafts materials, educational games and especially soccer and basketballs plus jump ropes and other activity-inducing items. Leave your donation at the resort’s front desk where you will receive the thanks of a grateful staff on behalf of the kids.

pack for a purpose

Kids and animals: you can help both!

Chabil Mar has “adopted” St. John’s Memorial School in Placencia Village, which was established in 2009 and serves kids whose ages range between 3 and 12. If you’re a big animal supporter, you can also pack goodies that are dog and kitty appropriate, all of which will be donated to the Placencia, Belize Humane Society where much-appreciated food, treats, bowls, bedding and everything pet appropriate is needed and received with love and gratitude.

Imagine yourself lounging on an unspoiled, private Caribbean beach having just come from your elegant digs after enjoying gourmet meals at the resort’s restaurant and knowing that the items you brought are making a bigger difference than you will ever know. Need specifics? Check the list on the resort’s website and contribute what you can.

There’s only one downside to staying at Chabil Mar and supporting this worthwhile cause: It could become a habit! And as you feel gratitude for having come through Covid by supporting the causes you care about at home, add this one to your list and rest assured, you’ll feel as good about your generosity as you do when you’re served an icy beverage while lying in the Belize sun at this posh resort!

pack for a purpose chabil mar

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

10 Amazing Places To Visit in Belize In 2022

10 amazing places to visit in Belize

For some, the act of taking vacation time presents dilemmas because time spent away from responsibilities comes with too many risks. Happily, that doesn’t have to be the case if you take to heart the advice of seasoned travelers whose business demands usually leave little time for R&R. But if you adopt these 4 tips and choose Belize as your destination, you’ll not only have fun but enjoy every minute.

1. Prioritize: You’ve got only so many days at your vacation spot, so make the most of each one.
2. Do your homework. Researching your destination can turn a holiday stay into pure pleasure.
3. Stick close to home. Travel to Belize in couple of hours means you avoid jet lag.
4. Travel during holidays to add one more day to your stay.

With these tips in mind, plan to visit as many of these 10 Belize stops as your time schedule allows in 2022.

1. The Belize Barrier Reef. As the second longest on the planet, Belize’s Barrier Reef is ideal for scuba diving, fishing, or kayaking at the reef’s edge to observe the wonderland of marine life just below the surface.

The Belize Barrier Reef

2. The Belize Blue Hole. Jacques Cousteau was captivated by this ancient sink hole. You will be too. If a deep dive is too scary to consider, why not grab a helicopter ride to take in this hole’s magnificence from the air?

The Belize Blue Hole

3. Visit Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. Belize is home to 900+ Maya sites and each is unique. Focus your limited time on these two for a taste of the past. If you’re fascinated, you can always add more!


4. ATM Cave. This underground adventure tickles the imaginations of visitors as they learn more about ancient rituals conducted by Maya priests thousands of years ago from knowledgeable guides.

ATM Cave

5. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Home to the world’s only protected jaguar sanctuary, consider yourself lucky if you spot one of these sleek cats roaming their 150-square mile home turf at the edge of the Maya Mountain chain.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Monkey River. As soon as you approach this body of water, you’ll hear the cries of Howler monkeys emanating from jungle riverbanks. Traverse the entirety of the river and take in Monkey River Town.

Monkey River

7. Silk Cayes. Visitors seeking idyllic snorkeling experiences love this protected marine reserve that’s part of Belize’s Barrier Reef. Located 22 miles off the Placencia peninsula, bring a picnic lunch for an afternoon of bliss.

Silk Cayes

8. Laughing Bird Caye. The gulls for which this island was named have long since migrated to different parts of Belize leaving this haven for human visitors seeking solitude throughout a gorgeous 1.8-acre park.

Laughing Bird Caye

9. Placencia. Considered Belize’s trendiest destination, the Placencia peninsula may measure just 19 miles long and half a mile wide, yet it’s packed with things to do, see, taste and experience, from natural attractions to nightlife and shopping. You’ll save lots of time by sojourning on Placencia if you want to do everything on this list.


10. Chabil Mar. Is there one resort on the peninsula that stands head and shoulders above the rest? There is: Chabil Mar Resort, the property that never disappoints. Book your 2022 stay early to take advantage of this property’s long list of perks, not the least of which are the fabulous Belize vacation packages and specials that can make a great stay better.

Chabil Mar

Choose the package that suits your vacation dates and interests and even if your time in country is finite, you can still take in all the recommendations on our list thanks to Chabil Mar staffers whose mission – to make certain that every guest gets their fill of Belize’s wonders – is accomplished by the friendliest people you’ve ever encountered, no matter where in the world you have traveled!

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

6 Ways to Make Your Belize Honeymoon Unforgettable!

belize honeymoon

The cake is history. So are champagne toasts. Even the bridal bouquet has a new home. What began with a kiss, ended with “I do,” and as you two head for your Belize honeymoon, you’re probably so tired, all you want to do is sleep! Give it a day. You’ll both be eager to make memories—especially if you booked your romantic stay at Chabil Mar Villas, where honeymooners go for seclusion, pampering and superior hospitality. Once you’ve caught your breath, the Chabil Mar team stands ready to send you off on adventures that turn ordinary honeymoons into spectacular ones.

Swim with the fishes

belize barrier reef

Marine reserves throughout Belize amaze honeymooners eager to see so many undersea wonders. Observe them from a boat or jump into the water, especially around the Belize Barrier Reef where you can swim with giant Tarpon, flirt with stingrays and Eagle Rays and introduce yourselves to dolphins and barracuda if they happen to swim by. There’s a manatee refuge, too. With hundreds of species of marine life, the only witnesses to your undersea hugs, Belize’s underworld adventures could be the highlights of your stay!

Meet the animals

Belize Jaguar

Not every honeymoon couple is eager to roam jungles and rainforests in hopes of spotting Belize’s big cats, howler monkeys and other animals indigenous to this region so opt for a Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center experience. Wear good shoes to explore all 29 acres of savannas and exhibits and do ask your guide to point out the orphans, critters born at the zoo, lovingly rehabilitated creatures and animals received as gifts from other zoological societies. Identify all 125 of Belize’s indigenous animals housed at the zoo and impress your new spouse.

Experience Belize’s past

cahal-pech maya site

Long before Belize became a melting pot of diverse peoples and cultures, generations of Mayans roamed the land. They disappeared without a trace, leaving behind spectacular vestiges of palaces, temples, ball courts and artifacts that are mysterious, exotic and priceless. If you’re both curious and eager to learn more about the Mayans, explore some of Belize’s best ruins, caves and compounds. The Chabil Mar team recommends Xunantunich, Lubantuum and Nim Li Punit and can make arrangements to get you to one–or all three.

Dive in

Dive coral James Chabil Mar Resort Belize

It’s time to find out how daring each of you can be by visiting The Big Blue Hole, a natural wonder comprised of collapsed undersea caves that left a perfect circle in the ocean that’s 1,000 feet across and 412 feet deep. Maintained by the Belize Audubon Society, it was a favorite of iconic marine biologist Jacques Cousteau and a world-class dive experience that attracts people from around the world. If just the thought of dropping into this vast hole is scary, have Chabil Mar staff book a helicopter so you two can see it from the air instead.

Stroll Placencia


Still recovering from wedding shopping? You may have told friends you’ve had enough, but you’re sure to change your mind if you visit Placencia Village, an epicenter of fun that is part of the reason Placencia took a prestigious travel award for being a top Caribbean destination. Because Chabil Mar is close to the village, you won’t have to go far to discover quirky shops, indulge in world-famous Belize chocolates, tour art galleries, check out pubs and indulge in delicious local foods. If you haven’t yet thanked your parents for throwing you the wedding of your dreams, pick out gifts for them here in Placencia Village to show them you were raised right.

Get your romance on

belize romantic resorts honeymoon

We think Belize sunsets are extraordinary. Our beaches are pristine. Belize’s sultry shoreline begs couples to stroll hand-in-hand along Placencia’s 16 miles of sand. You’re here for romance, so take full advantage of intimate moments and lush enclaves on Chabil Mar grounds or sail along the shoreline in a private boat provisioned with picnic foods, cold beer, rum punch and anything else you desire. Since Chabil Mar staff specializes in romance, find out why so many honeymooners recommend this resort to friends after they return home!

For more information about visiting Belize for your honeymoon , feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge@chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at: reservations@chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.






4 Reasons Placencia Belize Should be Your Caribbean Holiday Destination


Chabil Mar Resort Belize (1)

In your quest for the perfect holiday destination now that travel to Central America is returning to normal, make the smart decision to vacation on the lovely 16-mile-long Placencia Peninsula, located in Belize’s Stann Creek District. What is there about this place that makes it a stand-out when you could choose another spot? Everything!

Placencia is a finger of land nearly surrounded by water so if you can’t get enough water sports, this is a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise. At the end of the 16 miles lies Placencia Village, commonly known as “The Island You Can Walk To”. The Village is the epicenter of the local population, culture, daily life, shops, markets, and other fun activities, including the areas’ annual festivals, such as Lobsterfest, Art & Music, and, home to Chabil Mar. Also home to jungles, Maya ruins, charming villages, and everything visitors crave in a Caribbean vacation, this area has so much to offer, we had a hard time coming up with just 4!

1. The beaches

Belize Beach Vacations

Whether it’s TripAdvisor, Conde Nast Johansen, or National Geographic, there’s no argument among these and other resources that Placencia beaches are out of this world. Whether you intend to swim in the Caribbean Sea or you’d just as soon float on the lagoon side of the peninsula, these magnificent stretches of beachfront never disappoint.

2. The food



What determines a foodie destination? Diversity. Authenticity. Placencia’s food scene offers both which is why Belize cuisine is finding its rightful place on the international gourmet scene. While Belize food has distinct Caribbean flavors, you may seek variety during your stay. Frommer’s recommends De’Tatch Seafood Bar and Grill (Belizean), Mare (Italian), Maya Beach Bistro (Fusion), Omar’s Diner (Belizean) Pickled Parrot (comfort food) and Rumfish y Vino (international). These should get you started.

3. The Caribbean Sea


Enjoy every minute of your time on “the island you can walk to.” Sail and fish the waters off Placencia or don gear and find out why world-renowned aquatic legends call this area the ideal jump-off point for activities under the sea and on the surface. Belize’s Barrier Reef, located close to the peninsula, is a must-see geological wonder, too.

4. Luxury Accommodations at Chabil Mar Villas

Belize Vacation Destination

How important is the quality of the place you stay during your Caribbean holiday? This can make or break your vacation, which is why Chabil Mar has become the peninsula’s lodging hot spot. Visit the Chabil Mar Belize accommodations page to see breathtaking choices that range from a luxury 2000-square-foot seafront villa to gorgeous suites.

Select from the Chabil Mar Belize vacation package menu for the best vacation of your life. These bundles include gourmet meals served at the resort’s award-winning restaurant, complimentary use of bicycles, kayaks and paddleboards, 2 infinity beachside pools, and a private beachfront made for relaxation and contemplation.

Specialized tours associated with each package allow you to customize your stay and if you could use a little more incentive, how about extending your holiday dates to qualify for discounted rates or avail yourself of current specials? Skip the crowds. Find tranquility. Fill your days and nights with fun. Don’t be surprised if you come up with at least 4 more reasons to choose Placencia for your next Caribbean holiday!

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

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