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Stay At This Belize Resort For A Luxurious Vacation You’ll Never Want To End

Stay At This Belize Resort For A Luxurious Vacation You’ll Never Want To End

Believe it or not, plenty of people refuse to take vacations because they fear they’ll have such a marvelous time, they won’t want to come home again! It’s understandable. Home is where responsibility resides with bills, work demands and family obligations.

But what these fearful people don’t realize is that if they don’t want to leave their holiday destination, it’s because the vacation they took did its job! Even the process of planning a vacation these days can be pleasurable, given Corona crisis restrictions. But now that travel is again a reality, your need for a relaxing, stress-free vacation is more critical for your mental health than ever.

Choose the right destination when you are ready to travel and for an increasing number of folks who love exotic locations that are close to home yet a million emotional miles away, there is no better choice than Belize. Allow us to explain why this nation has become the darling of travelers eager to vacation on the Caribbean rim.

Not all Belize resorts are created equal

Discover Adventure in Belize

A decade ago, if you asked frequent Belize visitors for recommendations, you would likely hear about Ambergris Caye, the action-filled island preferred by partiers and folks eager for a mix of beauty and excitement. These days, the award-winning beaches of the Placencia peninsula are attracting a growing number of visitors who prefer a laid-back vacation where sand, surf and sun reign supreme.

Where to get your fill of this bounty? At Chabil Mar, the epitome of luxury and an award-winning property that not only meets criteria for privacy, luxury and service but staff insists that they hear more people say, “I don’t want to leave!” when they check out than ever before.

Chabil Mar is the ideal, contemporary, full-service beach resort where you can customize your stay because you’ll sojourn in a picture-perfect private villa that offers the privacy you crave. Even the smallest villas are extraordinary inside and out. See that for yourself.

No planning. No dress code. No stress!

Why You Should Consider Belize For Post-Covid Travel

The reasons people don’t want to leave Chabil Mar are because guests get “too much of a good thing.” Everything about Chabil Mar and Placencia are idyllic. Belize vacation packages save you money and relieve you of making decisions during your stay and the resort’s lush Restaurant by the Sea is known for gourmet dining experiences that have earned Chef Daniel and the culinary treats on the menu numerous awards.

Indulge your adventurous side by taking tours to ancient Maya ruins, dramatic waterfalls tucked into forests and jungles or spend all of your time in the Caribbean Sea where you can dive, snorkel, fish, swim, sail, canoe and kayak.

Now that travel has once again become possible thanks to the worldwide hotel and resort industry undertaking unprecedented cleaning protocols, Belize is again open to tourists hungry for relief, escape and safety. That’s why Chabil Mar incentives include Belize vacation specials you can’t afford to ignore.

Yes, you can count on saying, “I don’t want to leave!” when you vacation here. And while we can’t promise that you won’t be sad to go, once you discover how much there is to love about Belize, Placencia and Chabil Mar, you will return. That’s why Chabil Mar employees never say goodbye. Instead, you’ll hear “See you soon!” when you depart.

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Placencia and Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning your Belize vacation.

Chabil Mar: Where Safety and Service Meet Ultimate Luxury!

Chabil Mar Where Safety and Service Meet Ultimate Luxury!

You likely realize that you need a vacation more now than at any time in the past. But despite travel restrictions being eased, you would not be the first person on Planet Earth to feel insecure about venturing out of your safe haven – despite the fact that you are desperate for a getaway.

Happily, there are measures you can take to stay safe and book a holiday, too, from flight time to physical distancing once you arrive. Flight to Belize International Airport from southern departure airports in the US are just a few hours – and then begin your Belize holiday destination.

Our nation’s hospitality industry has gone to extremes, putting into place protocols that follow guidelines set by the world’s leading health authorities, so accommodations throughout the nation are prioritizing the health and welfare of guests more than ever before. In fact, if you stay at Chabil Mar located on the Placencia peninsula, you’re going to feel safe and secure without sacrificing the 5 Star Service we are so well known for.

We’ll help you set your mind at ease because the features you find at this luxury resort are reassuring. You can finally take a deep breath and relax.

Because the all-Villa resort is small, you won’t run into crowds and every Villa has a private entrance via its personal veranda. The lush garden surroundings, 400 feet of private beach and pier along with two infinity beach-side swimming pools offer you peace of mind while onsite. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and maintain your privacy.

Part of the process of unwinding and feeling tranquil includes additional precautions taken by the resort’s cleaning protocols, along with gourmet al fresco dining. If you prefer, you can choose roaming butler service throughout the property and Villa service to your private veranda while viewing the beauty of the Caribbean.

If you decide to take tours, small tour parties and other safety precautions have now been mandated by the Tourism Department of the Government of Belize. Once peace of mind sets in, you can luxuriate in everything this area has to offer: lush rainforests, sandy beaches and the offshore islands off the coast of Placencia Village.

It is the 13-years of award-winning personal service that Chabil Mar is known for that guests enjoy while at the resort. As a full-service resort, every moment of your stay is tailored to suit your interests and lifestyle, always with an eye on your safety and comfort.

Would you prefer to stick around and confine your entire stay to the resort? Chabil Mar makes it fun. Complimentary bicycles, kayaks and paddleboards are at your disposal as are the two infinity beach-side swimming pools, and a private pier for dining and relaxing and they will deliver beverages to you wherever you choose to relax on the property.

Sound like the perfect way to celebrate being blessed with good health? The below video introduces you to the paradise that awaits your arrival:

Contact the Reservations Manager at Chabil Mar for more information or to discuss your Belize vacation plans and “Be at Ease at Chabil Mar”.

Belize Celebrates Fishers and Sustainable Fishing in 2020

belize fishers

Going fishing in Belize is a rewarding experience. That’s especially true for Lennox Leslie and Dermin Shivers. As reported in Breaking Belize News, the two fishers from Placencia won cash and other prizes during a ceremony honoring them as Outstanding Fishers of 2020.

Each winner received awards and prizes totaling $1500 in value from the Wildlife Conservation Society, AMC Belize and the Nature Conservancy.

In a Facebook post, the Wildlife Conservation Society congratulated both men.

Honoring Fishers All Month Long

June is Fisherfolk Month in Belize. According to the WCS, “The awards ceremony was part of a series of activities to recognize the men and women who continue to put seafood on our tables despite the current pandemic that is affecting the fishing industry.”

The month’s activities included the Blessing of the Boats to announce the opening of lobster season on June 9. Father Brian Christopher of St. Martin Deporres Church conducted the ceremony to honor Belize’s chief marine export. Other events commemorated World Oceans Day on June 8.

Fish for Fun at Chabil Mar

Enjoy fishing, sailing or just relaxing on the beach at  Chabil Mar. Our full-service boutique resort on the Placencia beachfront combines luxury, convenience and stunning scenery.

Belize Reopens to International Travelers on August 15

Belize Reopens to International Travelers on August 15

Belize is unfurling the welcome mat. On June 25, the government of Belize announced that Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) will reopen to international travelers on August 15.

Tourism In a Post-Pandemic World

Life is slowly returning to normal after the COVID-19 crisis. Many Caribbean countries are looking for ways to balance the needs of tourists and the safety of their own citizens. The Belize government has developed a comprehensive plan to keep Belizeans, tourism-dependent communities and visitors safe.

Belize has had 23 cases of the virus and two deaths.

New Requirements and Restrictions

Belize is using guidelines developed by the Belize Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). All travelers must must pass a two-step test before they can enter the country.

A traveler can provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or take the test at the airport. In addition, every visitor must pass through the electronic thermostat scanners.

See below rules you need to follow when you visit Belize on August 15th and beyond

visitor process before visiting belize

Tourism Board Launches Recognition Program

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB)has also taken steps to ensure the return of safe travel to Belize. To keep Belizeans and visitors safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BTB has instituted the Gold Standard Recognition Program.

This program recognizes hotels and restaurants that follow the highest levels of safety and sanitation in cleaning practices, social interactions, workplace policies and standard operating procedures with only a slight impact on the guest experience. It is part of the government’s Nine-Point Checklist for Tourism Stakeholders that will allow Belize to reopen for tourism in a safe, responsible way.

What to Expect

If you plan to visit Belize, you must follow these requirements.

  • Social distancing and other requirements will add to your wait times at the airport. Be prepared to be patient.
  • Get a negative COVID-19 test in the 72 hours before you travel. If your test is positive at the airport, you will be forced to spend two weeks in quarantine at your expense. Avoid problems by getting the test ahead of time.
  • Book your stay at government-approved hotels only.
  • All visitors must register with the Belize Ministry of Health through its app. Do this before you travel.

Visit Belize

Belize is an ideal place to visit once travel restrictions start to lift. If you can meet the safety measures, we welcome you to our warm and beautiful country.

“Be at Ease at Chabil Mar” – Features of Chabil Mar Resort that provide safety without sacrificing service. Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information & on traveling to Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

A Placencia Belize Vacation? Yes, Please – and Soon!

Placencia Belize Vacation

Could you find a better place to vacation now that travel restrictions are lifted than Placencia Belize? We don’t think so. Not only is the area’s history fascinating — it was settled by Puritans from North America whose roots are similar to those of colonists landing at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts — but the name Placencia was chosen to showcase the weather, a fabulous selling point for travelers eager to visit a place known for its cool breezes, warm waters and idyllic temperatures.

Since the Placencia peninsula is only 16 miles long, you won’t find another Belize location that’s got as much to see and do as this navigable area, and one of the best ways to see it all is to book reservations at Chabil Mar where luxury sets a new standard and post-Corona sanitary practices assure guests of both relaxation and safety.

Chabil Mar: A picture-perfect resort travelers will adore

Can anything compare to a resort that’s small enough to to explore on foot yet large enough to host all of the amenities you require for a getaway? This contemporary, luxury boutique beach resort, located along the seashore, was designed with guest relaxation in mind, which is why spa services are always on the menu.

Lodgings are roomy, gorgeous and fully-appointed. Interiors feature local art, Belizean hardwood furnishings and décor. Outside, the landscape is so gorgeous, you will be reminded of descriptions usually reserved for Eden. For a taste of this remarkable resort, take a virtual tour to see what you would be missing if you decide not to travel to Placencia Belize.

Choose the suite or villa best suited to your vacation style and budget, but if you really want value for your money, peruse Belize vacation packages designed to match your vacation needs. Whether you’re eager to spend your time diving, snorkeling, fishing or swimming or you prefer to stay on land and see cultural sites like Maya ruins, jungles filled with medicinal plants or nearby villages, you’ll be right in the middle of the action by picking Chabil Mar as your Placencia destination.

Can you customize your visit?

Indeed, you can. You might even find yourself able to take advantage of specials like the current “buy 4 nights and get one free” offer that is both budget friendly and gives you a full extra day on the house.

Pick and choose from tours and fascinating adventures or stick to the resort and borrow complimentary kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles when you’re not floating around in the resort’s 2 infinity pools tucked into lush tropical gardens. Gourmet meals prepared by Chabil Mar mega-star Chef Daniel are so delicious, folks residing in Placencia come to the resort for special occasions, but you never have to worry about a reservation since guests always come first.

While you’re in residence, make sure you visit the world’s narrowest street (Placencia Village’s boardwalk), take in small shops, and if you leave without sampling Belize’s sweet culinary treats, you’re going to regret saying no. At the very least, sample chocolate, gelato and coconut pies while you’re in town. We promise: none of these treats will spoil your appetite for dinner once you return to Chabil Mar!

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Placencia and Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning your Belize vacation.

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