10 Interesting Things About Monkey River

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The Monkey River Tour is classified as one of the top rated tours in Southern Belize

The quiet Village of Monkey River in Southern Belize is habitat to a plethora of flora and fauna and as a result, it has been rated as one of the top tours in Southern Belize. Tropical birds, butterflies, crocodiles, iguanas, and of course howler monkeys are just a few of the wildlife that visitors see on this tour.

In this post, we bring to you 10 interesting things that you might know about Monkey River.

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1.) Monkey River Village lies on the coast of Southern Belize in the Toledo District and is home to about 200 people. The Village can be accessed by road or sea from destinations like Placencia and Punta Gorda Town.



2.) Monkey River Village is a perfect location to experience the amazing flora and fauna of southern Belize.

3.) Families of howler monkeys can be seen and heard here, for which the village got its name.


4.) Nature Trails, Manatee watching, and Bird watching are just a few of the tours that are available in Monkey River.

5.) Hiking the surrounding rainforest of Monkey River will likely bring you encounters with tropical birds, gibnuts, deer, ocelots, tapirs, agoutis and possibly jaguars.

6.) Monkey River was born with the banana industry and at that time in the 1800’s, the population was about 2500 people. Today, the village is home to about 200 people.


7.) The river banks in Monkey River are perfect for birding.

8.)The Monkey River tour is a 15 miles boat ride from Placencia.

9.) There are no cars and only 2 streets in Monkey River Village.

10.) In October 2001, a major hurricane devastated Monkey River Village but it has been rebuilt since then.

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Monkey River Jungle Tour – A Must See & Do in Southern Belize

monkey river tour

The tiny picturesque village of Monkey River in the Toledo District is located on the coast of southeastern Belize at the mouth of the iconic Monkey River. This Creole village is a popular destination for eco-tourism trips up the pristine natural river to see some of the extraordinary range of tropical flora and fauna in the country, including the ubiquitous howler monkey that gave the river and village their names.

This eco-friendly tour starts in the village of Monkey River where visitors can dine at the popular local restaurant and stock up supplies. Visitors then board a small watercraft to begin a leisurely cruise up this gentle river. Along the way, it’s easy to spot crocodiles, manatees (often called “sea cows” due to their placid nature and large size), dolphins, lizards, monkeys and dozens of tropical bird species like parrots and toucans.

The tour will stop at various locations to give visitors an opportunity to explore the jungle on foot, keeping an eye out for snakes and spiders. Howler monkeys will make their presence known with their famous call, inviting children and adults to join in all the fun. Following well-marked paths, visitors can learn from their guides about the rich variety of medicinal plants, insects and animals that call the area home.

If you’re sensitive to the sun, be sure to be prepared by bringing and applying plenty of sunscreen, wearing loose clothing and/or wearing a hat. Due to the abundance of insects in the jungle, it is also recommended that visitors bring insect repellent and wear protective clothing for hiking through the jungle.

Not designed to be a high-adrenaline adventure, a cruise up the Monkey River is instead a way to relax and enjoy the unspoiled scenery while keeping one eye open for some of the many interesting animals, reptiles, birds and marine creatures that inhabit this unspoiled area.

Lodging Near Monkey River Village in southern Belize

One of the finest resorts in all of Belize is located just a few miles from Monkey River Village. Chabil Mar, named for a Mayan term which means “beautiful sea”, is located on the Placencia Peninsula. The resort features full-size villas, an on-site restaurant and private beach access.

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Monkey River Nature Tour: Best Inland Day Trip From Placencia

The Monkey River Jungle Tour is easily the most popular mainland tour from Placencia!

If you want to immerse yourself in the pristine and natural beauty of southern Belize then you have to visit Monkey River, the northernmost village in the Toledo District.

Herbal medicines, tarantulas, crocodiles, howler monkeys and various birds including toucans and oropendulas are just a few of the wildlife you will experience on this tour.

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Many travelers who have done the tour have described it as “the best inland day trip from Placencia”.

As you will see in this video, Monkey River is an exquisite destination with a plethora of flora and fauna.


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Where To Find Howler Monkeys in Belize

Howler Monkeys in Belize

Do you have to be a kid to develop a fascination with primates? Not if you like being entertained. While the globe’s primate population may be declining, “New World Monkey” species making their homes from Mexico to Argentina are thriving. 

Just ask editors at Nature.com. Their roster of monkey types begins with the one and only howler monkey, a mammal that can be heard from a distance of half a mile away.

Howlers are the most audaciously outspoken critters in Belize. They’re most likely to make themselves known when anything or anyone—-human or animal—-attempts to invade their neighborhoods. Don’t believe us? Check out this YouTube video for a sampling of their howls:

Howler monkeys inhabiting Belize’s forests and jungles rarely search for sustenance because it’s all around them. Though classified as omnivores, howler diets tend to be vegetarians, always on the lookout for raw fruits and vegetables that keep energy levels high enough to race from branch to branch over forest and jungle canopies.

Belize’s howlers are quite happy to be living in a nation that offers so much dietary variety that it’s easy to maintain an average weight of between 15 and 22 pounds. Are there overweight howler monkeys? Not really. They move around too much and so much activity results in an average lifespan of from 15 to 20 years.

It’s unusual to find a howler hanging out alone. These creatures stay in family groups that can number up to 20 kin. Like most primate groups, an older male is likely the head of the household, but everyone in the clan has a unique personality.

Despite the danger indigenous jaguars present, howler monkeys love to “irritate” these big cats on the ground by pelting them with branches and sticks for fun. Far from reach on distant tree branches, howlers are smart enough to know that if they get closer, they could become lunch.

Howler monkeys have excellent vision and they are enthusiastic swimmers. They love to hang out along the Monkey River. Wouldn’t you like if someone named a body of water in your honor?

What’s the best way to see these entertaining creatures? Come to Belize for a visit and take in Belize’s Monkey River Tour, not far from Placencia Village.  Once there, feel free call these howlers by their Latin name Alouatta pigra or use the Creole word Baboon to get their attention.

About The Monkey River Howler Tour *

You will never forget a trip to Monkey River. Your trip begins dockside from Chabil Mar Resort, where your guide picks you up by boat, for your adventure. Prepare to weave your way through the mangroves, where it’s not uncommon to see a peaceful manatee lumbering by. Continue along the coastline where you will reach the mouth of the river at the Village of Monkey River. From there you will travel upstream through the Belize rainforest. Along the way you may witness exotic bird life, crocodiles and howler monkeys feeding in the shoreline trees of this tropical jungle paradise. You will then take a jungle hike and see amazing plant and animal life as you search for troops of exotic howler monkeys. Back at Monkey River Town, you’ll enjoy a traditional Belizean lunch and an optional walkabout in the idyllic Belizean village. Then it’s back onboard your skiff for the return trip back up the coast and through the mangroves to Chabil Mar Resort, with a stop to view the manatees lumbering at a nearby island favorite of theirs.

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