The Only Belize Weather Guide You’ll Ever Need In 2021

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If it’s your habit to throw a dozen separates into a duffel bag and arrive at your airport departure gate just as the gangway is being removed, we salute you. You’re probably a spontaneous person who finds the process of packing tedious and bothersome. But let’s say you pack thoughtfully and you wouldn’t dream of choosing which articles of clothing to bring to Belize without first learning what temperatures to expect. We’ve got your year-round forecast, so packing for your tropical holiday will be a breeze.

Belize Weather in January
In case an infrequent shower at the end of the rainy season interrupts your Belize outings, relax. It won’t last long. Getting a little wet is part of the Belize experience as you think of friends battling snow and ice back home! Tote a light poncho and you’re good to go. January temperatures run about 70-degrees F at night and max out at around 80-degrees F by day.

Belize Weather in February
If you crave the same weather January visitors enjoyed—from 70- to 80-degrees F—you’ll love visiting in February. This month officially launches “the dry season,” so you can leave that rain gear home if you like and use the space in your luggage for more sunscreen, an extra pair of flip-flops and a Valentine.

Belize Weather in March
If it rains in March, Belize weathercasters are quick to apologize because it’s not typical. Days and nights are usually crystal clear and slightly warmer, so bring clothing appropriate for between 74- and 83-degrees F temperatures. Nights are so delightful, you won’t need a sweater, but if you find a charming wrap at a local market, snap it up!

Belize Weather in April
Because Belize is a chill-out destination, it may come as no surprise that this time of year has several nicknames. Call it the “Green Season” or refer to infrequent showers as “Iguana Rains”—your call. Love puddle jumping? Do it fast, ’cause the sun will be back out in minutes. Temperatures in April, by the way, range from 76- to 85-degrees F.

Belize Weather in May
As spring settles in, you’ll notice a gradual temperature increase to between 79-degrees at night to 87-degrees by day in Belize. The rain gods are kind in May: The occasional nighttime thunderstorm or early morning shower will likely find you abed at Chabil Mar, where soft sheets, gorgeous suite appointments and a tropical breakfast get all five of your senses off to a relaxing day.

Belize Weather in June
There’s a smaller range of temperature fluctuations throughout Belize in June—between 82- and 86-degrees—so you can dress for the entire day in the morning. Enjoy easterly breezes on your Chabil Mar veranda. Afternoon showers could interrupt a plan or two, but if you’ve settled into a Belize state of mind, you’ll shrug them off—especially if you nab early season rate reductions.

Belize Weather in July
When your nearest and dearest complain about heat waves back home, you may find it irresistible to let them know that Belize nighttime temperatures are around 79-degrees F. Morning rains are so cooling, they will help you transition into your plans for an outdoor adventure like diving the Belize reef. Wear as little as you like (within reason) during the month of July. You’ll find it liberating!

Belize Weather in August
Mother Nature is very predictable: she shifts those easterly sea breezes away from Belize in August, replacing them with drier winds, which is how the nickname “Little Dry” was picked to describe the month. If temperatures dip to 78-degrees F after an 86-degree F day, that lightweight wrap will come in handy.

Belize Weather in September
As the Green Season moves into September, temperatures dip to 77-degrees F at night, so dodging early morning showers is no big deal. Anticipate sunny days filled with fun and festivals as Belize celebrates its independence throughout September. Wear an outrageous costume at Carnival in Belize City to be an official part of the fun!

Belize Weather in October
Northerly winds bring bountiful rainfall and temperatures drop to 75-degrees F by night. Daytime highs of 84-degrees F are ideal for taking tours and outings. Should an unexpected storm blanket the Maya Mountains, repair to Chabil Mar’s Kaleidoscope Bar where a tightly-woven thatch roof, new friends and the perfect Mojito will keep you dry and happy until the rain passes.

Belize Weather in November
This is the month dreams come true in Belize: Summer visitors are gone, there’s room to stretch out, and if you seek solitude on a budget, you won’t find more generous price breaks. Chabil Mar offers discounts in November and since the resort dresses up for Thanksgiving, come late in the month, reserve a large suite for your family and expect to find turkey on the restaurant’s menu!

Belize Weather in December
Temperatures? Heavenly. Crowds? Not if you come early in December. Swim or snorkel the day away in 80-degree F weather. Cuddle at night when temps drop to around 71-degrees F. Whether your goal is an unforgettable Christmas, you’re auditioning retirement locations or you want to see for yourself why Belize has become so popular, visiting in December will be the gift you give yourself.

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Belize: A Warm-Weather Escape for Freezing Canadians

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Belize is a Central American country with English as its official language. This combination of factors is one of the leading reasons why North Americans and even Europeans have been visiting, and even retiring to, Belize. When you want to duck out of the freezing cold of the Great White North’s winters without needing to know a language other than English or French, Belize is the perfect option for your vacationing.

Belize Has Much to Offer


The Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize offers just about anything a potential visitor to the central Americas could want:

  1. Beaches to comb and lounge about.
  2. Cockscomb Basin has a 400 square kilometer wildlife sanctuary, making it ideal for nature lovers.
  3. Monkey River spans 16 kilometers and allows intrepid tourists a chance to see ocelots, jaguars, beautiful waterfowl and yes, even monkeys like the black howler.
  4. The world famous ATM Cave gives a chance to spelunk about while also riding an inner tube along subterranean waterways. Rather than be a place concerned with banking, the “ATM” is an abbreviation for a phrase that translates as “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher;” it contains one of the oldest surviving sites of sacrificial rituals performed by the ancient Maya in Belize.
  5. Fans of history and anthropology can visit one of the handful of ancient Maya cities like Xunantunich, Nim Li Punit and Uxbenka.

Getting Here

air canada flights to belize

While the previous list only offers a small sampling of the activities available to visiting Canucks, there is more good news for Canadians looking to fly this far south. Air Canada will be adding additional flights to Belize every other weekday from mid-December until April. Furthermore, WestJet can be used to travel from Calgary or Toronto and many of the major US outfits like American Airlines, Delta, United and Southwest make it relatively easy to fly into Belize.

If you are sold on Belize as a winter getaway spot, Chabil Mar is one of the best resorts you can choose.

Located right along the beach coastline of Belize, you only need a single layer of clothing, if even that, to enjoy your winter. Sure, the closest thing you will get to a white Christmas is building a fort out of white sands while dining in the outdoors, but the warm temperatures and variety of activities have been the siren song for many to vacation or even permanently stay within the nation of Belize.

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Barton Creek Cave, A Fascinating Cave in Belize

In a country with more than 100 navigable caves, Barton Creek Cave stands out for its unique history and impressive size. Unlike “dry” caves where spelunking is performed on foot, Barton Creek Cave has a large yet tranquil waterway running through it, meaning that visitors explore this impressive cave using canoes.

Belize is the heartland of the ancient Maya civilization, and Barton Creek Cave was used by Maya priests to conduct some of their most sacred rituals. The ancient Maya believed that caves were conduits to the underground world of the gods, known as Xibalba or “place of fear.” As such, Barton Creek Cave still contains many priceless artifacts, including ceremonial weapons, food offerings, pottery, and jewelry.

To explore Barton Creek Cave, modern-day visitors head east from the town of San Ignacio until they reach the village of Georgeville. From there, experienced guides will lead visitors along a narrow jungle path that includes a river crossing. After approximately one hour, the banks of Barton Creek are visible, and participants will board a canoe to begin their exploration of the cave.

Although the underground river running through Barton Creek Cave extends for at least five miles, only the first mile (1.6 kilometers) is safe for public exploration. Within a few minutes of boarding the canoe, participants will follow their tour guide into the stygian darkness of the cave. Using headlamps and flashlights, visitors will see a secret underworld that was once the exclusive domain of high-ranking Maya priests. The beams of light will reveal awe-inspiring cathedral-like chambers and beautiful stalactites that glitter and twinkle.

Along the way, the tour guide will explain about the natural history of the cave as well as the importance of the cave in Maya history, giving visitors a better understanding of the long-lost culture that built dozens of impressive cities across Belize.

After exiting the cave and emerging back into the bright tropical daylight, participants can enjoy a refreshing swim in the waters of the creek. Organized tours to Barton Creek Cave may also include a delicious picnic lunch.

Due to the nature of this tour, visitors who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety about the dark are not recommended to participate. In some places, the ceiling of Barton Creek Cave is quite low. Although no swimming is required to explore Barton Creek Cave, swimwear, a change of clothes, and a towel are recommended. Other recommended items include insect repellant and rain gear during wet weather.

Chabil Mar offers Belize vacation packages that include all the best attractions of the jungle and sea, including an organized cave tubing tour of Barton Creek Cave.

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The Butterflies of Belize

butterflies in belize

They’re ethereal, beautiful, delicate and eye candy, but the butterflies of Belize do more than flit around from flower to plant, waiting to be admired. Thanks to low population density and enough flora and fauna to dazzle any insect, Belize butterflies may not live long lives, but they contribute mightily to a nation’s ecosystem, say researchers.

Why Belize butterflies are important

-Butterflies have been around for 50 million years, say scientists, so they’re of great ecological value
-The butterfly symbol is so sacred and revered, you’ll find images on resorts, restaurants and boutiques
-Butterfly studies undertaken by Belize experts prove insect migration patterns
-Butterfly wing patterns and iridescence are unique to these creatures
-Scientists of all disciplines (including genetics and population dynamics) study butterflies.
-Climate change researchers study butterfly group behaviors to reach conclusions
-Butterfly populations are a sign that an ecosystem is healthy
-They provide unparalleled organic pollination and pest control tasks
-Butterflies help feed Belize’s insectivorous populations
-Spending time watching butterflies can mediate depression
-Belize’s economy benefits from several butterfly farms from which visitors can choose!

Belize is awash in butterfly farms

Consistently vulnerable to weather fluctuations that can turn Belize from a tranquil land to wild and unpredictable weather fronts that sweep in, butterflies have grown adroit at hanging on throughout these dramatic weather changes.

Leaving Belize would be counter to butterflies’ ancestral behavior since this nation has exactly the environment necessary to keep these winged creatures healthy and thriving: flower nectar, tree sap, plant and flower pollen. Because butterflies are so important to the nation’s ecosystem, five Belize butterfly farms have been established to showcase these magnificent creatures:

1. Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm in the Toledo District is home to eight species
2. Cayo’s Green Hills Butterfly Ranch hosts the Blue Morpho, a rare specimen
3. Chaa Creek, also in Cayo, is also home to a rare Blue Morpho specimen collection
4. Tropical Wings Ecocenter in Cayo shows visitors how butterflies are raised
5. The Shipstern Nature Reserve in Corozal District is a 27,000 acre breeding area.

Fascinated? Why not visit?

belize butterflies

Book accommodations at Chabil Mar, one of Belize’s most highly-rated resorts and located on Placencia peninsula, today’s trendiest place to vacation. When you make your arrangements, ask the concierge about the resort’s popular tours, some of which include visits to butterfly farms.

In addition to visiting butterfly farms, explore other wildlife habitats. Browse our Belize vacation packages to see which ones give you the most access to Belize jungles, forests and botanical gardens. While you’re on the page, don’t miss the specials and packages being offered that cover everything from luxurious digs and fine dining to resort surroundings that showcase Mother Nature’s bounty.

If all you want to do during your stay at Chabil Mar is to learn as much about butterflies and see as many species as possible, customize your visit. Bring the kids. Bring your camera. Most of all, bring your sense of wonder. You’ll never again look at butterflies in the same way after spending time in Belize.

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Placencia Belize: Sun, Surf, and So Much More

Placencia Belize Vacations

If you’re close to someone suffering from Triaphilia (superstitious people always expecting a third negative to strike after two occur), help them think more positively about the number tree by suggesting they become immersed in sun, surf, and serenity. All three are found in abundance by flying less than three hours south from southern U.S. hubs to Belize where three could fast become your lucky number.

Placencia, Belize and you

Choose a vacation elsewhere in Central America and your airplane flight might be longer, not to mention the fact that you could wind up in a nation requiring you to communicate in a language you don’t speak. In Belize, everyone speaks English, and the currency exchange rate couldn’t be easier to master at $1 USD = $2 BZD. That stated, U.S. dollars and plastic are accepted everywhere you go.


Sun, Surf and So Much More in Placencia Belize
Tourists love the entirety of Belize, but today’s hot spot is Placencia, considered the nation’s most idyllic place to sojourn. If you book reservations at Chabil Mar Resort on Placencia, you’ll be ideally situated to enjoy an idyllic stay along the Caribbean coast where access to water sports, shopping and local attractions are a trifecta that make this luxury property stand apart from all others.

Placencia and Chabil Mar: A Match made in heaven

  1. Sun. Does it rain in Belize? It does; how else could tropical trees, plants, and flowers flourish year-round in this tropical paradise? When weather gets dark and dreary in North America, September in Belize blesses visitors with 78 hours of sunlight and tourists enjoy an average 161 hours of sunshine in March.
  2. Surf. Bring an extra bathing suit and sunscreen so you’re ready to engage in every aquatic activity known to man. Snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, paddle board, fish, sail, swim, and cave tube. Put all of them on your “to-do” list, and Chabil Mar staff can help with your itinerary. After all, the name Chabil Mar is a Mayan language translation of “beautiful sea.”
  3. Serenity. Can one Placencia resort deliver on bliss? If that resort happens to be Chabil Mar, the answer is a resounding yes. You’re invited to view this Vimeo for a taste of the lush grounds, sea-facing villas, pristine beaches, and environment that offers rest and relaxation to the weariest traveler amid luxury beyond compare.

Placencia Belize Luxury Vacations
Like what you saw on that video?

Placencia is the “island you can walk to” and Chabil Mar is an enclave of delight that you’ll want to learn more about before you come, so browse the resort’s website page for a look-see. Convinced this is where you need to be? How about enjoying paradise while saving money, too?

From Belize vacation packages to specials, these deals won’t last much longer so you’re encouraged to reserve your place in the sun quickly. You’re going to find more than three things to love about Belize, Placencia and Chabil Mar, but when you’re having fun vacationing in the lap of luxury, who has time to keep count?

Visit our website for more information on Placencia Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning your Belize vacation.

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