Central America with Belize

Belize–Unspoiled and Easy

Located along the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography and endless adventure. Thriving rainforests, miles of stunning beaches, hundreds of islands, and the world’s second largest barrier reef set the stage for a vast array of activities to engage every personality. Belize truly offers something for everyone. It is for this reason and the cultural diversification Belize represents that it is ranked among the world’s premier vacation destinations.

A Belize Adventure Vacation Checklist

Snorkel and Scuba – 100s of offshore islands and the world’s second largest barrier reef

Jungle Excursions – National Jungle, Island and Sea reserves

Home of the Howler Monkey Tour

Maya Archaeological Excavations

Cave Swimming and Tubing

Zip-Lining in the Jungle Canopy


Fishing (World Class Fly, Reel, Fresh and Salt)


Sailing and Yachting

Horseback Riding

Explore Placencia Village


Belize Toucan

About Belize

Nowhere on earth will you find a friendlier people than the people of Belize. Roughly the size of Massachusetts, this relatively small country (176 miles long and 88 miles wide) boasts rain forest covered mountains, hundreds of cayes (islands) and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Barefoot Perfect Placencia Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Placencia -“Barefoot Perfect” – Belize

Like most ideal destinations, location is paramount to a truly unique experience! Placencia is known locally as “Barefoot Perfect”. The Village is at the end of the 18 mile long peninsula of the same name.

explore the jungle and rainforest

Explore The Belize Rainforest and Jungle

“Be One with the beauty of the Belize rainforest” –Private waterfalls, jungle canopies teeming with birds and exotic flora, hiking trails following the footprints of the elusive jaguar, iguanas splashing into crisp clear rivers are among your options.

Silk Caye Belize

Belize Sea Adventures – Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling in Belize – A World Class Event

The Caribbean Sea, the world’s second largest barrier reef and 100s of offshore island present the landscape for a sea adventure dream come true.

Laughing Bird Caye

Maps of Belize, Placencia, Dive Sites and Google Earth

The most common question that people ask is, “Where is Belize?”, “Where is Placencia?”. Before you can plan your trip here, you’ll probably want to look at a few maps. Click Here to View Maps.

Belize Maya Woman

Belize Culture – Maya, Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo

The people of Belize have an array of traditions and customs that represent more than 10 diverse cultures, comprised of a harmonious combination of Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab and Chinese, as well as a number of European, American…