The Most Popular Belize Family Vacation Activities

The Most Popular Belize Family Vacation Activities

Belize is a getaway of its kind with so much to offer to visitors. From beautiful resorts offering a variety of cuisines and facilities and services that are of international standards to the calm and quiet of its offshore islands and cayes, Belize is bound to leave an entire family awed and full of great memories. 

Additionally, Belize is fun. A plethora of interesting and mind-boggling activities await you and your loved ones in this tiny, breathtaking part of the world.

Touring Ancient Maya Sites

Maya culture is one of the most intriguing facts about the Central American nation. The Maya ruins, which have been well preserved for centuries, clearly depict the way of life of the ancient Mayas who dwelled in the lush jungles of Belize. With popular sites such as Cahal Pech, which is the oldest in the western part of the country, Caracol, which is the largest, and caves with artifacts, vessels, and stoneware used by Mayas, touring the ruins is a must-do activity for a family seeking to make the most out of a tour of Belize.

Touring Ancient Maya Sites in Belize

Cave Tubing

While cave tubing may seem over-rated as it involves simply floating on a tube and exploring caves, it is one of the most family-bonding activities you can engage in on a tour of Belize. Caves are a significant part of the Maya civilization and while exploring them by walking is faster and more engaging, cave tubing is more relaxing and fun and allows you to sink in and let loose in the quiet, serene environment.

Cave Tubing in Belize

Visit the Belize Zoo

In close proximity to Belize City is the Belize zoo, which has hundreds of species of animals dwelling in their natural habitat. Adults and kids alike are bound to enjoy the variety the zoo offers, ranging from bird species to jaguars, peccaries, and more. With a gift shop in the park, getting a family souvenir is a great idea.

Visit the Belize Barrier Reef

A visit to Belize should not conclude without visiting the second largest barrier reef in the world. With over four hundred tiny islands along its length, with some of the rarest flora and fauna, ensuring that you explore the reef is a no-brainer. Corals and reserves found on the reef are other key attractions that make the reef exciting for the entire family.

Visit the Belize Barrier Reef

Visit a Natural Reserve

With a huge chunk of Belize covered in a thick rainforest that is well protected, wildlife thrives, and it is nothing short of a pleasant site for curious tourists. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary is particularly a natural setting to behold. Crystal clear waterfalls with refreshing, soothing sounds are part of the sanctuary. Taking a swim at a waterfall’s base is, by all means, an activity to look forward to engaging in as a family.

Visit a Natural Reserve in Belize

Visit Monkey River

The small quiet village of Monkey River is not a popular tourist destination for no reason. The howler monkeys, which gave the village its name, are a key attraction but not the only one in this southern part of the country. Butterflies, iguanas, and tropical birds are also part of the plethora of fauna and flora that dot the village.

Visit Monkey River in Belize

Getting the full Belizean experience also involves booking an excellent resort to dine in the cuisines and engage with Belizeans, who are known for their friendly, welcoming nature. Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula is a top-notch resort that is a perfect cocktail of culture, luxury, and privacy, making it the ideal place to stay while going about the activities mentioned above.

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