Belize Map

With more than 200 miles (350 km) of coastline along the Caribbean, Belize has more in common with many of the islands in the Caribbean than it does with the bordering nations of Central America. World famous for its fabulous tourist attractions, Belize is also a popular location for retirement living and investment opportunities. Long a British colony, Belize is an exotic country that is simultaneously familiar. English is the official language and . . . you can drink the water. With a laid-back lifestyle and gorgeous landscapes, most visitors rapidly fall in love with Belize.

The most common question that people ask is, “Where is Belize?” Before you can plan your trip here, you’ll probably want to look at a few maps:

Belize Atolls Map

belize atolls map

Often described as a “coral atoll”, an atoll is a ring of coral that has a lagoon in its center. The circumference of the atoll is dry land, and Belize has hundreds of these atolls in the Caribbean up and down the Belize Barrier Reef. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Belize Diving Map

Belize Dive Map

Diving locations in and around the Belize Barrier Reef are numerous, and this map shows the best spots. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Aerial View Map of Placencia Village


Only about 2,000 year-round residents live in the village located on the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula. The village is a fifteen-minute stroll along the beach or 5-minutes by bike, kayak or paddle board from Chabil Mar. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Placencia Reef and Dive Locations Map


Many of the best diving spots along the reef are just minutes from Chabil Mar. This map shows these, including Laughing Bird Caye and Gladden Spit. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Belize Geography Map

belize geographical map

Belize has a varied geography, with rolling hills and higher elevations in the southwest and west to lush agricultural flat lands in the north and southeast. Rainforest and jungle occupy much of Belize, and the country has a long coastline on the Caribbean with hundreds of offshore islands. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Map of Placencia, Belize


This 16-mile long finger of land is located on the coast of southeastern Belize in Stann Creek District. Chabil Mar is located just north of the village on the eastern side of the peninsula. (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Belize Map in relation to Central America

Central America with Belize

Belize shares its northern border with Mexico and is bounded on the west and south by the nation of Guatemala.  (Click on the Map for Larger Image and to Zoom)

Google Earth Map


Search this interactive Google Map to see where resorts, hotels and hotels are located along the 18 mile-long Placencia Peninsula

Barefoot Perfect Placencia Village Belize

Belize Barrier Reef

Click Here to learn more about the Belize Barrier Reef

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