The Fishing Trip of a Lifetime Awaits in Placencia, Belize

The thrill of the catch, the whisper of the sea breeze, and the dazzling colors of tropical fish flashing beneath clear waters – for many, these elements comprise the ultimate fishing vacation. If you count yourself among the ardent anglers of the world, then Placencia, Belize, must occupy a prime position on your travel wish list. This unique destination, coupled with our luxurious accommodations at Chabil Mar Resort, creates an unforgettable haven for fishing enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Placencia: An Angler’s Paradise

Deep Sea Fishing Belize

Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile stretch of golden sand along Belize’s southern coast, offers access to a remarkable trifecta of saltwater fishing experiences. The expansive, reef-protected flats teem with the legendary “Grand Slam” trio of bonefish, tarpon, and permit, making Placencia an irresistible destination for the avid fly-fisher. Just beyond the flats lies the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where an underwater kaleidoscope of colorful reef fish awaits. This vibrant environment provides an ideal setting for trolling, bottom fishing, and even exhilarating battles with majestic sailfish. Finally, venturing into the deep blue waters beyond the reef, experienced anglers engage in clashes with the giants of the sea: marlin, tuna, wahoo, and more.

The geographical diversity of Placencia is a major factor in its appeal, but there’s another element that transforms a great fishing trip into a truly luxurious experience: choosing Chabil Mar Resort. We go beyond simply providing a place to rest after a thrilling day on the water. Instead, Chabil Mar elevates the entire adventure with unmatched accommodations, unparalleled service, and dedication to making your fishing dreams a reality.

Chabil Mar Villas Placencia

Our spacious, beautifully appointed villas welcome you back to comfort and relaxation each day. The impeccable hospitality of our staff means every detail is attended to, leaving you free to focus on enjoying all Placencia has to offer. Our experienced guides and customizable fishing packages cater to both novice anglers and seasoned veterans. Whether you crave the challenge of the elusive Grand Slam or aspire to battle a behemoth in the open ocean, we personalize your experience to surpass your expectations.

Nim Li Punit

Of course, even the most passionate angler deserves a break from the rod and reel. Placencia delivers both adventure and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this area by exploring nearby Maya ruins like Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum. Embark on an exhilarating jungle hike, filled with encounters with exotic wildlife and even the possibility of swimming beneath a cascading waterfall. Experience the vibrant Garifuna culture through traditional foods, music, and dance. Or, simply indulge in the tranquil beauty of Placencia’s beaches and let the gentle waves wash away any lingering stress.

To make the most of your Placencia fishing getaway, remember a few key points. While Placencia is a year-round fishing destination, specific seasons enhance your chances of targeting your dream species. Pack wisely, including ample sun protection, light layers, and insect repellent. Be mindful of Belize’s emphasis on sustainable tourism by practicing catch-and-release when possible. Lastly, booking early ensures you secure your desired dates, particularly at our sought-after resort. Allow our dedicated staff to curate every detail of your trip, so you can revel in the excitement of this angler’s paradise.

Your Belize Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Belize Fishing Resorts

From the first tug on the line to the final, luxurious sunset at Chabil Mar, Placencia delivers an unforgettable fishing adventure for anglers of every level. Immerse yourself in the unmatched beauty of this Belizean gem, and create memories that will keep you longing for your return.

Don’t let this dream trip stay a dream – visit our website or contact Chabil Mar today to start planning your ultimate Belize fishing vacation!

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Best Beaches in Belize to Visit in May

For travelers seeking the ideal blend of tropical beauty and warm-weather bliss, Belize emerges as a captivating destination. This small yet vibrant country boasts a remarkable coastline, dotted with beaches perfect for relaxing or adventuring. May presents an especially advantageous time to visit Belize, offering a host of benefits for sun and sand enthusiasts.

The Allure of May: Weather, Crowds, and Wildlife

Belize Weather in May

By venturing to Belize in May, beachgoers can enjoy the perks of shoulder season travel. Crowds from the peak winter season have dispersed, while the summer rains have yet to arrive. This translates to better value on accommodations and more open space to savor those idyllic beaches. Additionally, the weather in May is nothing short of spectacular—sunny skies, gentle breezes, and water so inviting one might be tempted to simply take up residence within it.

Perhaps most compellingly, May coincides with the whale shark season in Belize. These gentle giants migrate to the Gladden Spit area, providing an unforgettable opportunity for snorkelers to encounter them in their natural habitat.

Placencia: A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Belize Beach Vacation

When searching for the crème de la crème of Belizean beaches in May, Placencia stands out as an exceptional choice. This charming peninsula in southern Belize boasts a seemingly endless stretch of incredibly soft sand, rightfully earning its reputation as a barefoot paradise. Placencia caters to diverse tastes—those seeking lively beach bars will find them, alongside tranquil spots for hammock lounging and untouched stretches for nature lovers.

The town’s culinary scene is equally delightful, ranging from fresh seafood shacks and cozy cafes to more upscale dining experiences, ensuring a satisfying trip for any palate. Beyond its beaches, Placencia offers a gateway to a variety of adventures. Visitors can explore ancient Maya ruins, snorkel amidst vibrant reefs, or venture into lush jungles for a dose of rainforest exploration.

Luxury and Comfort at Chabil Mar

Chabil Mar Villas

To truly maximize the Placencia experience, a stay at Chabil Mar promises to elevate any beach getaway. This resort transcends mere accommodation, providing guests with a luxurious home away from home directly on the beachfront. Spacious villas with ocean views and thoughtful amenities create the feel of a private beach retreat. Chabil Mar’s commitment to exceptional service is evident in the warm hospitality of its staff. Furthermore, its on-site restaurant serves up a delectable blend of tropical flavors and Belizean specialties, ensuring guests are fueled for their beach adventures.

Mother’s Day falls in May, making Chabil Mar a particularly appealing choice for those wishing to treat their mom to an exceptional getaway. Imagine shared strolls on the beach, refreshing drinks by the pool, and the creation of cherished memories. Chabil Mar embodies the ideal setting to celebrate and show appreciation for mothers.

Don’t just dream about the perfect May beach escape – turn it into reality! Book your stay at Chabil Mar today and experience the epitome of Belizean beach luxury. Visit our website and start planning your unforgettable getaway filled with warm breezes, sunshine, and the best beach time imaginable.

Visit our website for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

4 Reasons Placencia Belize Should be Your Caribbean Holiday Destination


Chabil Mar Resort Belize (1)

As travel to Central America is regaining momentum, consider the Placencia Peninsula for your ideal holiday destination. Nestled in Belize’s Stann Creek District, this charming 16-mile-long stretch offers everything you could wish for in a vacation spot. Why choose Placencia over other locations? It’s simply unparalleled in its beauty and offerings!

Placencia is a finger of land nearly surrounded by water so if you can’t get enough water sports, this is a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise. At the end of the 16 miles lies Placencia Village, commonly known as “The Island You Can Walk To”. The Village is the epicenter of the local population, culture, daily life, shops, markets, and other fun activities, including the areas’ annual festivals, such as Lobsterfest, Art & Music, and, home to Chabil Mar. Also home to jungles, Maya ruins, charming villages, and everything visitors crave in a Caribbean vacation, this area has so much to offer, we had a hard time coming up with just 4!

1. The beaches

Belize Beach Vacations

Whether it’s TripAdvisor, Conde Nast Johansen, or National Geographic, there’s no argument among these and other resources that Placencia beaches are out of this world. Whether you intend to swim in the Caribbean Sea or you’d just as soon float on the lagoon side of the peninsula, these magnificent stretches of beachfront never disappoint.

2. The food



What determines a foodie destination? Diversity. Authenticity. Placencia’s food scene offers both which is why Belize cuisine is finding its rightful place on the international gourmet scene. While Belize food has distinct Caribbean flavors, you may seek variety during your stay. Frommer’s recommends De’Tatch Seafood Bar and Grill (Belizean), Mare (Italian), Maya Beach Bistro (Fusion), Omar’s Diner (Belizean) Pickled Parrot (comfort food), and Rumfish y Vino (international). These should get you started.

3. The Caribbean Sea


Enjoy every minute of your time on “the island you can walk to.” Sail and fish the waters off Placencia or don gear and find out why world-renowned aquatic legends call this area the ideal jump-off point for activities under the sea and on the surface. Belize’s Barrier Reef, located close to the peninsula, is a must-see geological wonder, too.

4. Luxury Accommodations at Chabil Mar Villas

Belize Vacation Destination

How important is the quality of the place you stay during your Caribbean holiday? This can make or break your vacation, which is why Chabil Mar has become the peninsula’s lodging hot spot. Visit the Chabil Mar Belize accommodations page to see breathtaking choices that range from a luxury 2000-square-foot seafront villa to gorgeous suites.

Select from the Chabil Mar Belize vacation package menu for the best vacation of your life. These bundles include gourmet meals served at the resort’s award-winning restaurant, complimentary use of bicycles, kayaks and paddleboards, 2 infinity beachside pools, and a private beachfront made for relaxation and contemplation.

Specialized tours associated with each package allow you to customize your stay and if you could use a little more incentive, how about extending your holiday dates to qualify for discounted rates or avail yourself of current specials? Skip the crowds. Find tranquility. Fill your days and nights with fun. Don’t be surprised if you come up with at least 4 more reasons to choose Placencia for your next Caribbean holiday!

Visit our website for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

See Belize from the Saddle of a Horse!

It’s not the sort of ranch one would expect in an ocean paradise, but in fact, if you’re the adventurous sort and have a penchant for touring that transcends hiking and sailing, how about a horseback riding tour of Belize to see this land from a different perspective? Not every resort offers a signature horseback riding tour, but Chabil Mar, the luxury destination preference of North Americans does, so this is the place you will want to stay for multiple reasons while visiting Belize. Lush accommodations. First-class service. An onsite restaurant that’s a gourmet’s dream. But when you take your horseback tour, the dress code runs from jeans and t-shirts to sturdy shoes!

No experience required


If you were about to say thanks but no thanks because the last time you rode a horse was during a carousel ride ages ago, Chabil Mar’s horseback riding excursion is designed for you. Easy trails, lots of instruction and gentle horses make it a relaxing experience. On the other hand, if you know your way around saddles, bridles and reins, guides will take you on the ride your life, over paths that wind around jungles and rain forests where plants, flowers, trees, birds and perhaps a curious member of Belize’s wildlife community will welcome you to their world.

Horse talk

Horses and jungles? Not usually a common pairing, but in fact, horses have been right at home in Belize for centuries. They’ve been used for pulling wagons, tilling fields, general transport and recreational riding. Though smaller in size than the horses you may be used to riding, these animals are specifically trained to navigate Belize terrain, including hillsides where mud and obstacles require surefooted animals. Because the ranch that’s home to these horses is quite expansive, mounts born and bred on premises are gentle, rider-friendly horses—-trained from the day they’re born to respond to riders of all ages.


Guests of Chabil Mar opting for a day of horseback riding often return to the resort raving about the horses and the people who handle them and you’ll likely feel the same way. These professional guides are skilled at working with kids and adults, and they always accompany riders out into the jungle, guiding them along paths with which they are extremely familiar. But that’s not the end of the story: guides also know a lot about Belize’s history, culture and wildlife, so as you ride beneath tree canopies and along the Sittee River, where jumping off the horse to take a swim is part of the tour, you’ll learn plenty about Belize’s natural resources.


To take advantage of Chabil Mar’s unique horseback riding experience, all you need do is book the tour with resort staff and you’ve done the hard work. Plan to go as a couple or in a group of up to 12. As long as members of your party are over the age of 7 and weigh less than 250 pounds, everyone can be accommodated. You’ll leave the resort in the morning—travel to the ranch and ride throughout the morning, returning to Chabil Mar for lunch. Bring bug spray, sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses, and don’t forget a camera so you can snap photos of everything from natural wonders to your horse. This all-inclusive tour is popular, so book your horseback riding experience when you reserve your accommodations and you won’t miss a moment of fun.

For more information about horseback riding in Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

8 Hidden Gems around Belize You Need to Visit

In almost every corner you visit in Belize, you will encounter something beautiful – a Maya site, a diverse culture, a pristine nature reserve. The charming beauty of Belize is one of a kind and will certainly entice you to become one with Belize as the Belize Tourism Board alludes.

Below, we share with you 8 hidden gems that in our opinion are top attractions in the country that you must explore on a Belize vacation.



Xunantunich is the most visited Maya sites in the Cayo District and is located atop a ridge above the Mopan River in the quaint village of San Jose Succotz in western Belize. The site served as a Maya civic ceremonial center in the late terminal Classic periods to the Belize Valley region and Xunantunich’s name means “stone woman” in the Maya language.

“El Castillo”, the largest pyramid offers an impressive and panoramic view of the area.

Monkey River


The Village of Monkey River is habitat to a plethora of flora and fauna and as a result it has been rated as one of the top destinations to visit in Southern Belize. Tropical birds, butterflies, crocodiles, iguanas, and of course howler monkeys are just a few of the wildlife that you will find encounter in this hidden gem.

Laughing Bird Caye

Laughing Bird Caye by Kurt Repanshek Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Laughing Bird Caye is an elegant and stunning Belizean Isle that is located 11 miles from Placencia Village and serves as an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, many travelers who vacation in Placencia visit this gorgeous piece of paradise for a full day of diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and even picnicking.

Laughing Bird Caye got its name from the Laughing Gulls – the birds that once used to breed on the Caye, however due to a growing human presence, the colonies moved to a nearby undisturbed Caye for breeding. Presently, the Island is home to a number of exotic birds like the brown pelican, green heron, and melodious blackbird.



Over the years, Placencia has been recognized as one of the best beach destinations not only in Belize but in the Caribbean, and this exquisite hidden gem can serve as a base to a potpourri of adventures like snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, hiking, and even exploring ancient Maya cities.

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ChabilMar, a guest exclusive resort is located right on the beach and their professional staff can assist you in arranging tours to the natural attractions in Placencia and surrounding areas.

 Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cockscomb Basin is recognized globally as the world’s first jaguar preserve and this hidden gem has been voted by travelers as a must see nature reserve in Belize.

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Cascading waterfalls, panoramic mountain views, nature trails, furry mammals, colorful insects, scaly reptiles and a variety of tropical birds are just a few of the things you will see at this sanctuary. Cockscomb Basin is also home to one of Belize’s highest points — Victoria Peak.

Half Moon Caye in Belize


Another hidden gem in Belize that a lot of travelers do not know about is Half Moon Caye. This incredible caye offers divers the chance to go on a wall dive – a dive in which the vertical facades of the earth’s landmasses are explored. The depths at Half Moon Caye (and really at any wall dive) are tremendous, giving divers the very correct feeling that you are staring into an abyss.

The waters of this beautiful gem are particularly clear, despite the depth, so you will be able to see all manner of wildlife, including loggerhead turtles, rays, barracuda, and eels.

Great Blue Hole


The world famous Blue Hole is an incomparable natural wonder in Belize. It is located at the center of Lighthouse Reef and measures 1000 feet across and 412 feet deep. Giant stalactites, dripstone sheets and columns, and colorful marine life are the enchanting geological wonders that will fascinate you if you decide to dive this gem in Belize.

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It is interesting to note that Jacques-Yves Coustea, the popular ocean explorer revealed the secrets of the Blue Hole to millions of viewers in 1971 through the television serious The Undersea World of Jacques-Yves Coustea.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

ATM cave in belize

Actun Tunichil Muknal or the ATM Cave as it is locally known is one of the most breathtaking caving experiences you will have in Belize. The cave is located in the karstic limestone terrain of Roaring Creek Valley in the Cayo District and is approximately 5 km long and contains a perennial stream that runs through it including a ledge with two stelae and a large chamber full of intact human remains and Maya pots.

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Jaime Awe, Director of Archeology asserts that Actun Tunichil Muknal was a sacred place to the Maya who utilized the cave during the classic period AD 250-909.

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