Placencia, a Gorgeous Location for a Belize Destination Wedding

If you’ve been searching for an amazingly gorgeous setting for your wedding, look no further than the Placencia Peninsula in Belize.

Located on the Caribbean coast of southern Belize, the Placencia Peninsula is a small slice of paradise. Golf carts and bicycles are the main form of transportation, and small cafes, boutique shops, and yoga studios can be found along a small sidewalk that serves as the local “main street.”

Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia is the perfect place for a destination wedding. With over 10 years of experience in organizing weddings, Chabil Mar is the name to trust. Chabil Mar can assist you with every aspect of your nuptials, including the marriage license, officiating pastor, flowers, cake, food, drinks, and photography and video services.

Even if both parties are not from Belize, it is still very easy to get married in Belize. All that is required is that the couple be present three days before the ceremony in order to file the paperwork necessary for the license. Once married, the marriage certificate is valid internationally, including the United States. And because Belize is an English-speaking country, all documents are in English.

Chabil Mar is an award-winning luxury resort offering a full range of five-star comfort, amenities, and customer service. Featuring elegant villas, the resort is also home to two freshwater swimming pools, a lush tropical garden, and a gourmet restaurant that offers open-air dining on the resort’s private seafront pier.

Chabil Mar is also conveniently located close to all of the most popular attractions in Belize, including all the fun of the offshore islands and cayes where activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, fishing, and sailing can be enjoyed.

Chabil Mar’s location on the coast is also close to top destinations on the mainland such as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (where more than 200 jaguars roam), boat tours of the well-named Monkey River, and tours of ancient Maya sites replete with pyramids, palaces, enormous carved stelae, and ball courts where the losing team was sacrificed to the Maya Gods.

“Our entire group was treated like royalty for the duration of our stay. The location and landscape is breathtaking, and the honeymoon suite is incredible. I can’t recommend Chabil Mar enough for a beautiful destination wedding or vacation. Will definitely return!”

-TripAdvisor review

If you’d like to get married in a gorgeously beautiful Caribbean beach location, book your event with the Chabil Mar resort in Placencia, Belize.


Belize Makes Another Top 10 Winter Destination

The Financial Express recently published a list of their Top 10 Winter Destinations, and Belize received high praise. Recommended for its lovely warm climate during the winter months, the Financial Express described Belize as a small country full of amazing attractions, including bird watching, exploring ancient Maya ruins, and snorkeling and scuba diving on its pristine barrier reef.

The latest article from Financial Express is just one of many from popular publications that have recommended visiting Belize in 2018. In the last few months, Fodor’s, CBC, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and National Geographic have all listed Belize as a must-see destination in 2018.

The best place in Belize to enjoy both the beauty of the beach and offshore reef, as well as all of the exotic nature on the mainland, is the Placencia Peninsula on the southeastern coast of Belize. Often called the “Caye (Island) You Can Walk To,” Placencia is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land less than half a mile across but has more than 16 miles of golden sand beaches along the Caribbean.

At the southern tip of the peninsula is Placencia Village, a Guinness Book of World Records holder for having the smallest main street in the world, actually a four-foot wide sidewalk that is off-limits to vehicular traffic. This “main street” is where Placencia hosts an annual Sidewalk Art Festival every February that transforms the passageway into a gauntlet of booths selling artwork, furniture, food, drinks, and handmade items.

Other popular things to do and see in and around Placencia include snorkeling and diving on the reef, celebrating Lobsterfest in June, visiting whale sharks during the springtime, and exploring the vast Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the world’s only jaguar conservation program.

“We are happily surprised to see the Financial Express join the growing list of travel publications that recommend visiting Belize,” said Larry France, Marketing Manager of Chabil Mar. “We look forward to sharing authentic Belizean hospitality to visitors from around the world.”

The best place to stay on the Placencia Peninsula is Chabil Mar. Located right on the beach just a five-minute walk from Placencia Village, Chabil Mar has luxuriously appointed villas, a gourmet restaurant, two freshwater swimming pools, and a full complement of services and conveniences.

Chabil Mar is an excellent place for honeymoons, weddings, family vacations, and adventure travelers and has a number of Belize vacation packages available that include the best that both the jungle and sea in Belize have to offer.

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Belize Ends Oil Activity in Its Ocean Waters

A recent bill approved by the Belizean legislature has banned all petroleum extraction and exploration in the country’s offshore waters. Hailed by domestic and international conservation groups, the move by Belize to completely freeze all petroleum activity in its offshore waters will serve as a beacon of inspiration to nearby countries.

“Today is truly a wonderful day for Belize,” said Nadia Bood, a scientist working in Belize on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund. “Last year, the reef was in danger from oil exploration, and now Belize has stepped up to make protecting the environment a priority.”

Although Belize does not have substantial petroleum deposits, a number of international corporations have identified areas on the reef where drilling for oil could potentially be profitable. At issue is the practice of exploratory drilling that sends out shockwaves through the reef, putting much of the reef’s marine life in peril.

It is estimated that Belize’s offshore reef brings more than $200 million dollars in revenue to the economy, primarily in the form of tourism and domestic fisheries. Belize is home to hundreds of endangered animals, birds, and plants that thrive on the reef, all of which could be endangered by drilling practices and potential oil spills such as the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010 that took place in the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

“We heartily applaud the government of Belize for putting the long-term health of the reef ahead of short-term profits from petroleum companies,” said Larry France, Manager Manager for Chabil Mar Resort in Placencia, Belize. “The reef is both a vital source of revenue in the form of tourism dollars and a natural heritage for our children and our children’s children.”

Chabil Mar is an award-winning luxury resort located on the Caribbean coast of southeastern Belize. Chabil Mar is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices and environmental conservation and is proud to employ locals on its staff and encourages guests to spend money at the nearby Placencia Village in order to sustainably develop the region.

Chabil Mar offers guests a number of Belize vacation packages that include guided tours to pristine areas like the Monkey River, the Belize Barrier Reef, and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary as part of its commitment to sustainable tourism practices.

Chabil Mar also offers jungle and sea packages so that travelers can have the opportunity to explore the unique, natural beauty of Belize and learn more about the vital role that the animals and plants in the region play in maintaining the country’s thriving ecosystem.


Rough Guides Recommends Visiting Belize in 2018

Rough Guides, one of the world’s most popular publishers of travel information, has recently released their Rough Guide to 2018 that features Belize.

Coming in at number 18 on their annual list of recommended destinations, Belize was highlighted by Rough Guides for its lush nature and relative lack of tourists. Rough Guides described Belize as a small country with “colossal appeal” thanks to its thriving rainforests, beautiful beaches, and vast offshore reef, the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Other reasons why Rough Guides recommended visiting Belize include the fact that the country is home to many diverse cultures yet is very accessible because English is the official language. Belize was also highlighted as being the “bastion” of the ancient Maya civilization, with more temples, palaces, ball courts, sacred caves, and pyramids than anywhere else in the Mesoamerican region.

The Rough Guide to 2018 also noted that Belize is an excellent destination for both luxury travelers as well as backpackers. With both five-star resorts and simple homestay options, Belize has successfully managed to preserve its old-world charm where tourists are greeted more as family members than a source of revenue. And with a population of less than 400,000 people, Belize offers a far different experience than more crowded destinations such as Costa Rica.

The Rough Guide article also spoke highly of Belize’s offshore barrier reef, the second-largest in the world. Composed of hundreds of islands and atolls, the Belize Barrier Reef is home to some of the world’s finest dive spots, including the Belize Blue Hole that was a personal favorite of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. Other popular activities on the reef include snorkeling, fishing, and sailing.

“We are very happy that Belize has made the Rough Guide to 2018 list,” said Larry France, marketing manager of Chabil Mar. “Belize is the perfect getaway destination where you can still enjoy unspoiled nature without having to deal with large crowds. In Belize, plants and animals far outnumber cars or people, which is why the country has been nicknamed “The Jewel.” We look forward to welcoming Rough Guide readers to Belize in 2018 and in years to come.”

Chabil Mar is an award-winning luxury resort located in Placencia Village on the Caribbean coast of southern Belize. Just a short distance from the offshore reef as well as the top destinations on the mainland, Chabil Mar has lavishly appointed villas, a lush tropical garden, gourmet restaurant and freshwater swimming pools just steps away from a privately owned stretch of the beach.

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