Placencia: The Beach Destination in Belize You Need to Experience This Summer

Forget crowded hotspots and overpriced cocktails – if you want an authentic slice of Belizean beach paradise this summer, you need Placencia. This charming little peninsula is tucked away on Belize’s southern coast, offering sun-drenched shores, ridiculously fresh seafood, and a laid-back vibe that’ll cure any case of the summertime blues. Here’s why you should ditch your usual beach plans and head to Placencia instead.

It’s got that barefoot beach town energy

 Placencia summer

Picture this: a single, narrow road lined with colorful little shops, ice cream stands buzzing with happy kids, and beach bars where the rum flows freely. That’s the “main street” of Placencia Village, and it sets the tone perfectly. Nobody here rushes. Flip-flops are the preferred footwear, golf carts putter along as the main form of transport, and a “no worries” attitude spreads like sunshine.

The beaches are postcard-perfect (and actually peaceful)

Placencia beach


We all want that pristine beach moment, right? The silky sand between your toes, the gentle whoosh of waves, and maybe a palm tree for good measure. Placencia delivers big time. The beaches here stretch for miles, with soft golden sand giving way to impossibly clear turquoise water. The best part? You’ll actually have room to spread out your towel, unlike some of those jam-packed resort beaches!

Adventures galore – on the water and off

Belize barrier reef

Placencia strikes that perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Spend your mornings snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef (the second largest in the world!), diving with playful nurse sharks, or kayaking among lush mangroves. Back on land, explore ancient Maya cities hidden in the jungle, hike through wildlife-rich rainforest, or go river tubing for a thrilling way to cool down. You won’t be bored!

Your tastebuds will be VERY happy

Placencia Lobsterfest

Belize is a melting pot of cultures, and Placencia’s food scene is incredible because of it. Think fresh-caught seafood grilled to perfection, fiery Creole stews, curries that burst with flavor, and, of course, ice-cold Belikin beers. You’ll sample traditional Garifuna dishes, feast on beachside barbecue, and find yourself seriously tempted by homemade gelato at every turn. And if you’re visiting in July, don’t miss the Placencia Lobsterfest festival! It’s a celebration of all things lobster, with delicious food, live music, and fun for the whole family. Your tastebuds will be VERY happy.

Your Perfect Belize Beach Getaway Starts at Chabil Mar

chabil mar belize

You’ve got the insider scoop on why Placencia is the best beach spot in Belize this summer. So the next step? Finding the ideal place to kick back after those action-packed days. That’s where Chabil Mar comes in – picture luxurious beachfront villas, lush tropical gardens, and an award-winning restaurant where your hardest decision will be what cocktail to try next. It’s your Placencia paradise all wrapped up in one gorgeous resort.

Ready to make it happen? Visit Chabil Mar’s website or contact us directly to book your unforgettable Belize summer getaway.

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Why Placencia Belize is Your Must-Visit Destination this July

Placencia Belize Beaches

As the northern hemisphere basks in the bliss of summer in July, the lure of turquoise waters, golden sands, and vivacious local events beckons from a hidden gem in Central America: Placencia, Belize. In this quaint fishing village, summer unfurls its magic through the vibrancy of Caribbean life, crystalline seascapes, and an extraordinary event – the Placencia Lobsterfest. To relish the spectacle in its full glory, there’s no place more fitting than the majestic Chabil Mar Villas.

In the heart of Placencia, the month of July is synonymous with the Lobsterfest. This year, the 5th to the 7th will see the seaside village transform into a lively gala of music, culture, and, of course, the festival’s pièce de résistance – the glorious Belizean Spiny Lobster. Locals and tourists alike gather in festive fervor, making Lobsterfest not just an event, but a cornerstone of Belizean culture and hospitality.

The Lobsterfest offers a splendid culinary journey. From the traditional grilled lobster tail to inventive lobster-infused dishes that cater to the daring foodie, the festival promises an explosion of flavors. And while lobster takes center stage, myriad other local delicacies and exotic cocktails serve as delightful accompaniments, making the culinary adventure an immersive experience.

Placencia Lobster Season

Beyond gastronomy, the Lobsterfest is an authentic cultural celebration. Expect to see local artists showcasing their talents, from soulful Garifuna drumming to lively Punta dancing. There are also interactive activities for the family, including fishing tournaments, beach games, and craft markets where you can find unique Belizean souvenirs.

After the day’s exuberance, retreat to the serene haven of Chabil Mar. Nestled on the edge of Placencia, the resort offers unparalleled luxury and comfort. From private verandas overlooking the Caribbean Sea to the lush tropical gardens that frame the property, Chabil Mar is a sanctuary of tranquility.

Must-Visit Destination this July

The resort’s location is perfect for Lobsterfest attendees. Just a short walk from the heart of the festival, it allows you to indulge in the lively festivities during the day and then retreat to the quiet comfort of your villa at night. Furthermore, the resort’s premier guest-only policy ensures an exclusive, peaceful escape when you need to recharge.

Moreover, Chabil Mar’s luxurious villas reflect the traditional Belizean architecture, blending harmoniously with modern comforts. The resort’s commitment to environmental sustainability also ensures you can enjoy your vacation guilt-free. The staff, known for its warm Belizean hospitality, cater to your every need, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Chabil Mar also boasts two infinity swimming pools that are just steps away from the beach, an al fresco dining area, and a private pier – perfect for those romantic sunset dinners. The in-house chefs excel in creating both international and Belizean cuisines, so even if you miss the Lobsterfest, you won’t miss out on the delectable local flavors.

Your Must-Visit Destination this July

So, this July, let Placencia bewitch you with its perfect blend of Caribbean charm, vibrant culture, and divine culinary offerings. And make Chabil Mar your home, as you unravel the true essence of Belizean life during the unmissable Placencia Lobsterfest 2024. This captivating Belize adventure awaits your arrival – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss, and one you will never forget.

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Best Place in Belize for a Destination Wedding in Summer

get married in belize

A wedding should be a once in a lifetime event. After all, a wedding signifies you pledging your eternal love to another person, and that’s an event remembering forever. And while destination weddings have become increasingly popular, that also means that there many of the most popular destinations have become exceedingly rote. Mexico, the Bahamas, and Hawaii dominate social media feeds of happy couples, Belize deserves to be on your radar.

The country of Belize is known for both the gregariousness and hospitality of its English speaking residents and for the untapped beauty of its landscapes. Beaches, jungles, and ancient Maya cities are all within reach in Belize, and the low population density ensures that the bride, the groom, and their wedding party can have a level of privacy that would be hard to find in more crowded wedding destinations. Of particularly worthy note is the Placencia Village. Located on the southern Placencia Peninsula, the village is a sedate settlement, offering plenty of tourist amenities despite still holding the trappings of a humble fishing village. Being only a quarter of a mile wide at its longest points, the peninsula is a picturesque stretch of land dominated by sandy beaches and easy to navigate. All these factors combine to make it an ideal spot for a wedding.


Then there’s Chabil Mar. Our resort accommodates travelers from all walks of life, but it’s particularly well suited for weddings. Chabil Mar is conscientious about pampering couples to an exceeding degree. Wedding packages include a romantic candlelit dinner for two, an intimate reception on the beach, and a luxurious honeymoon suite. Couples can indulge in massages, champagne, and on-site amenities like fine dining, an expansive pool, and a lush garden.

There are plenty of practical reasons for getting married in Belize. The whole process is a simple affair. Couples merely need to have been in the country for three days to apply for a marriage license, and the approval process simply takes a day. The license cost is just $100. But if you have any questions, the helpful staff at Chabil Mar can help expedite the process for you.

That gets to the heart of what makes Belize and Chabil Mar such an ideal choice for a destination wedding: convenience. Once you decide to stage your wedding on Placencia, you can put aside many of the traditional stresses of planning a destination wedding and instead focus on enjoying yourselves.

The beaches are readily accessible, the staff friendly and well-versed in the intricacies of planning weddings, and the opportunities far cheaper than more commercialized destinations. And once you’ve said I do, you won’t even need to board a plane for your honeymoon.
Belize has widely been recognized as one of the top honeymoon destinations around the world, and Chabil Mar will be happy to host you for the first few weeks or months of your wedded bliss.

Travel in Belize: Top 10 Things to See & Do This Summer

If this summer is your first opportunity to visit the amazing country of Belize, here are 10 breathtaking activities that you should really add to your bucket list:

1 – Explore an ancient Mayan Ruin

Lubaantun-Mayan Ruins Belize
Belize was once the center of the enigmatic Mayan Empire. Today there are dozens of amazing sites to visit, complete with pyramids, temples and other buildings you can explore and climb.

2 – Snorkel or Dive at the Silk Caye Marine Reserve

Just offshore from Placencia, Silk Caye is loaded with colorful flora and fauna. Strap on your fins and see marine life at its finest.

3 – Check Out the Amazing Food

Brenda street food Chabil Mar Resort Belize
Skip the rice and beans and take a walk on the wild side. Try some roadside vendor mango slices, coconut fish stew (called hudut) or some stewed gibnut for some real local flavor.

4 – Work on your Tan in Placencia

The best beaches in Belize are on the Placencia Peninsula in the south. Perfect for swimming, sun tanning or simply relaxing .

5 – Visit the lush Jungle at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and See a Waterfall

The verdant jungles at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary are truly spectacular, bursting with exotic animals and plants and home to some unique and magnificent waterfalls.

6 – Experience Local Culture

belize garifuna settlement day belize
Belize is truly a melting pot, a harmonious mix of people of Maya, Afro-Caribbean, Mexican, East Indian and European heritage. Visit a Mennonite town, learn to play the Garifuna drums or dance with the Maya.

7 – Check Out the Belize Barrier Reef

belize reef
Even if you’re not a water person you can enjoy the most amazing coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. Head to one of the offshore islands where you can witness the Caribbean Sea majestically breaking over the reef.

8 – Visit the Coolest Zoo in the World

Belize Jaguar

This is no prison for frightened animals to be gawked at by people. At the Belize Zoo, only indigenous and rescued animals are to be found in this unique sanctuary.

9 – Explore a Mayan Cave


The Maya believed that caves were a gateway to the spirit world. Today, you can take a guided tour on foot or ride an inner tube through the caves and marvel at their timeless majesty.

10 – Sail in a Boat

Regatta 05-15 Cianna Sailing #34

By water taxi, chartered boat or sea kayak, Belize is a fabulous place to get out on the water and enjoy the Caribbean at its finest.

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Top 10 Reasons To Spend Your Family Summer Vacation In Belize

Plan A Belize Family Vacation

No need to hire a translator to find out why one of Belize’s most remarkable Caribbean resorts was named Chabil Mar Villas. It’s a translation of “beautiful sea,” derived from an ancient Mayan dialect. And while the Caribbean sea is soothing, it’s not the only example of beauty you’ll find at this lush tropical resort. We unearthed 10 other beautiful reasons to stay at Chabil Mar. You’ll discover more!

1. Chabil Mar is located on the Placencia peninsula, Belize’s hottest destination. At 16 miles long, it’s filled with charming towns and endless recreational opportunities.

2. Families preferring more tranquil waters can take youngsters one mile east to where Placencia’s lagoon washes up on equally beautiful beaches. Your kids could spot the manatees living in the lagoon – if these endangered mammals decide to show themselves.

3. The 400-feet of private beach at Chabil Mar is beautifully manicured and awash in palm trees and comfy lounge chairs. All your senses will come alive as you are treated to soothing vistas, waves, and breezes. Digging in the sand and popping into the sea are not just invited but encouraged!

4. For guests who prefer fresh water, two Chabil Mar pools await. Just steps from the small number of accommodations that make this resort one of the most navigable in Belize, family members enjoy having two choices when pool time arrives.

Experiential Based Cultural Tourism in Placencia Belize

5. Chabil Mar villas are beautifully appointed, face the Sea, and offer families room to spread out within from 925- to 2000-square feet of space. From beautiful furnishings and well-appointed baths, attached verandas bring the best of the outdoors inside.

6. Dine at Café Mar where mouth-watering plates prepared by executive chefs are a feast for the eyes and tummy. Bring a camera. Your fussiest eaters will clean their plates and you’ll want to record it.

7. Chabil Mar’s sugar-white beaches invite guests to avail themselves of sporting equipment kept on hand just for visitors. Pilot kayaks and paddleboards. Active families eager to explore the peninsula can borrow complimentary bicycles, too.

8. Chabil Mar’s Belize family package is filled with delights and removes all the work of planning from stressed moms and dads. Believe every word you read when exploring this website page. Like what you see? It’s better in person!

9. Staffers at Chabil Mar are trained in the art of family pampering. They really love kids. Requests for assistance, recommendations, and service are at the very heart of this resort’s culture so whether it’s a beverage on the beach or a request for a fresh towel, all you need do is ask.

Belize Family Vacation Packages All Inclusive

10. Seeing is believing, so may we suggest that you put Chabil Mar Resort atop your vacation shortlist after viewing this video? Site browsers say that this beautifully-shot footage is so inspiring, that family members set off on suitcase searches immediately after watching it. We’d be surprised if your family didn’t feel the same way!

Visit for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.