Best Spring Break Value Travel Destinations: Belize


There is a lot more to Belize than beautiful beaches, perfect sunny weather, and many exciting attractions. Belize was the home of the ancient Maya empire, and today the country has dozens of amazing Maya temples and pyramids to explore and climb. With a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and welcoming, English-speaking natives, Belize makes every visitor instantly feel right at home.

Spring breakers can snorkel the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, ride a zipline high up in the canopy of a tropical rainforest, or marvel at jaguars, monkeys, and manatees in their native habitat. More exotic and welcoming than the crowded resorts of Cancun or Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Belize is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for students, families and couples to enjoy their spring break.

Getting to Belize Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

southwest airlines to start flying to belize

Last year, Frontier, Alaska Airlines among other airlines entered the competitive US-Belize market, making airfare from North America more affordable than ever. Flights from a variety of cities, including Atlanta, Houston, and Miami, arrive in Belize in just three or four hours. All international flights land in Belize City, located in the center of the country with easy access by ground, water or domestic air connection to any destination in Belize.

What You Can Do on Your Spring Break in Belize

  • Swim in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean
  • Soak in the rays on a pristine white beach
  • Dive or snorkel off the amazing Belize Barrier Reef
  • Relax in a hammock underneath palm trees
  • Savor delicious local cuisine, including seafood, Mexican, and Caribbean-themed dishes
  • Dance all night to the sounds of a local band
  • Spelunk the amazing ATM cave, once the home for sacred Mayan religious rites
  • Explore the ruins of a Mayan city
  • Go tubing down a jungle river, passing through a series of caves
  • Visit one of the wilderness refuges and spot rare birds or jaguars in their natural habitat
  • Paddle a kayak through one of the dozens of gorgeous islands
  • Go deep-sea fishing for big gamefish like marlin and swordfish
  • Enjoy a relaxing vacation at a luxurious tropical resort

Chabil Mar

Belize green globe certified resorts

One of the hotspots to visit is Placencia Village located in Southern Belize. With sixteen miles of pristine beaches and the beautiful Caribbean Sea, there’s plenty of room to gather, snorkel, canoe, scuba dive the great barrier reef, kayak, zip-line, and sunbathe. Hiking in the rainforests or deep-sea fishing is also readily available.

There are private shuttles that can transfer you from Belize’s International Airport to Placencia Village, rental cars are available, or short flights via Tropic Air or Maya Island Air can connect you easily to the peninsula.

Chabil Mar is the place to stay in Placencia! Not only is it a luxury resort but also an award-winning establishment with all the amenities of a five-star resort. With its close proximity to the village of Placencia, it’s the perfect resort to stay in for your spring break! If you were to ask anyone in the world where the best beaches in Belize are, they would tell you, Placencia!

Chabil Mar offers an unbelievable variety of Jungle and Sea Belize Vacation packages so you’ll get the best of both worlds! Spend three or four nights inland enjoying adventures like the jaw-dropping ATM Cave, ancient Maya city of Caracol, canoeing in jungle rivers, and hiking in rainforest trails.

Then spend the other three or four nights at the first-class resort of Chabil Mar where your package includes: a Monkey River tour,  snorkeling in the great Belize barrier reef, golf cart rental for two days, massage, and round trip transfers. You’ll also receive water, coffee, and soft drinks, along with all your meals. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Chabil Mar has two infinity pools with its own private pier?

Why not have a Belize spring break you’ll always remember? Belize luxury vacations are affordable and filled with fun for everyone! Why consider going anywhere else but fabulous Belize?

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Belize is a Fantastic New Year’s Destination

An excellent way to escape the winter blues, Belize enjoys fantastic weather and lots of sunshine in December and throughout the New Year’s festivities.

Beyond the usual celebrations of music, dancing, and beverages, Belize has a number of unique New Year’s traditions. For locals, the last day of the year is a time to lay out a delicious feast of rice and beans, relleno, and turkey while counting down the final hours of December together with friends, family, and loved ones.

Children and adults alike love to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with plenty of fireworks, sparklers, and other pyrotechnics. Whether you’re in a small village or a large town, there are plenty of firework demonstrations throughout the country.

January 1, New Year’s Day, is a time for everyone, local and visitor alike, to spend the day enjoying exciting activities and traveling around the country. One of the most popular activities is the horse race in the village of Burrell Boom in the north. Another New Year’s Day favorite is the bicycle race that begins in Corozal District and ends in Belize City.

One of the best places to enjoy a wonderful New Year’s celebration is on the Placencia Peninsula. Featuring 16 miles of white sandy beaches on Belize’s southeastern Caribbean coast, Placencia is ideally situated just a short distance from world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and fishing on the Belize Barrier Reef. Placencia is also conveniently located close to popular mainland activities like hiking in the Cockscomb Basin Nature Reserve, exploring ancient Maya ruins, and marveling at natural wonders like waterfalls, rainforests, jungles, and exotic tropical birds and wildlife that call Belize home.

The award-winning resort of Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula offers comprehensive “reef and rainforest” packages that combine the best activities on the reef with tours of the rainforest. Chabil Mar also organizes trips to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tikal just over the border in neighboring Guatemala.

Chabil Mar offers guests the opportunity to enjoy true luxury in a beachfront setting just a few minutes’ walk from Placencia Village. The resort features elegantly appointed villas, a lush tropical garden, and one of the top restaurants in the country.

Why not start 2022 off right with an exciting adventure in Belize? Staying at the Chabil Mar resort and participating in exciting tours of the top attractions in Belize is a great way to renew, refresh, and revitalize your spirit.

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Belize – The Ideal Combination of Jungle and Sea

getting to Belize

Belize, the perfect destination for a surf and turf vacation

The gentle rhythms of the turquoise waters and the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean have long made the region a popular choice for vacationers. Belize, a tiny Central American nation with hundreds of offshore islands and more than 180 miles of coastline, offers visitors not only the chance to enjoy an authentic Caribbean experience but also marvel at exotic wildlife, pristine rainforests, and mighty waterfalls on the mainland.

Whether you’re the intrepid traveler eager for an adventure, a family looking for a fun and educational experience, or a romantic at heart looking for the ultimate getaway, Belize has it all. With diving spots rated as the best in the world by famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau, tropical islands that are ideal spots for playing castaway for a day, and beautifully green jungles teeming with life, Belize has an ideal combination of land and sea attractions for an unforgettable vacation.

The Belize Barrier Reef

belize barrier reef

As part of the Mesoamerican Reef system, the second-largest in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef stretches for hundreds of miles. Coral reefs constitute less than 1% of the ocean’s volume but play home to more than 25% of all marine life, the hardened exoskeletons of the living coral serving as a shelter for fish and mammals, a place to feed, and a place to pursue prey. Thanks to the transparent waters of the Caribbean and a bright white sandy sea floor, the Belize Barrier Reef is a world-famous destination for snorkeling and scuba diving who come to marvel at the rainbow kaleidoscope of underwater flora and fauna that make their home amongst the coral.

Rainforests and Jungles in Belize

Reef, Rainforest and Ruins in Belize --- Belize vacations

On the mainland, centuries of careful preservation have blessed Belize with pristine rainforests that have never been logged and natural jungles teeming with wildlife, rare flowers like orchids, and brightly-colored tropical birds. More than a third of Belize’s mainland is either a protected nature reserve or park, giving visitors the chance to enjoy unparalleled horseback riding, hiking, and other activities like sailing through the canopy on a zip line. The forests and jungles of Belize are home to some of its most iconic animals, including tapirs (the national animal), monkeys, and jaguars.

Maya Ruins and Ceremonial Caves in Belize


Thousands of years ago, the mighty Maya civilization dominated most of Central America. The heart of this empire was Belize, lying along the Maya’s most important trade routes, a land where ancient architects constructed impressive pyramids, massive stone temples, and large engineering projects carved out of the jungle. For reasons still unknown to archeologists, this civilization collapsed around 500 years ago, and the Maya abandoned their once-mighty cities.

Today, these ruins are amongst the most popular visitor attractions in Belize. Rediscovered in the last 100 years, sites like Xunantunich, Caracol, and Tikal (just over the border in Guatemala) still retain the power to astonish with their sheer scale, artistry, and beauty. Other popular attractions include sacred caves like Actun Tunichil Muknal, once used by the Maya to perform human sacrifices in an attempt to please their capricious gods.

Belize Surf and Turf Vacation Packages


Chabil Mar offers visitors comprehensive vacation packages to experience the best land and sea destinations in Belize, including:

  • Swimsuits and Hiking Boots – Enjoy a 7-night trip that includes a sojourn to the eco-tourism center of the west where you can marvel at butterflies, explore Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, and two full days of snorkeling on the reef.
  • Rainforests and Reefs – Stay in a tree-top villa in the middle of a pristine jungle combined with two days of snorkeling and walks along the beach in this 7-day exclusive package.
  • Mystical Rainforest and Sandy Toes – Explore Caracol, ride down a river passing through a series of subterranean caves, plumb the depths of the sacred ATM cave, and enjoy a full day of snorkeling with this lovely 7-day vacation package.

With an ideal combination of exciting and beautiful destinations on both land and sea, it’s no wonder that Belize has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling To Belize This Fall (Trip Ideas and Inspiration)

travel to belize this fall

The “green season” tends to scare off a lot of tourists coming to Belize, but their overabundant caution can be to your benefit. Despite weather being rainier during this season and the presence of more storms, most of the Fall is actually quite pleasant. Fall rain tends to come late at night or early in the morning, keeping temperatures mellow without impeding on your daily activities.

There’s a huge financial benefit as well. Tourists flock to the country to get away from the Northern Hemisphere in the winter and to party in the summer, but September through November is the time when prices hit rock bottom. And ironically, the off-season for tourists feature some of the wildest and most interesting festivities throughout the year. Belize’s Independence Day is September 21, but the events tend to spill out into the streets throughout most of the month. The enormous festival known as St. George’s Day is celebrated on September 10.

belize in fall
But the best part of traveling to Belize is how little things change on the off-season. The temperatures remain pleasantly warm and tropical throughout the Autumn months, meaning that you’ll have as many opportunities as you want to sprawl out on the beach, snorkel around the Belize Barrier Reef, or enjoy fresh seafood on the boardwalk of downtown San Pedro.

Similarly, the most exciting excursions in mainland Belize are still available on the off-season, and you won’t have to pack into buses overflowing with tourists to experience them either. Whether you’re going to go cave tubing through the spooky underground rivers of Belize, zip-lining through yards of unspoiled jungle, or exploring ancient cities of the Mayan Empire, you can do so cheaper than at any other time of the year.

Visiting during the Fall is an opportunity to see what life is really like in Belize, apart from the hustle and flash of the tourist season boom. Fortunately, the fact that English is the primary language makes it easy for a majority of North Americans and other travelers from abroad to enjoy the experience and get right in the thick of things. It’s worth it too. The Fall sits right in the middle of lobster fishing season, and conch fishing begins later in the season. The seafood in Belize is some of the most delicious you’ll ever taste, but you’ll find the tastiest choices by asking the locals.

best time to visit belize is fall
If you want to see the real Belize while still having the opportunity to explore everything, the quiet coastal town of Placencia on Belize’s southern peninsula is perfect. And there’s no more hospitable place to stay than Chabil Mar. Let us help you find a Belize vacation package you’ll love.

Beyond Gorgeous: 10 surreal scenes from the Beautiful Belize Barrier Reef

belize barrier reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

The rich underwater world of Mesoamerican mangroves is mirrored at the surface on Funk Cay, near Gladden Spit in Belize. These schoolmaster snappers and assorted small fry live as hatchlings and juveniles in the protection of the mangroves, venturing out only as adults to the reef.

belize fishing in belize barrier reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A trumpetfish hangs in the coral gardens of Lighthouse Reef atoll off Belize.

lighthouse reef atoll belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A banded coral shrimp, Stenopus hispidus, works at its station in a tube sponge off Long Cay on Belize’s Lighthouse Reef atoll. With its three sets of claws—one heavy-duty, the other two delicate and surgical—it removes dead tissue, parasites, and fungi from the fish that queue up at the cleaning station.

gladden spit in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

Three-foot-long cubera snappers, drawn to Gladden Spit in Belize by a full moon in spring, produce clouds of eggs and sperm in a thunderhead of fertility that rises to envelop divers. Snappers of several species gather here by the thousands, releasing hundreds of billions of eggs.

hol chan marine reserve belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A male rainbow parrotfish patrols a bed of turtle grass in Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Scarus guacamaia, the largest herbivorous fish in the Atlantic, uses all three provinces of the Mesoamerican Reef in the course of its life. As a juvenile it seeks the protection of the submerged roots at the fringe of the mangrove forest, from which it makes foraging runs to adjacent sea grass beds. As an adult it makes a home on the reef, with occasional visits to its old haunts.

fishing in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

Schoolmaster snappers seek the protection of a sea whip in Hol Chan Marine Reserve. In the 1980s Belizean biologist Janet Gibson campaigned successfully for the establishment of Hol Chan, insisting that the marine protected area contain slices of all three crucial Mesoamerican Reef provinces: mangrove, sea grass, and coral reef.

whale shark diving in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A whale shark, biggest of fishes, hangs out with small fry off the northern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula.

belize turtles

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A loggerhead turtle grazes. Sea grass is not the typical meal for the primarily carnivorous species, which feeds on jellyfish, crabs, and conchs.

belize reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A view from 12,000 feet, off the coast of Belize, shows the parts of the system that make the whole. The outer reef breaks the force of the ocean swells. Next comes the white line of coral rubble along the reef crest, then the sandy back reef, and, finally, the lagoon: a maze of sand islets, mangrove cays, and sea grass beds.

belize manatees

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A manatee mother with her calf in tow grazes on turtle grass at Swallow Cay in Belize. The West Indian manatee divides its time between sea grass pastures and the waterways of the mangrove forest.

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