10 Activities Guaranteed to Heat Up Your 2021 Belize Honeymoon

According to folks in the know at EverAfterGuide.net, couples following editor’s advice start out on better footing than couples who don’t take their honeymoon advice, so launch your marriage in style by following their recommendations:

-Get a couples massage
-Read a sexy book
-Go on adventures
-Order room service
-Take erotic photos
-Light candles
-Share fantasies
-Go dancing
-Have private dinners

Do all of this and more at Chabil Mar Villas

At Chabil Mar Villas, every item on that list is included at our luxurious honeymoon mecca, and we add another perk to that list: When honeymooners book our Honeymoon or Jungle and Sea Belize all-inclusive packages, they save money, making honeymooning even sweeter.

Perhaps the most exciting item on that list takes place outside the bedroom: Chabil Mar’s activity options. They can shape the tone, photos, and memories built on shared experiences during your honeymoon. Browse this menu to see what we mean.

10 opportunities to make memories

1. Sail the Belize Barrier Reef, a geological wonder that has fascinated visitors since Darwin’s visit in 1842. See how many of the 500 species of fish and invertebrates plus 100+ coral species you can find.

2. Visit a world that has long ago disappeared: the ruins of majestic Maya civilization. People roamed this land thousands of years ago, leaving remnants of their society that are chilling, beautiful and sacred.

3. Follow that couples massage advice as soon after your honeymoon begins as possible. This sensuous, relaxing, shared experience is the epitome of bliss. You may not be able to resist scheduling more than one during your stay.

4. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a private candlelight dinner staffed by discreet servers, you’re in for a treat. You only have eyes for each other, and you won’t be the first couple to ask for dessert-to-go.

5. Stroll around Placencia village to take in the crafts, meet the people, sample food delights and learn about this area’s history, folklore and mix of religions.

6. Schedule a Monkey River trip. Howler Monkeys congratulate honeymooners in their own language. Gibbons Monkeys mate for life, but Howlers haven’t shared their feelings about monogamy. Maybe you can find out!

7. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) is the world’s first jaguar preserve, nestled amid waterfalls, mountains, trails, and exotic birds. Get your fill of Mother Nature while exploring this exotic jungle.

8. Get shot. Having a private photo shoot is the ideal way to explore your sexual side, so whether you do the job yourself or desire a professional, Chabil Mar staff can help since this resort is all about discretion.

9. Visit Laughing Bird Caye, if only to tell friends that you failed to meet any laughing birds during your honeymoon. This World Heritage Site is dominated by coconut palms. Sneak behind one if you two want to share a laugh or two.

10. Some honeymooners never leave their Chabil Mar digs. That could describe you. Sea-facing villas with verandas give couples plenty of room to explore each other’s dreams within their 950- to 2000-square foot hideaways.

You probably won’t need 2,000 feet—-unless you bring company, a prohibition included in the EverAfterGuide.net guide. We suggest reading the entire guide before packing. There’s a lingerie tip you won’t want to miss.

Belize relaxes health and safety protocols for travelers as more flights return to the country in October

Belize relaxes health and safety protocols

While Belize has been reliable at restricting the transmission of COVID-19, this vigilance has paid off with slowly peeling away layers of safety and restrictions on what visitors can do, let alone come into the country. The newest information is that major airlines have been able to fly out to the country since the Philip Goldson International reopened on October 1st.

Belize recently lowered its international travel restrictions, expanding the “Tourism Safe Corridor” and now allowing car rentals as a viable means of transportation, meaning visitors are free to rent a car from the airport. This expanded freedom comes with the stipulation that travelers submit their itinerary and accept GPS tracking. Furthermore, restaurants with adequate square footage can serve more than 10 persons so long as social distancing is obeyed. This ten-person limit extends to reservations. Lastly, visitors are now free to vacation within the Tourism Safe Corridor, rather than remain on the premises of their Gold Standard hotel, with the exceptions of tours and activities.

American Airlines began flying into Belize on October 1st. Anyone looking to enter the country through an American Airlines flight can do so between the days of Thursday and Monday. While a flight coming from Miami only takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes to arrive, the return trip is closer to 4 hours, allowing plenty of time to reflect on your Belize vacation experience.

United Airlines (UA) began flying to Belize a day later, on October 2nd. UA flies to Belize between Friday and Sunday. A flight out to Belize from Houston’s George Bush International is roughly 2 hours and 28 minutes but a flight back only takes around 3.5 hours.

Avianca Airlines will begin flying to Belize on October 28th and flies every day of the week but Tuesdays and Sundays. Flights between Belize and El Salvador International take only around 90 minutes, either way.

If your aviation loyalties lie elsewhere, Delta Airlines will begin flying to Belize in the third week of November, Southwest Airlines will return service between December and January. While Sun Country and COPA Airlines will be resuming service, there has been no announcement of when.

chabil mar

If you have been wanting to visit Belize but were not sure of where to look, consider Placencia Village, Belize’s top beach destination. Since you will need to coordinate your trip with a Gold Standard hotel, Chabil Mar happens to be one of the best in Placencia, as well as Belize.

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll-Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Belize Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration 2020


Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

Every year on November 19, Belize commemorates Garifuna Settlement Day in remembrance of the epic journey of the Garifuna people to the shores of Belize. Originally descended from imported African slaves who intermarried with local Carib and Arawak peoples in the Caribbean, primarily on the island of St. Vincent, the Garifuna rose up against the British at the end of the 18th century. Britain, after winning several wars against France, began putting down the Garifuna rebellion, only succeeding in 1796.

Hounded by the British, the Garifuna made their way westward through the Caribbean Sea, stopping on the island of Roatan in what is now Honduras. Using dugout canoes, the Garifuna pushed on to avoid British maritime forces, eventually arriving in Belize on November 19, 1802. Their contributions to Belizean society were formally recognized in 1975 when Garifuna Settlement Day first became a national holiday.

Garifuna Settlement Day is a chance for visitors and locals throughout the country to taste Garifuna food favorites like cassava bread, hudut (a fish stew made with bananas) and darasa (similar to tamales but with green bananas and coconut milk), watch traditional dances like the Jankanu Dance, and listen to both traditional and Garifuna music.

See also: 6 Things to Know about the Garifuna people of Belize

The Garifuna have made substantial contributions to the musical scene in Belize, creating and shaping popular genres like punta and punta rock. Garifuna drumming, using instruments made from locally-sourced hardwoods and animal skins, is one of the most iconic features with its steady percussion of African rhythms and beats. In 2001, UNESCO proclaimed that the dance, music, and language of the Garifuna was a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In towns with a significant Garifuna population, the holiday begins at dawn with a re-enactment of the epic voyage across the water in dugout canoes, followed by dancing, music, drumming, parades, games, and lots and lots of food. Look for the Garifuna flag with black, white, and yellow horizontal stripes that represent the sun, peace, and pride.

Be at Ease at Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Chabil Mar is an award-winning luxury resort located on the Placencia Peninsula and is near some of the best Garifuna towns to celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day like Seine Bight, Dangriga, Punta Gorda, and Hopkins. With elegantly appointed villas, a lush tropical garden, and Cafe Mar, one of the country’s finest restaurants, on-site, Chabil Mar is the epitome of Beauty by Belize, Luxury by Design.



Caracol Mayan Ruins

The Maya Ruins of Caracol

Caracol is one of the most interesting and well-preserved ancient Maya sites in Belize. Previously known as Uxwitza (“Three Water Hill”) to the ancient Maya, the current name of the site was coined in 1938 when the local British head archeologist dubbed it Caracol (Spanish for “Snail Shell”) on account of the curving access road that leads to the site.

Far bigger than even Belize City, Caracol once housed up to 180,000 people at the height of the city’s power. Caracol dominated the ancient Maya geopolitical world, variously allying or fighting against other city-states, including Naranjo and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal that is currently located just across the border in neighboring Guatemala.

The most famous building in Caracol is the Canaa (“Sky Palace). An enormous period that contains four palaces and three temples, Canaa is still the tallest building in the country at 141 feet (43 meters) high. Other important buildings and items discovered in Caracol include 24 religious altars, three large ball court, five big plazas, 24 carved stelae, reservoirs, causeways, and a very advanced astronomical observatory. A total of 35,000 lesser buildings have also been identified in Caracol along with more than 100 tombs.

Due to its enormous footprint (some 75 square miles), much of Caracol is still awaiting further excavation. A 2009 aerial survey was used to create a 3D map of how the city stands, including large sections of causeway and agricultural terraces that still lie buried in the jungle. The remote location of Caracol in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in southwest Belize also add to the difficulty of performing large-scale archeological work.

Caracol rose to the height of its power during the Maya classic period but the city seems to have been abandoned around the year 1050 for unknown reasons relating to the wide scale collapse of Maya civilization in the area. Once reclaimed by the jungle, the city was accidentally rediscovered in 1938 by a local logger named Rosa Mai who was in the area searching for mahogany trees.

Today, Caracol is located approximately 25 miles south of San Ignacio in the western Cayo District of Belize. The site of Caracol is within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and is surrounded by both primary and secondary tropical rain forest. The abundance of carved stelae, altars, markers in ball courts, walls, and capstones have allowed archaeologists to accurately document the history of the city, including a monumental military victory of Tikal in the year 562 AD.

Chabil Mar in Placencia Belize & Caracol Mayan Ruins

Chabil Mar resort on the Placencia Peninsula is close to all of the most exciting mainland destinations in Belize. Guests of the resort can include a visit to Caracol Mayan Ruins as part of one of Chabil Mar’s fantastic Belize Reef & Jungle vacation packages.

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.



Everything You Need To Know About The Belize Health App

belize health app

COVID-19 has affected the world in a variety of ways. One way that Belize has managed to keep the pandemic in check is with its own health app. Anyone looking to come to this beautiful country is required to install and use this specific app before they will even be allowed to enter the country.

What Is This App?

The Belize Health App is the first line of defense against contamination from COVID-19 or any other major health hazards. If you are interested in flying into Belize, you must fill out all of your information no sooner than 72 hours prior to your flight. The required information includes taking a test for COVID-19 and having a “negative” result. This also allows you to use the express lane at the airport. It does not matter what country you come from or which nationality you claim, everyone coming to Belize is required to have the app. Fortunately, the app is available on both Google Play and the Apple store and can run on any Apple device that runs iOS 10.0 or higher.

Why Do I Need It?

The primary purpose of the app is to enable contact tracing. Every user receives a unique QR code that helps the Belize government keep tabs on the health of every incoming and outgoing visitor to the country. The most immediate benefit of the app is that prior evidence of taking a test and proving negative will expedite your time spent at the Philip Goldson International Airport. Because the app is used to track and monitor you, you must perform a daily check-in of your health and this will require you to be near the sort of internet access available to anyone foreign visitor staying at a gold star resort like Chabil Mar. All of the specifics regarding check-in details are covered by the app as you fill it in.

What If I Lack a Smartphone?

While the app is available on any Apple and Android device, Belize understands that not everyone is up to date with technology. In the event that you lack any relevant device, you will have to fill out digital forms through the Belize Department of Health.

One of the first steps foreign visitors must take is to book with a gold star hotel. If you are unsure where to stay, consider Chabil Mar. Chabil Mar offers premium accommodations and guest-exclusive amenities on the Placencia Peninsula. 

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Placencia Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning your Belize vacation.

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