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Belize Is a Great Choice for Your Post-Covid-19 Travel Plans

Why You Should Consider Belize For Post-Covid Travel

After months of staying home and social distancing, some people are already making travel plans. They want to be ready when travel restrictions are lifted, and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard to stay cooped up inside, and the world is waiting. Here’s why Belize is an ideal destination for your post-coronavirus travel plans.

Social Distancing Is Easy

As a small, sparsely populated country that doesn’t attract massive crowds, it’s easy to keep your distance in Belize. Even in the popular tourist areas like Placencia, you won’t find the crowds you find at typical Caribbean destinations. You can enjoy everything Belize has to offer while enjoying safe social distancing.

Belize Has Emerged as a Safe Country

Belize has been able to survive the pandemic with fewer than 20 documented cases of COVID-19. The government of Belize took quick action to contain those cases, restrict travel to Belize and impose stay-at-home orders. It’s easy to do all this in a small country, and it worked. 

Belize Is Close to Home

If you’re in the US, Canada or Mexico, Belize is a short flight away. You can be in Belize City in just two or three hours from most major airports. If you’re concerned about a long trip, stay close to home by visiting Belize.

Hotels and Resorts in Belize Have Developed Excellent Plans

Most hotels and resorts in Belize have had time to develop thorough plans for dealing with the coronavirus. As a guest, you can choose how much contact you want with hotel employees and other guests. Given the low rates of coronavirus, Belize is an excellent option for wary travelers. While many countries remain under travel advisories, Belize has been relaxing its travel restrictions.

Belize Is an Easy, Breezy Getaway

When you visit Belize, you don’t have to worry about crowds, noise or stress. Visiting Belize is a relaxed way to ease back into traveling. You’ll enjoy a laid-back vacation filled with fun activities, great weather and gorgeous natural scenery.

Chabil Mar Welcomes Travelers With New Post-Pandemic Measures

When you visit Belize, stay at the Chabil Mar  to enjoy the finest, guest-exclusive amenities on the Placencia Peninsula. We offer luxurious beachfront accommodations at our award-winning Belize resort. Contact us to learn why we’re the best option for your post-pandemic travel plans.

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