Placencia Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament Returns

Marcelo Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament Returns

Grab your calendar and mark the date for the return of this year’s Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament, which will be held during the September celebrations in Placencia Village.

The two-day, fun-filled event will be held on September 10th and 11th at the Placencia Municipal Pier, which is situated at the center of the village. Organizers of the tournament say that discounts and incentives for carrying out early registration are available, while tons of big prizes are literally on the line and waiting to be reeled in by the best anglers and their teams.

The Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament is one of the most exciting two-day family-filled affair to be held in southern Belize. Fishermen from the tiny fishing village as well as those who live nearby will gather at the break of dawn at the pier, and go over their strategy, before sailing out to the Caribbean Sea to see what luck awaits them. 

One of the rules is that all the competition boats must depart from the pier at the same time and return at the end of the day together. Upon their return, their catch is usually weighed in the presence of the judges and placed on the record. On the following day, that result will be added to the day’s catch and whichever team has the most points would emerge the winner of the tournament.

Points are distributed as follows; Kingfishers are worth 3 points per pound and must be a minimum of 8 fish. Barracuda are tallied at 1 point per pound and must be a minimum of 12 fish, while Jacks are also 1 point per pound and must be a minimum of 12 fish. Wahoos are worth 5 points per pound, with a minimum of 15, while Dorados are 5 points per pound with a minimum of  7. Tunas are worth 3 points per pound with a minimum of 5 fish. 

No fishes are to be shared between boats and all fishing crews must use lures to land their fish. No noose/bare hooks, live bait, or cast nets are permitted to be used during the competition.

There are also various categories and prizes for best boat, largest barracuda, largest kingfish, largest extraordinary fish, and largest fish caught by a female. With so many prizes to be shared among competing teams and anglers, this year’s event is promising to be a big one.

While the crews are out on the water hauling in their catches, there will be much to see and do in Placencia, such as the crowning of the Placencia Queen of the Bay 2022/2023. Villagers will also be participating in the 10th of September parade which will be passing through the village. With so many activities being planned it is the perfect weekend to enjoy the celebratory festivities with friends and family.

Marcelo Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament

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Need to know more about the tournament?  Contact the Placencia Tourism Center at 523-4045 or send them an email at 

Congratulations to Miss Belize From Chabil Mar

Congratulations to Miss Belize From Chabil Mar

Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Lightburn, a resident of Belize City, is Belize’s latest beauty ambassador as she was able to snatch the Miss Universe Belize Crown, at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday, August 13th, 2022.

Despite strong competition from five other contestants who all participated in segments of Swimsuit, Evening Gown, and a few rounds of Questions and Answers, Lightburn was able to sway the judge’s decision in her favor.

Lightburn who is a Project Manager Officer at a local bank and adjunct lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Belize will now go on to represent Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant, which will be held in December of this year at an unannounced venue.

Lightburn holds a Bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Business Administration. She says, “This pageant, to me, is not only about displaying external beauty but also about inner beauty. I aim to show young girls that you can have all beauty and brains, and you should use it to inspire others and build your country. “

The first runner-up is Alina Scott, a twenty-seven-year-old Ph.D. Candidate and Littlefield Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, who hails from the Cayo District. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in History and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in History, Scott, who was the crowd’s favorite and appeared to have been one of the strongest competitors among the delegates, has represented Belize at several international volleyball competitions.

The second runner-up place went to Samantha Singh, a twenty-seven-year-old writer from Placencia, Stann Creek District. Singh holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Loyola New Orleans and a Culinary Arts Degree from The New School of Cooking.

A total of six contestants from Belize City, Belmopan, Placencia, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, and Spanish Lookout, all walked their hearts out on the stage, but despite being armed with dazzling smiles, gracious poses, and drop-dead gorgeous looks, only one was able to snatch the crown and become the 2022-2023 Miss Universe Belize.

Chabil Mar joins the nation in congratulating Miss Ashley Lightburn on such a huge accomplishment. We are certain that she will represent our jewel to the best of her ability and wish her nothing but success as she embarks on this one-of-a-kind journey.

We also wanted to express our appreciation to all the other candidates who participated in this year’s competition and commend them on their bravery, dedication, and commitment.

Do Not Miss The 11th Annual End of the World Marathon and Half Marathon

End of the World Marathon and Half Marathon

Discover Paradise at the 11th Annual End of the World Marathon

2022 is your chance to join the eleventh annual celebration of the End of the World Marathon. While the Maya calendar suggested that the apocalypse might happen on December 21, 2012, runners from around the world continue to participate in a marathon and half marathon through the streets of Placencia. For the people of Belize, it’s another way to celebrate their connection to the Maya Empire and a way to do good in the community.

Running For a Greater Good

There’s some irony in the fact that the End of the World Marathon is actually about building a better world. More specifically, all the proceeds raised at the End of the World marathon go to education in Belize. This is especially crucial because education beyond eighth grade requires tuition, making it prohibitive for many poorer families to get the education they need. Proceeds are specifically donated to dozens of high school, university, and vocational trade school scholarships offered to economically disadvantaged Belizean youth.

end of the world marathon

A Lot More to Do Than Just Run

If the idea of running a marathon sounds exhausting to you, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had anyway. That’s because the people love a good festival, and the End of the World Marathon is as good an excuse as any. While the runners train hard for the marathon, others work hard putting together costumes, stages, and events to keep things rolling throughout the day. And if you’re looking to slake your thirst, you’ll find plenty of food and drink along the marathon route.

And the Perfect Opportunity to Visit

Ultimately, you shouldn’t need an excuse to visit Placencia — but it would be a shame to come all the way down for a marathon and not see what else there is around the village. The peninsula of Placencia is unique in its own right thanks to the fact that it’s 20 miles long but only a half-mile wide. That means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to kick back on the beach after the run — but Placencia also puts you close to the Belize Barrier Reef, ancient Maya ruins, the Cockscomb Wildlife Jaguar Sanctuary, and the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave.

Find the Right Place to Stay

placencia belize resort
All of Placencia is gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be selective about where you stay. If you’re in town to run in the marathon, cheer on a loved one, or merely spectate, Chabil Mar offers world-class amenities while also being directly along the marathon route.

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Placencia Residents Defeat Island Erosion on South Silk Caye

Placencia Residents Defeat Island Erosion on South Silk Caye

Coastal erosion has always been a monster, claiming small islands, eradicating natural habitats for marine life, and disrupting communities and their livelihood for as long as can be remembered, but in Belize, the combined efforts of over 250 Placencia residents were able to defeat that monster through a joint conservation effort which was able to reclaim South Silk Caye.

Today, the small island which has been a major means of income for Placencia residents, as well as a recreation spot for locals, is a testament to the priceless, unmatched, and valiant efforts that Belizeans are willing to contribute towards the protection of what matters most to them. After two months of voluntary and arduous work, South Silk Caye is back to being intact and is now fully protected against the aggressive waves by a 135-foot, wall barricade. The barricade, made from huge slabs of stone, was secured into place manually by locals with the assistance of technical experts. On July 23rd, amid the sweet sounds of Garifuna drumming, a short prayer, and a ceremony, South Silk Caye was officially reopened, thanks to the quick action of local environmental watchdogs.

While Belizeans and even visitors to Belize are proud of the successful conservation effort, our very own Marketing Manager at Chabil Mar, Larry France said that he, ‘’was personally pleased with how the community in Placencia came together to save Silk Caye.’’ France added that the level of support and commitment among the Placencia community is nothing short of inspiring and must be commended.

Two months ago, South Silk Caye, situated 22 miles east of Placencia Village, was thrust into the spotlight after local tour guide and fisherman Eworth Garbutt made a public plea for assistance from the local community to save Silk Caye which was disappearing fast. Like its siblings, Middle Silk Caye and North Silk Caye, which have already fallen victims to coastal erosion, the caye was also being swallowed up by the sea in huge chunks.

Garbutt eventually managed to convince stakeholders to take matters into their own hands and rebuild the caye, however that was later met by resistance by the Government who insisted that Garbutt and his team were in contravention of Regulations 15 (1) of the Fisheries Act, Revised Edition 2000. That particular regulation had stated that because the caye was located inside a marine reserve, it required approval from the Fisheries Department as well as an EIA by the Department of the Environment. At the time Garbutt was taken into custody but was later released without any charges. A meeting between him and government officials was able to figure out a plan of action on how the parties involved could work together for the greater good.

South Silk Caye can be found on the outer reef, straddled with coral formations, rich marine wildlife, and an amazing view. The Caye has been a major attraction for visitors and locals alike who would take the 1.5 hours boat ride to swim side by side with whale sharks, outside of the reef, and other marine animals, such as nurse sharks, rays, and sea turtles, that are known to hang around the island.

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