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Belize Barrier Reef Vacations: Where to Stay, Best Places to Go

belize barrier reef vacations

One of Belize’s most breathtaking natural wonders isn’t even situated on the mainland. The Belize Barrier Reef sprawls along 190 miles of the nation’s coastline amid the waters of the Caribbean Sea where it is a relative newcomer at just 500,000 years old.

Re-shaped around 8,000 years ago when the last ice age blanketed the planet, the Belize Barrier Reef’s ecology is a work in progress for a nation eager to make sure it remains an epicenter of life for all manner of marine species, and it’s so vast, astronauts see it from outer space.

For folks whose idea of recreational joy includes spending time pursuing marine-related activities, the reef itself provides the ideal focus for travellers who appreciate the magic of geology and are eager to frame their vacation time around the reef’s existence. Does that include you? If so, your timing is perfect for a visit.

Reasons to see the reef when visiting Belize

-It’s home to 500+ fish species that include seahorses, sharks, jellyfish and octopus.
-Charles Darwin and the iconic diver Jacques Cousteau both made it a point to visit.
-The reef is home to endangered sea turtles, crocodile and manatees.
-So many birds flock to the reef, identifying all of them is a subject of great debate.
-In 1996, the Belize Barrier Reef was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
-Around 350 types of shellfish and 100+ species of coral call the reef home.

Intrigued? You should be. Time for a game plan, curious traveller

belize barrier reef vacation pacakges

Your decision to stay at a resort that gets you as close to the reef as possible is easily made by choosing Chabil Mar Villas. The property’s location is optimal and the resort’s packages and specials will add to a fabulous vacation experience.

Spacious sea-facing villas at Chabil Mar give guests a window on the ocean where the reef awaits and interior furnishings are filled with locally crafted furnishings and art. Book any of the Belize vacation packages offering access to activities you are most eager to enjoy, and whether your idea of bliss is sailing, fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, each package is so value-driven and adventurous, you couldn’t be disappointed if you tried.

Who deserves a reef vacation more than you do?

Admit it: You’ve got a case of cabin fever borne of sequestration, but you worry that the virus still lurks. And having survived in good shape thus far, you don’t want to take chances. Relax and pack. Chabil Mar embraces international health and safety standards that will ease your mind as soon as you browse this page. Like what you see? Let us know when you plan to come down and we’ll let the reef know about your impending visit!

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