Big Belize Adventures: Get Your Excitement Fix in 2020

Big Belize Adventures Get Your Excitement Fix in 2020

If you identify as a risk-taker, there’s only one place to go in 2020: Belize. The nation’s resources beckon travelers—especially those who can’t get enough adventure.

Did you know that travelers have distinct vacation styles? It’s true, says Max Knoblauch. “More than one in three Americans (37-percent) have had a ‘life eureka’ moment while on vacation,” says Knoblauch who adds that “while 35-percent of Americans prefer to spend their vacations…resting and relaxing poolside—38-percent prefer more active, adventurous trips focused on exploration.”

“Adventurous travelers tend to make stronger lasting memories and report fewer regrets,” he adds. This scientific study was so comprehensive, it even included the fact that people born under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius can’t get enough adventure when they travel.

Of course, it matters not which sign you were born under if adventure travel raises your heart rate, but you may worry that these trips are expensive. Not so if you choose Belize, where everyone speaks English, the plane ride is a few hours away and award-winning resorts like Placencia’s Chabil Mar  are surprisingly affordable.

Which adventures suit your fancy?

belize whale sharks

-Explore ancient Maya cities and underground caves filled with artifacts that range from skeletons and cooking pots to ritual items used during secret ceremonies.
Snorkel and scuba dive with Whale Sharks, gentle giants who don’t mind visits from tourists guided by certified diving professionals. Come in May when Chabil Mar seasonal rates start to dip.
-Birding expeditions are exciting. No matter the season, you’ll spot all types of birds and spectacular colors. The excitement doubles and triples when visitors spot rarely-seen endangered species perched on trees or in the air.
-The presence of nature reserves like Cockscomb Basin and Bocawina give visitors opportunities to spot animals usually only found in zoos.
-If your appetite for adventure resides in all things cultural, come and learn more about the Maya and Garifuna cultures, learn to drum, make chocolate like Mayas did and indulge all of your senses in music, food and fun.

Setting up your 2020 travel schedule?

Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Plan to stay at Chabil Mar, the luxury, award-winning Placencia, Belize resort where everything is at your fingertips: proximity to adventures, gracious hospitality, sumptuous digs and Café Mar, where al fresco dining under palm trees has been elevated to a culinary art.

The Chabil Mar virtual tour offers you a taste of what awaits in 2020 once you put a Belize vacation on your “must-do” list. Seal the deal by browsing tours offered on the resort’s menu. One warning: You are likely to find so may choices, deciding on just one could be the biggest adventure of all!

Follow the Sun to Belize Now—and Throughout 2020

Best Luxury Destination For Winter Sunshine in Belize
Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you if you start craving sun. Follow your instincts to Belize and forget all about winter.

Ever wonder why North Americans flock to the Caribbean rim as soon as autumn arrives? It’s not just because the urge to swim grows too strong to be ignored; it’s because humans crave sun, notes Ian Sample, science reporter for “The Guardian.”

“When it gets dark, a region of the brain called the pineal gland starts producing melatonin.” The sun is the only antidote–unless you want to snooze your way through the winter.

If you could care less about biology but desperately want to trade your layers of clothing for a swimsuit, the cost of a winter vacation could be enough to send a chill down your spine that has nothing to do with arctic ice fronts.

Happily, Belize exists and as winter approaches, you’ll find this nation to be a surprisingly affordable destination when compared to other hot spots. Here’s why:

-Winter rates at many vacation destinations can kick in as soon as September arrives, but if you choose a luxury resort like Chabil Mar Villas where high season doesn’t start until December 20th, you can get all the sun you want at a very sunny discount that won’t require you to empty your bank account.

Belize vacation packages consist of lush accommodations, meals, transfers, incidentals and tours and they still remain affordable even when winter rates take effect. Make Belize your 2020 winter destination and pick your favorite.

-Military personnel get a 15-percent discount to thank them for their service as long as there is availability. If you’re military and you haven’t seen the sun in so long you need a refresher, don’t miss this this opportunity.

Chabil Mar is more than a resort

Beauty by Belize

It’s an integral part of the Placencia landscape and this easy-to-navigate peninsula (called “the island you can walk to”) offers great proximity to everything a sun-seeking tourist could desire and when it’s time to dine, the sun doesn’t have to be out to make you feel like you’re royalty.

Chef Daniel’s domain gives him opportunities to put a culinary spin on Belize cuisine that’s served with a tropical flair poolside, beachside, on your villa’s veranda, on the resort peer and at the Kaleidoscope Bar & Lounge.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to allocate more down time in your schedule to relaxation and wellness, you couldn’t find a more therapeutic, relaxing experience than by locating a lounge chair or hammock and parking yourself there when you’re not swimming in the resort pool.

If you and your brain are ready to hunker down for the winter, you won’t believe how great you feel just by booking a stay at Chabil Mar Villas and marking the days on your calendar.

Put a sun sticker on the calendar square marking your departure day. No matter how bad the weather gets, knowing that the sun awaits you in Belize is guaranteed to lift your spirits and put a perpetual smile on your face.

Visit our website for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

The Only Belize Weather Guide You’ll Ever Need In 2020

belize weather calendarIf it’s your habit to throw a dozen separates into a duffel bag and arrive at your airport departure gate just as the gangway is being removed, we salute you. You’re probably a spontaneous person who finds the process of packing tedious and bothersome. But let’s say you pack thoughtfully and you wouldn’t dream of choosing which articles of clothing to bring to Belize without first learning what temperatures to expect. We’ve got your year-round forecast, so packing for your tropical holiday will be a breeze.

Belize Weather in January
In case an infrequent shower at the end of the rainy season interrupts your Belize outings, relax. It won’t last long. Getting a little wet is part of the Belize experience as you think of friends battling snow and ice back home! Tote a light poncho and you’re good to go. January temperatures run about 70-degrees F at night and max out at around 80-degrees F by day.

Belize Weather in February
If you crave the same weather January visitors enjoyed—from 70- to 80-degrees F—you’ll love visiting in February. This month officially launches “the dry season,” so you can leave that rain gear home if you like and use the space in your luggage for more sunscreen, an extra pair of flip-flops and a Valentine.

Belize Weather in March
If it rains in March, Belize weathercasters are quick to apologize because it’s not typical. Days and nights are usually crystal clear and slightly warmer, so bring clothing appropriate for between 74- and 83-degrees F temperatures. Nights are so delightful, you won’t need a sweater, but if you find a charming wrap at a local market, snap it up!

Belize Weather in April
Because Belize is a chill-out destination, it may come as no surprise that this time of year has several nicknames. Call it the “Green Season” or refer to infrequent showers as “Iguana Rains”—your call. Love puddle jumping? Do it fast, ’cause the sun will be back out in minutes. Temperatures in April, by the way, range from 76- to 85-degrees F.

Belize Weather in May
As spring settles in, you’ll notice a gradual temperature increase to between 79-degrees at night to 87-degrees by day in Belize. The rain gods are kind in May: The occasional nighttime thunderstorm or early morning shower will likely find you abed at Chabil Mar, where soft sheets, gorgeous suite appointments and a tropical breakfast get all five of your senses off to a relaxing day.

Belize Weather in June
There’s a smaller range of temperature fluctuations throughout Belize in June—between 82- and 86-degrees—so you can dress for the entire day in the morning. Enjoy easterly breezes on your Chabil Mar veranda. Afternoon showers could interrupt a plan or two, but if you’ve settled into a Belize state of mind, you’ll shrug them off—especially if you nab early season rate reductions.

Belize Weather in July
When your nearest and dearest complain about heat waves back home, you may find it irresistible to let them know that Belize nighttime temperatures are around 79-degrees F. Morning rains are so cooling, they will help you transition into your plans for an outdoor adventure like diving the Belize reef. Wear as little as you like (within reason) during the month of July. You’ll find it liberating!

Belize Weather in August
Mother Nature is very predictable: she shifts those easterly sea breezes away from Belize in August, replacing them with drier winds, which is how the nickname “Little Dry” was picked to describe the month. If temperatures dip to 78-degrees F after an 86-degree F day, that lightweight wrap will come in handy.

Belize Weather in September
As the Green Season moves into September, temperatures dip to 77-degrees F at night, so dodging early morning showers is no big deal. Anticipate sunny days filled with fun and festivals as Belize celebrates its independence throughout September. Wear an outrageous costume at Carnival in Belize City to be an official part of the fun!

Belize Weather in October
Northerly winds bring bountiful rainfall and temperatures drop to 75-degrees F by night. Daytime highs of 84-degrees F are ideal for taking tours and outings. Should an unexpected storm blanket the Maya Mountains, repair to Chabil Mar’s Kaleidoscope Bar where a tightly-woven thatch roof, new friends and the perfect Mojito will keep you dry and happy until the rain passes.

Belize Weather in November
This is the month dreams come true in Belize: Summer visitors are gone, there’s room to stretch out, and if you seek solitude on a budget, you won’t find more generous price breaks. Chabil Mar offers discounts in November and since the resort dresses up for Thanksgiving, come late in the month, reserve a large suite for your family and expect to find turkey on the restaurant’s menu!

Belize Weather in December
Temperatures? Heavenly. Crowds? Not if you come early in December. Swim or snorkel the day away in 80-degree F weather. Cuddle at night when temps drop to around 71-degrees F. Whether your goal is an unforgettable Christmas, you’re auditioning retirement locations or you want to see for yourself why Belize has become so popular, visiting in December will be the gift you give yourself.

Visit our website for more information on Belize and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival


placencia sidewalk festival


On February 8 and 9, 2020, Placencia Village will host the 17th annual Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival. The central sidewalk in town will be filled with photographs, paintings, crafts, vendors, clothing, wood carvings, sculptures, and homemade jewelry. With a wide variety of games, drinks, live music, and poetry readings, this popular festival celebrates the very best of Belizean arts and culture.

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Beginning at 10:00 am, the streets will come alive as artists and artisans from around Belize and the entire region come to display their masterpieces, handicrafts, and homemade works all along the central sidewalk in Placencia.

Placencia-Sidewalk-Art-Festival Belize

You Should Definitely Attend The Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival

Family and friends will find plenty to do and see as they stroll from one end of the world’s narrowest main street (just four feet wide) to the other, with over 4,000 feet of festival featuring colorful art, games, live music, and mouthwatering food.

Watch this video and get a scoop of the festival:

The Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Musical Festival is a fantastic event to shop for Belizean art and explore the country’s vivacious music scene.

For more information on the Sidewalk Arts and Musical Festival, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.





Belize Wildlife & Birds

Belize is a country with a low population density, home to dazzling natural landscapes such as beaches, islands, jungles, rainforests, and mountains. The vast majority of Belize is still virgin country where unusual, exotic, and interesting wildlife flourish, including rare and endangered species found nowhere else on the planet. This eco-diversity is one reason why Belize is nicknamed “The Jewel.” The diverse habitats offer a flourishing environment for hundreds of species of birds and interesting animals such as jaguars, monkeys, and giant iguanas.

Because of this incredible diversity, it’s often easier to think of the jungle and rainforest in terms of layers. At ground level, you can find interesting animals like peccaries (wild pigs), gibnuts, deer, crocodiles, and Baird’s tapir (Belize’s national animals). And there are five different big cat species that prowl the rainforest floor, including pumas, margays, ocelots, jaguarundis, and the king of the jungle himself, the elusive jaguar.

Farther up, a completely different group of animals and birds thrive. Flocks of scarlet macaws, toucans, and giant iguanas make their home on the tree branches. And further up still, it’s easy to spot birds like the enormous harpy eagle and animals like the black howler monkey, one of the loudest animals in the world. Indeed, black howler monkeys produce louder sounds than your average rock concert and can be heard up to three miles (five kilometers) away, even through thick jungle foliage.

On the coast, a completely different ecosystem can be found. Shorebirds, frigate birds, and Jabiru storks hunt in the rich coastal waters. Just offshore, enormous tracts of seagrass are home to manatees and dolphins. And the islands of the Belize Barrier Reef are home to a colorful array of fish, sharks, five kinds of sea turtles, and rays. The islands are also home to interesting birds like kites, kingfishers, and frigate birds.

Belize is a true paradise for bird watchers with more than 500 species having been recorded in the country. Even first-time bird watchers can usually dozens different species with the help of local guides. Belize is home to beautiful birds of all sizes and types, including tiny hummingbirds, colorful toucans and macaws, the majestic blue-crowned motmot, and rare and endangered species like the ocellated turkey and the yellow-headed parrot.

If you’d like to enjoy a fabulous vacation in Belize that includes spotting wildlife and bird watching, make your booking with the Chabil Mar Resort.

For more information about Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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