10 Stunning Photos from the Belize Barrier Reef

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Last year we had the pleasure of hosting James, the travel blogger behind the website www.escapingabroad.com. If you visit the about section of his site, you will find out that his favorite country in the world is Belize. We here at Chabil Mar do not blame him for that because we understand and appreciate the beautiful things that Belize offers to its 350,000 inhabitants as well as the thousands of travelers who visit the country each year.

One of those beautiful things in Belize that locals and visitors enjoy is the colorful and Great Barrier Reef.  Even Charles Darwin, the world renowned Naturalist loved it that in 1842, he described it as the “most remarkable reef in the west indies.”The Belize Reef not only provides succulent sea food to our people but is also ideal for snorkeling and diving.

In this blog post, we share ten jaw dropping underwater photos from the Belize Barrier reef. All photos courtesy of www.escapingabroad.com.

belize barrier reef

Colorful Reef’s

Diving near the atolls and reefs in the Southern area of Belize are some of the most colorful I’ve seen yet.

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Sneaky Pipefish

Attempting to blend in but I found him anyway

belize barrier reef vacations

Mean Green

Moray eels look meaner than they actually are.

belize barrier reef photos

Hovering Grouper

A Nassau grouper hanging out above a large sponge.

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spotted-moray photos belize


Spotted morays are smaller than their green cousins but have just as much attitude!
batfish photos belize vacations


The first batfish I’ve ever seen! Sure are pretty aren’t they?

batfish photos belize barrier reef


Had to add in a profile photo.. hard to beat how weird these guys look!

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green-moray-eel- belize barrier reef photos


That’s one only a mother could love!
sharpnose-puffer-fish_ belize barrier reef

Hide and Seek

This small sharpnose puffer fish tried to hide in a brightly colored sponge to no avail!

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The Little Guys

It’s always fun to watch the little fish hiding close to the coral for protection.

If you are interested in discovering and exploring the great Belize reef, check out these Belize Sea Adventures. And if you have any questions on Belize, feel free to drop us an email reservations@chabilmarvillas.com

Belize prepares to ban single-use plastic and Styrofoam products by April 2019


Last year, the government of Belize approved a proposal to phase out all single-use plastic utensils, shopping bags, straws, and Styrofoam containers starting April 22, 2019. The proposal applies to all restaurants, hotels and grocery stores in the country.

The proposal was written by a task force made up of representatives from the Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry; the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development; the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Commerce; and the Ministry of Tourism.

According to a task force report, Belize residents and visitors use millions of plastic and Styrofoam items every year. These cause immense harm to Belize’s environment and are costly to clean up. The proposal mandates that all businesses must switch to biodegradable containers and utensils.

Belize is a Leader in Sustainable Tourism

In recent years, Belize has taken aggressive steps to protect its rich biodiversity. The government has ended oil exploration and passed tough conservation laws. The Belize Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to many rare and endangered species. It is now protected by conservation laws. Belize also has a large number of wildlife and bird sanctuaries that provide a safe home to its many native species.

These efforts have made Belize a hub of eco-tourism. Travelers who want a truly authentic, wild experience find that Belize is a natural choice. These changes have also been warmly welcomed by those in Belize’s tourism industry.

“We welcome all of these efforts to preserve Belize’s rare beauty,” said Larry France, marketing manager of Chabil Mar in Placencia, Belize. “We know that travelers today want an experience that is sustainable and that respects nature. We are happy to ensure that they can enjoy Belize in a way that preserves its beauty for many generations to come.”

Experience Sustainable Luxury at Chabil Mar

Chabil Mar is a luxury resort on the stunning Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize. The property has its own private beachfront and offers full-service dining, swimming pools and posh amenities. These amenities are reserved exclusively for guests at Chabil Mar.

Chabil Mar is also a proud partner in the Pack for a Purpose initiative, which lets travelers help with local animal-welfare and childhood education efforts.

Chabil Mar is also close to the Belize Barrier Reef and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. If you want to experience the beauty of Belize, then consider staying at Chabil Mar on your vacation.

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