“Morning Matters” TV Show features Chabil Mar Resort

morning show hostThe “Morning Matters” TV and Radio Show which is hosted by Rhonda Crichton, known locally as the “Oprah Winfrey of Belize” visited Placencia Village for the Lobsterfest Event this past weekend and stayed at Chabil Mar to experience the resort and its exclusive amenities.

Here is what Crichton says about Chabil Mar:

The “Morning Matters” Show not only airs daily on the popular Channel 7 TV Station in Belize but it is also syndicated in Barbados, Grenada ,and Trinidad.



Think R&R Stands for Rest & Relaxation? In Belize, it’s All about Reefs & Rainforests!

belize honeymoon vacation packagesVacationers looking for Mother Nature’s personal hideaway will find it amid the spectacular reefs and rainforests in the heart of Belize. Whether your dream can be fulfilled by diving a coral reef, snorkeling or fishing—or perhaps you’ve longed to spend time in rainforests where bio-diversity surrounds you—find both here in Belize.

But why settle for one experience when green season prices give you twice as much value for your money? By choosing a rainforest and reef vacation package, you stay at an award-winning resort like Chabil Mar and an award winning resort partner, both of which are in close proximity to the most outstanding forests, jungles and reefs of all.

What can you expect if you’re lucky enough to partake of what’s fondly known as a “swimsuit and hiking boot” experience in Belize? Seven days of nonstop activity, fun and excitement minus the fussy wardrobe! A Belize jungle and sea adventure includes a second resort location, so when you’re not at Chabil Mar, tuck into a Chaa Creek cottage and enjoy meals as part of the all-inclusive reef and rainforest package. Dessert? That’s the 365-acre nature reserve that surrounds you at Chaa Creek.

xunantunichSet off on excursions to fascinating Mayan ruins, each of which is unique. Tikal, an ancient Maya City in Guatemala is not far away from the border of Belize and treats you to awe-inspiring palaces, temples and courtyards. Visit Barton Creek Cave for a completely different Maya experience. Within this fascinating cave are artifacts, relics and remains that depict a different aspect of Mayan culture: rather than living in the sophisticated dwellings built at Tikal, this underworld of dark mystery housed indigenous peoples, all of whom disappeared without a trace.

While you’ve got those hiking boots on, guides will take you through a magical butterfly farm, satisfy your curiosity at the area’s natural history center, lead you on nature walks through landscaping that’s lush and exotic and you’ll find more historical wonder at the Xunantunich Maya site. When you’ve had your fill, it’s time to change into your swimming togs for a seaside adventure using Chabil Mar as your home base.

Set off early from your luxury villa where meals are included in your package. Stroll 400-feet of private beach to get your feet wet before going to the Great Belize Barrier Reef for your fill of diving, snorkeling and/or fishing. If you prefer to take water sports into your own hands, paddle out to sea onboard a kayak courtesy of Chabil Mar or take a Monkey River boat ride to see for yourself just how loud those Howler Monkeys can be.

Perhaps you’re asking: How can I cram all of this into just one week? Won’t it cost me a fortune? The answer is no: It’s summer season in Belize so the crowds are gone and your resort hosts are prepared to treat you like you’re the only guest on premises. They’ll fine tune your tour schedule like a symphony conductor making sure every instrument is pitch perfect.

Given green season prices, fewer crowds and hosts ready to treat you to the best Belize has to offer, taking a pass on an R&R vacation right now makes absolutely no sense! Strike while the opportunity is hot by booking immediately—and don’t bother packing a big suitcase. Visitors have been known to arrive with swimsuits, hiking boots and very little else.

A Fantastic Wedding Review

Ceremony Wedding on Beach 1 Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Placencia is a perfect wedding destination in Belize

The Chabil Mar Management and Staff were delighted to receive a mesmerizing wedding review on TripAdvisor this week of past guests who celebrated their wonderful wedding ceremony at Chabil Mar.

Here is what the couple had to say about their wedding experience:

“So beautiful and such an amazing group of people!! What an amazing experience!”

My husband and I traveled with a large group of our family and friends to Chabil Mar Villas for our destination wedding on June 6, 2015.

I am still in awe of how wonderful the staff here is and how nicely we were treated. We felt like we were family to the team of staff members here and we were constantly being offered food, beverages, fresh towels etc. It seemed like someone was always available no matter what we needed whether it was help with getting kayaks or paddle boards in and out of the water or someone offering to place our food or drink order to be delivered anywhere we wanted at the resort.

I know I was definitely amazed at the love that is given to the landscaping on the grounds of Chabil Mar and I enjoyed just walking around and marveling at all of the wonderful plants and topiaries created by the gardeners.
I was so impressed at how every little detail of our wedding was handled by Ms. Althea! She went above and beyond my expectations and every little detail was covered without stress on my part. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted and created it and handled everything up until the last minute of the reception.

A HUGE thank you to Althea and all of the amazing staff at Chabil Mar for a dream come true wedding day and family vacation!! We loved the bartenders, the reservation and concierge staff, the wait staff, the chefs, the beach captains and the gardeners. The food from Cafe Mar is hands down the best food we have ever eaten. I think everyone in our group stated that at one point or another.

We are already planning our next trip back here most likely in the next year and I can’t wait! No wonder this place is rated number one on Trip Advisor. We also heard from a lot of locals from Placencia Village that this is THE nicest resort!

Below are three beautiful photos of the wedding celebration:

Photos by Powers Studios – www.powersstudios.com

Lounge Dusk Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Dance Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Cake & Fruit Wedding Chabil Mar Resort Belize

The Management and Staff of Chabil Mar are already looking forward to hosting the couple next year.

For information about have a wedding in Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@}chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at:reservations{@}chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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SeaChange Summer Party Winners Visit Belize

Each year, Chabil Mar partners with Hatchet Caye Island Resort to offer a 7 nights Belize vacation package as an auction gift to support Oceana’s Seachange Summer Party.

The SeaChange Summer Party is an annual event held in Orange County, California that recognizes the sea’s importance and honors those who actively help to preserve its habitats and wildlife.

According to Oceana, the SeaChange Party is attended by approximately 400 guests annually and helps to raise more than $1 million for ocean conservation and has attracted celebrities like Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Goldblum, Ted Danson, Sam Waterston among others.

In May of this year, Margo and Leon Smith visited Belize as they were the winners of the 7 nights Belize vacation package that Oceana auctioned last year at the event.

Margo and Leon Smith had a fantastic time in Belize that they sent us the following photos to thank us for the memorable holiday experience that they enjoyed at Chabil Mar and Hatchet Caye:









According to Orange Coast Magazine, a well-read magazine in the Orange County area, the SeaChange Summer Party is one of the top five “Must Attend” events in Orange County, California.

The 7 nights of Belize bliss that Margo and Leon enjoyed at both award winning Belize resorts (Chabil Mar & Hatchet Caye Island Resort) included snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, jungle tours, tours of ancient Maya ruins, luxury accommodations on the beach, delicious Belizean meals and much more.

For information about traveling to Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@}chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at:reservations{@}chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

Five Great Reasons to Honeymoon in Belize Where Romance Blooms Year-round

belize romantic resorts honeymoonThe term “honeymoon” simply appeared in the 16th Century, but the origins of the word honeymoon are lost in time. Some believe the word denotes the full moon under which couples wed centuries ago. Others swear that the honey prefix refers to the honey mead served at Teutonic European weddings.

In the Western Hemisphere, our tradition is relatively new. The post-nuptial getaway only gained popularity in the 1930’s in North America, but there seems always to have been a honeymoon vibe in Belize, where romance, privacy and scenery combine to deliver the world’s most idyllic post-wedding experience. Does one honeymoon style rule in Belize? Not on your life. From adventurous experiences to intimate nesting during which time newlyweds disappear from sight for days on end, you won’t have trouble finding your bliss here in Belize.

1. The weather is idyllic year-round. Even during the green season—June to October—rain showers come as quickly as they disappear giving honeymooners excuses they need to duck into their accommodations to wait out the rain by doing what couples do best after their nuptials–play cards. Lots of guests even rave about the gentle sound of rain on the roofs of their honeymoon suites during the night! The green season is known for its sparse tourist scene so you two can walk the beach hand-in-hand and never spot a soul.

belize honeymoon vacation packages

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2. The prices are terrific. One of the reasons Belize has become the Mecca for honeymooners when compared to other Central American destinations has a lot to do with great prices throughout the nation, especially during the aforementioned green season. Package deals at popular honeymoon resorts like Chabil Mar make brides and grooms grin with relief and joy, because by choosing an all-inclusive honeymoon package, you two don’t have to make a single decision, beyond whether you will dine on site or go into the nearest town for a bite to eat.

belize honeymoon resorts all inclusive vacations
3. The privacy is incomparable. Hundreds of Belize Cayes hug the mainland; some so tiny, a single resort occupies the entire atoll. At Chabil Mar, villas and suites tucked into jungle gardens, hugging the sea or shaped into discreet little quarters that shout seclusion, you’ll come into contact only with creatures who won’t speak a word about your stay: fish, manatees, turtles, dolphins and birds. If your idea of heaven is speaking to nobody but your new spouse during your stay, consider that wish granted. There’s a reason TripAdvisor has bestowed awards on this resort annually since 2009: What happens at Chabil Mar, stays at Chabil Mar!

4. The distance is doable. Forget spending the onset of your honeymoon weary and worn out because neither of you thrive when extreme time differences strike, yet you were willing to trade jet lag for the exotic experience you both craved. Take advantage of new routes established by major airliners like American and Southwest to meet the increasing demands of honeymooners departing from Dallas, Miami, Houston and other major U.S. and Canada cities. We’re just five hours from New York City! In some cases, you won’t have to change your watch by more than an hour.

honeymoon vacations belize

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5. The experiences are memorable. Take all of the photos you like while you honeymoon, but don’t be surprised if the adventures, tours and experiences you have in Belize are carved upon your hearts. Roam ancient Mayan ruins. Scuba dive. Go sailing as part of a unique Chabil Mar honeymoon package that sets you up on the most romantic journey of all: You and your new spouse sun on The Wild Orchid, a luxury 46-foot-long Catamaran Yacht staffed by the most discreet crew on the planet. Indulge in all sorts of aquatic sporting activities by day before spending the night together in your cabin on the water. Now, that’s honeymooning Belize style!