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12 Amazingly Good Reasons to Honeymoon in Belize

Honeymoon Kayak Chabil Mar Resort BelizeIf you’re fed up with crowds in touristy places like Cancun and your budget shouts “No!” when you price Bali honeymoons–yet you long for a serene, tropical environment that’s so private, humanity is sparse–you can stop searching now. Belize, a premier honeymoon destination, solves your dilemma for many more reasons than the 12 listed below.

1. You’ll fall in love. Again. With the people you encounter in Belize. Put-upon staff at hotels, restaurants and attractions are simply not permitted in Belize. You’ll be struck by the friendliness, kindness and laid-back attitudes of everyone you meet, so don’t be surprised if find yourself responding in kind.

2. Belize is manageable. Does this sound familiar: You visit a large country, travel hither and yon to sightsee and exhaust yourself daily. Why pay to add more stress to your life? Belize is so navigable, you can walk from one end most islands to the other without getting winded. Drive the entire country in 3.5 hours if you wish!

3. You’ll feel safe. If previous trips to tropical destinations left you distressed because you were beset by street vendors, suspicious characters and you were fearful of going out at night, you can relax in Belize because you won’t be hassled by anyone–unless your new spouse takes issue with something you said over dinner.

4. Everyone speaks English. Belize was once a British colony, hence charming accents burst from all of those smiling faces. Replace the dictionary you usually pack when you travel abroad with an extra bikini, because the only non-English languages you can expect to overhear will be those spoken by international tourists.Honeymoon couple

5. No jetlag, thanks. Landing at a honeymoon destination too wiped out to—well, lift a fork—is no way to start your life as husband and wife. Canada and the U.S. are so close to Belize, spend less time getting here than you would flying from New York to California. Southwest Air is even adding nonstop service in October 2015.

6. Belize is affordable. Because the world has yet to discover this honeymoon paradise, lodgings, travel, food and entertainments are surprisingly reasonable year round, but if you book your honeymoon over the summer months, not only are there are fewer tourists, but your spending cash can last longer.

7. See amazing wonders. The sheer variety of things to do and see during a Belize honeymoon has been known to stun even seasoned travelers. From Mayan ruins to caves, diving and snorkeling to jungles, wildlife and quaint villages, your choices are limited only by the length of your honeymoon.

8. Eat up! Have you heard honeymoon horror stories about couples getting sick from eating raw food or drinking local water? No worries in Belize. The tap water is so safe, it’s used to wash produce at luxury Belize restaurants. C’mon. You skimped on calories to fit into your wedding attire. Don’t you deserve to eat everything that’s not nailed down without getting sick?

9. It’s gorgeous. Choose any time of the year for your honeymoon and lush jungles, rainforests, animal preserves, lagoons, beaches and waterfalls await your camera lens, turning even amateur photographers into artists. Get your best shots during Belize’s green season (June to November) when everything bursts into life.

10. Belize is responsible. Who isn’t impacted by changing weather patterns around the globe? Honeymoon in this conservation-minded nation and witness examples of wildlife preservation efforts, responsible energy use and planet-pleasing resource programs that put wealthier nations to shame.phoca thumb m olivera rusu at chabil mar belize resort honeymoon golf cart exit

11. This nation is a mini-United Nations. Love, friendship and acceptance could be the slogan splashed across the Belize flag; diversity isn’t just a fact of life but a reason to celebrate in Belize. A nation of diverse cultures, Belize is the quintessential definition of a harmonious, blended community.

12. It’s private. So private, honeymooners say they feel like they’re in Eden at resorts like Chabil Mar  where newlyweds stay in ultra-private quarters so close to the shore, waves turn into lullabies. Chabil Mar’s all-inclusive honeymoon packages may be the best reason of all to come to Belize if your idea of Nirvana is letting somebody else make all of your arrangements.

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