Birding in Belize

birding in Placencia Belize

Want to Trade Twitter for Real Tweets? Go Birding in Belize

Is Belize’s Placencia Peninsula for the birds? You bet it is. Bird watchers couldn’t choose a place with as much avian diversity thanks to plenty of green space, surrounding jungles and rainforests, and watersheds that act hospitably toward anything with wings that roosts here. If you’re a birding purist, you may want a taste of what you can expect to see here before you book your flight and accommodations, so may we take the liberty of introducing you to the Belize birding scene? Allow plenty of time to see as much as you can so you return home relaxed, refreshed and in possession of colorful photos that prove your amazing good fortune.

Do your homework first

How important is a little education? Important enough to morph a nice birding experience into a spectacular one. According to the Belize Audubon Society, 587 types of birds have been spotted here (though other resources insist that number exceeds 600). Most are indigenous, but about 20-percent of them come from North America, proving that humans aren’t the only species wild about flying south. Prepare for your trip by finding a copy of the book “Birds of Belize,” written by H. Lee Jones and published by The University of Texas. This book is loaded with illustrations, so even if you dislike reading, browsing the art alone can help you identify the birds you spot in Belize.

9 Scarlet Macaws
How to go birding in Belize

If you’ve never before visited this Caribbean hot spot, use an online aggregator to book a flight on any of the airlines now servicing Belize daily: American, United, Delta or Southwest. Competition has spurred price reductions, so go birding here even if you’re on a budget. Book accommodations where an impressive concentration of Belize birds can be found. We recommend Chabil Mar, an excellent lodging choice, because suites are luxurious and well-appointed, onsite amenities like swimming and dining are superior, and you’ll be right in the thick of the action, with easy access to places Belize birds frequent most often.

11 Scarlet Macaws

What to look for

If you’re a serious birder whose journals are tributes to your dedication and record-keeping, bring a large, new journal for your Belize expedition. Be on the looking for these species: In the trees, identify the Magnificent Frigatebird, Double-crested Cormorant, Turkey Vulture, Roadside Hawk, Eurasian Collared-Dove and Golden-fronted Woodpecker. Spot these species along beaches, in ponds and lagoons: the Brown Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Spotted Sandpiper and Mangrove Swallow. Search wooded areas for Cinnamon Hummingbirds, Social Flycatchers, Tropical Mockingbirds and Yellow Warblers. If you’re in Belize at the right time of year, you might also record these three in your journal: the Great Kiskadee, White-collared Seedeater and Great-tailed Crackle.

What to bring

A great set of binoculars and digital camera are essential, as is bug repellent and sunscreen, since you could find yourself waiting patiently in jungles and forests for the bird of your dreams to land on a nearby branch. Your birding journal should have room for your discoveries and don’t bring just one pen, because you know what’s bound to run out of ink at the most inopportune time, right? If you’re a stickler for efficiency, this guide ( is your ticket to excellent preparation, but for the best experience of all, ask your Chabil Mar host to handle logistics by booking this Belize birding package. You’ll still need those binoculars, but there’s no better way to enjoy a birding excursion than by letting others handle the details!

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Top 10 Things to Do on a Honeymoon in Placencia Belize

An idyllic Peninsula in Southern Belize, Placencia has been continuously rated as one of the best beach destinations in the Caribbean.

Crystal clear water, white sand beaches, tropical breezes, swaying palm trees, balmy weather, and an incredibly laid back atmosphere are reasons why honeymooners are choosing Placencia.

Beauty of Belize Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Here are 10 romantic things every couple must do on their Belize honeymoon:

Visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Stann Creek District, and near Placencia Village, is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, a globally recognized jaguar preserve which is an ideal destination for honeymooners who want to be close to nature.

Cascading waterfalls, panoramic mountain views, nature trails, furry mammals, colorful insects, scaly reptiles and a variety of neotropical birds are just a few of the many wonderful things that inhabit this spectacular reserve.

Although the jaguar, the largest spotted cat in the world, is what the reserve is famous for, you are unlikely to see one as the cat is nocturnal. However you will see its tracks along with tracks of tapir, deer, and other wildlife that inhabit the nature reserve.

Cockscomb Basin is also home to one of Belize’s highest points — Victoria Peak.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

River Tubing

Honeymooners can also add a river tubing tour to their full day adventure when they visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. As you float downstream, the charming scenery will definitely mesmerize your eyes and relax your mind and soul.

Previous travelers had this to say: The Cockscomb Basin is indeed one of the thousands of Belizean treasures. Well preserved and pristine, it is well worth the travel to get there. The trails are well kept, the river tubing is spectacular, the birds and wildlife are abundant, as is the flora and fauna. Beautiful part of Belize, to say the least. A good example of the importance of protecting the environment of Belize. Trails range from beginners to difficult, so there is something for everyone!

Go on a Romantic Kayaking Expedition at Laughing Bird Caye

Kayaking in Placencia is a joy! The crystal clear waters, tepid sunshine and balmy Caribbean breezes that Belize offers make for an ideal kayaking expedition with your loved one.

As you glide across the warm waters, you will observe untouched coral reefs, white sandy beaches and abundant marine wildlife like the amazing sea turtles.

Belize has numerous cayes that can be explored on a kayak.

Laughing Bird Caye National Park which is located about an hour away from Chabil Mar is a favorite stopover mini atoll for honeymooners.

Placencia, jan 2011

  Pay a Visit to the Resident Howler Monkeys

Take a boat to Monkey River Village and head up Monkey River and into the jungle to pay a visit to the resident howler monkeys.

Complete your honeymoon adventure along the ride to observe crocodiles sunning along the river banks, along with exotic birds, iguana hanging in the trees, a few bats and lizards and enjoy a delicious lunch with the villagers in Monkey River.

On the way back to Placencia you may even see a few manatees along with their pups.

Howler Monkey Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Explore Ancient Maya Cities

According to archeologists, over 1 million Maya people lived in present day Belize. Today there are a range of Maya temples scattered throughout Belize.

Honeymooners who vacation in Placencia explore famous Maya Temples like Nim Li Punit and Lubantuun in the Toledo District or Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in western Belize. While visiting some of these sites, honeymooners may even add a swim in a jungle river.


Dive or snorkel – Even with Whale Sharks?

Home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize is a diver’s and snorkeler’s dream come true.

Just offshore from Placencia Village over 100 islands dot the coastline providing endless opportunities for honeymooners who are interested in diving or snorkeling.

During the months of April, May and June, around the full moon, honeymooners can dive or snorkel with the giant whale sharks in the beautiful waters of Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve.

The marine reserve is used by over 30 species of tropical fish to release their eggs that the whale sharks munch on.

Both divers and snorkelers can swim with these sharks without any risk as they do not pose any significant threat to humans.

scuba diving in belize

Go on a Fishing Tour

As a traditional fishing Village, Placencia is the residency of some of the finest fishing captains in Belize. And, due to its location on a peninsula, the lagoons to the west, the Caribbean to the east and the barrier reef 18 miles offshore, while being dotted with multiple islands (cayes, pronounced “keys”), fishing is inherent in the population and history of this beautiful Village of 1500 residents.

A grand slam is a definitely a possibility for honeymoons who vacation in Placencia.

Fishing Casting for Bate Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Enjoy Delicious Belizean Cuisine in a Romantic Setting

Placencia Village is a traditional fishing Village with a tourist element.

It is this small tourist exposure that has encouraged its residents to populate it with amazing gourmet restaurants like Tipsy Tuna, Rum Fish, Barefoot, La Dolce Vita, Secret Garden, Yoli’s, Pickled Parrot, Purple Space Monkey and Wendy’s (no not the fast food restaurant) and these well known restaurants offer a variety of fresh sea food at a reasonable price.

Dotted along the streets are many vendors serving some of the best Belizean dishes in the country, passed down from generations and prepared with local ingredients.

Rum Fish, for example, sells the best fish tacos and if you are into gourmet burgers you’ll have to try Barefoot Restaurant & Bar which is located right on the beach.

Honeymooners can also check out the Italian Gelato Shop that offers incredible and authentic fruit gelatos. Gelato in Placencia? Yes, and we dare say among the best you will ever have the pleasure to put to your palate.


Go on a bird watching tour

Belize is home to over 600 bird species, many unique to this country, and Placencia’s location is ideally suited for daily access to a range of birding hotspots endorsed by the Belize Audubon Society.

Honeymooners can view a variety of exotic birds in their natural habitat from forest species to pine woodland and savanna species, restricted to riverine areas, and birds associated with higher elevations.

Your tour guide is a professionally licensed tour guide in Belize. Having been raised in Red Bank Village, he brings to his tours a strong sense of Maya tradition and heritage, carried down from his ancestors.  So bring a camera and a keen eye to witness these stunning beauties like never before, Belize’s birds are calling you…..


Take a Sailing or Boat Ride Tour

Honeymooners can also go on a sailing or boat ride tour to the many nearby cayes like Laughing Bird Cayes, Silk Cayes and Long Coco Cayes to experience Belize’s Barrier Reef which was described by the great Charles Darwin as one of the most beautiful reefs he saw in the West Indies.

Another way to spend the early evening is relaxing and dining on a golden lagoon aboard a cozy pontoon boat, illuminated by the setting sun.


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What is Placencia, Belize Like?

Most travelers to Belize talk about the beauty of Placencia’s beaches and its closeness to the Belize Barrier Reef. While those are great features, there are other good reasons to visit this charming, scenic peninsula.

Discover why Placencia is the best place to stay when you’re visiting Belize.

placencia belize

A Popular Destination

The Placencia Peninsula is rapidly becoming a favorite vacation destination. With its own airstrip and its proximity to a wealth of top-ranked Belize attractions, Placencia makes it easy to enjoy Belize.

Instead of Going to Ambergris Caye, Why Not Placencia

Best Beaches in Belize

The beaches of the Placencia Peninsula have won numerous travel awards for being some of the best beaches in the world. The peninsula offers 18 miles of unspoiled, white sand beachfront, gently shaded by lush trees and cooled by soft sea breezes. If you’re going to the Caribbean, you need to enjoy some downtime on the beach, and there is no better place to do that than the Placencia Peninsula.

Chill Out on the Beach

Placencia lives up to its reputation as a beach destination with some of the best beachside bars and restaurant in Belize. These laid-back spots offer a welcome oasis of cool refreshment when you’re spending the day sunbathing and swimming. The amazing, freshly prepared food and cold drinks make for a great meal. Don’t forget to stop for a gelato on your way back to your hotel room.

placencia village

Be Charmed by Our Village

Placencia Village is the center of a slowly growing tourist industry in this region of Belize. The village is still a working fishing village, but it’s also a lively seaside destination.

Placencia Village offers dining, nightlife, dancing and shopping. Discover gift shops and art galleries selling locally made crafts. Placencia Village is also a prime launching post for barrier reef excursions, fishing expeditions, inland day trips and more. Visit Placencia Village and be prepared to be charmed.

Fishing in Placencia Belize

Supremely Good Sea Adventures

Placencia is the ideal location if your vacation dreams include fishing or sailing. On the Caribbean sea with a nearby lagoon and the world-famous Belize Barrier Reef nearby, you have endless opportunities to tour nearby islands like Laughing Bird Caye and Silk Cayes. Charter a boat or a yacht and spend the day on the clear blue waters.

If you want to snorkel, scuba dive or get close to the friendliest sea creatures in creation, you can do that too. Belize offers world-class snorkeling and scuba diving.

Belize Zip Line Tours

Get a Taste of the Jungle

Experience the wild beauty of Belize’s untouched jungles. Whether you want to zip-line through the trees, go caving or visit a wildlife sanctuary, you’ll find your own way to get wild in Placencia.

Stay At a Top-Rated Resort Right on the Beach

Make the most of your visit to Placencia by staying at the award-winning, top-rated Chabil Mar Villas. Our resort is close to Placencia Village and steps from a private beachfront. We offers beautifully appointed villas and guest-exclusive amenities for the perfect Belize vacation.

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Belize Bans the Importation of Styrofoam and Single-Use Plastics


In an ongoing effort to protect its natural resources, Belize has banned the importation of certain plastic products. Starting in April 2020, no company or traveler is permitted to bring these products into the country.

Growth Has Led to Problems

Belize’s population has grown in the past decade, and Belize hosted more than 1 million tourists last year. This growth has boosted Belize’s economy, but it has created a lot of pollution. Single-use plastics have been a major part of the problem.

According to a statement by the Belize Department of the Environment, “Pollution from single-use plastics has become a major problem globally and in Belize. Recent scientific studies have shown that plastics and microplastics have entered all levels of the food chain within our oceans. In Belize, this is affecting the natural environment, drainage and waterways.”

Banned Products

Many businesses in Belize have already switched to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and Styrofoam. This ruling applies to all remaining businesses that have not yet made the change.

The banned products include:

  • Single-use Styrofoam and plastic “clamshells.”
  • Single-use Styrofoam and plastic plates, bowls, cups and lids.
  • Single-use plastic forks, knives, spoons, sporks and cutlery.
  • Single-use plastic carrier bags commonly referred to as shopping bags or T-shirt bags.
  • Single-use plastic drinking straws.

A Wonderful Step for Belize’s Environment

At the Chabil Mar, we applaud this new law. Belize’s natural ecosystems are rare and precious. Our protected areas provide a safe haven to many endangered species. With rulings like this, we can continue to share the beauty of our country with the world.

Belize Celebrates Fishers and Sustainable Fishing in 2020

belize fishers

Going fishing in Belize is a rewarding experience. That’s especially true for Lennox Leslie and Dermin Shivers. As reported in Breaking Belize News, the two fishers from Placencia won cash and other prizes during a ceremony honoring them as Outstanding Fishers of 2020.

Each winner received awards and prizes totaling $1500 in value from the Wildlife Conservation Society, AMC Belize and the Nature Conservancy.

In a Facebook post, the Wildlife Conservation Society congratulated both men.

Honoring Fishers All Month Long

June is Fisherfolk Month in Belize. According to the WCS, “The awards ceremony was part of a series of activities to recognize the men and women who continue to put seafood on our tables despite the current pandemic that is affecting the fishing industry.”

The month’s activities included the Blessing of the Boats to announce the opening of lobster season on June 9. Father Brian Christopher of St. Martin Deporres Church conducted the ceremony to honor Belize’s chief marine export. Other events commemorated World Oceans Day on June 8.

Fish for Fun at Chabil Mar

Enjoy fishing, sailing or just relaxing on the beach at  Chabil Mar. Our full-service boutique resort on the Placencia beachfront combines luxury, convenience and stunning scenery.