Placencia Named the Perfect Coastal Town for a Quiet Vacation

The travel magazine The Travel has listed Placencia, Belize, as one of its “10 Beautiful Coastal Towns to Enjoy Some Quiet Vacation.”

As the article says, “Placencia…graces visitors with plenty of white sand beaches and scenic forest areas. Placencia is a place where one can forget all their cares and just enjoy some luxury and scenery at one of the numerous beach resorts.”

Where Is Placencia?

Placencia sits on the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile curved coastline of stunning beaches.

Placencia has a slow, easy pace, and you’ll find yourself slowing down to match it. While you’re here, you’ll enjoy sun-soaked days and relaxing nights.

Take It Easy in Placencia

Have the Time of Your Life at Placencia Belize’s Chabil Mar

With white sand, swaying palms, and a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, Placencia is perfect for people seeking a quiet getaway. Placencia Village, the largest destination on the peninsula, is a short walk from the beachfront. You can stroll through it easily as you check out the dining spots, nightclubs, and shops.

Best Things to Do in Placencia

Bleisure travel in Belize

Some people choose to spend their Placencia vacation on the beach. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are plenty of other activities you should be sure to try while you’re here.

• Check out a beach bar: Placencia has some great beach bars to go with its wonderful beaches. Sit on a waterside dock while you enjoy a frosty tropical drink and watch the sunset.
• Try Belizean food: Food is fresh, affordable, and delicious in Belize. Be sure to try some local specialties like fry jacks, escabeche soup, and rice and beans with stew chicken or fry fish which are a national dish here.
• Enjoy the water: Kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and diving are all popular activities here. Placencia is world famous for the gorgeous marine life in its surrounding waters.
• Visit a wildlife sanctuary: Placencia is close to some of Belize’s most beautiful marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, including Laughing Bird Caye National Park and Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Where to Stay in Placencia

Aerial Chabil Mar Resort Belize 2-min

At Chabil Mar, you’ll have everything you need for a blissful Belize getaway. Walking distance to Placencia Village, the resort offers private beachfront villas, two infinity swimming pools, on-site dining, and gorgeous landscaping. With tour offerings and great guest amenities, you’ll enjoy the best of Placencia.

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Placencia, Belize, Makes “Top 10 Most Inspirational” Travel Experiences

snorkeling in placencia belize

In a recent roundup of the year’s most exhilarating travel moments, the magazine 7×7 included a snorkeling trip to Placencia, Belize.

According to travel writer Shoshi Parks, “Coral reef devastation has changed the snorkeling game around the world. But off Placencia in southern Belize, the Caribbean’s underwater forests are still teeming with fluorescent fish.”

We’re delighted that Placencia made that list because we know how special it is.

Get Inspired in Belize

Placencia Sign

Are you ready to have a travel experience that’s unforgettably inspiring? Here’s why Placencia should be your next destination.

Stunning beaches. The Placencia Peninsula is a 16-mile stretch of shorefront that locals call “barefoot perfect” for its soft sand, constant breezes, and turquoise waters. It’s a beach lover’s dream.
Amazing aquatic life. The clear Caribbean waters off Placencia are perfect for snorkeling, diving, or visiting on a charter boat. These nationally protected marine refuges are home to many rare, endangered species, including sea turtles, manatees, and exotic waterfowl. Warm water and deep visibility make it easy for anyone to see dolphins, stingrays, and colorful reef fish.
Chance to slow down. Everything moves at a slower pace in Belize, and you’ll find yourself slowing down to match that mood. Placencia Village, the largest town on the peninsula, is a small, quaint, former fishing village that’s home to unique stores, galleries, and restaurants.

Find Your Fun

belize jungle activities

Belize is filled with fun for every traveler. Spend the day at one of our many wildlife refuges or conservation centers to learn how we protect iguanas, howler monkeys, jaguars, and scarlet macaws. Hike through a rainforest, and cool off by stepping into a waterfall.

Spend your vacation taking yoga classes, getting spa treatments, and relaxing on your beach chair. Discover the many cultures that make Belize a unique country through learning about the food, music, and crafts of the Garifuna, Maya, and Mennonite communities.

Experience True Relaxation at the Chabil Mar

placencia belize resort

When you’re planning your Placencia getaway, the best place to call home is Chabil Mar. Stay in an elegant villa on a private beachfront with your own verandah, outdoor dining area, and access to everything Placencia offers. Experience fine dining, custom vacation packages, roaming butler service, and more. Save by booking directly with us.

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