Make Belize Your Company’s Travel Incentive Program Destination in 2021!

Belize Corporate and Incentive Travel

When the Incentive Travel Council issued a recent white paper, it delivered a timely analysis on the role incentive travel has played over time in corporate America. Current prognostications are rosy! “After a lengthy downturn in workforce incentive travel programs, businesses are now starting to jump back into the pool,” researchers determined – but what they didn’t include in their analysis is the importance of destination when measuring program success.

A quick assessment of the current travel scene shows the missing puzzle piece to be Belize, a destination that has proven time and again how moral-boosting a trip to Belize can be on employee productivity. If you’re fashioning your own travel incentive program, Belize has it all — and it doesn’t hurt that the nation is so close to home.

What are the hottest trends in incentive travel?

Hard-working employees don’t necessarily want to go to urban cities, preferring instead a warm, welcoming and relaxing destination. Belize offers a great mix of towns, villages and luxury resorts where premier dining, upscale accommodations and an impressive range of memorable activities await.

As the world recovers from Covid, safety remains a major concern, and Belize outperforms other nations by implementing Gold Standard practices as recommended by international authorities at resorts, hotels and other establishments. Recipients receiving this travel benefit don’t have to worry about virus issues as long as they stay at a certified property.

How do management and administration benefit?

Belize Incentive Travel

Affordable airfares associated with Belize’s re-emergence as a prime destination for travelers are available and major airlines have re-instituted their former flight schedules. Belize resorts work with Human Resource managers eager to book incentive travel, thus amazing deals save companies money – even when that Belize destination happens to be Placencia, the trendiest area of all.

This Belize destination is packed with things to do and see. Access to Placencia Village where the friendliest people in Central America welcome visitors plus eateries, shops and points of cultural interest abound. As a small nation, sponsoring companies don’t run into huge in-country transportation costs to take employees to ancient Maya ruins, scenic waterfalls, jungles, rainforests and other popular sites because proximity to the best Belize has to offer is so close.

Rewarded employees want to stay where they play!

Belize Corporate Travel

Because team building and reward-granting are both goals of travel incentive programs,

employees who play together enjoy bonding experiences made easier by housing everyone at a luxury resort that offers something for everyone. Chabil Mars eminently qualifies for a long list of reasons. Onsite dining is luxurious and specialized tours can be tailored just for corporate guests.

There is so much to do at Chabil Mar and in nearby Placencia Village, vacationers needn’t be attached at the hip during their stay. And HR managers eager to get the most amount of fun and pleasure for the least impact on the corporate bottom line are favorably impressed by Chabil Mar Belize vacation packages where everything about these corporate stays save money, too.

Discover for yourself why Chabil Mar represents the best win-win solution to your travel incentive program needs by contacting staff toll free at 1-866-417-2377 to see what the resort can do for your deserving employees. And it’s okay to mention to the CEO that you’ve managed to pull off this coup without stressing out the company’s budget for the current fiscal year!

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