What Is Beauty By Belize!

Here at Chabil Mar (Maya for Beautiful Sea), our slogan is “Beauty by Belize . . . Luxury by Design!”

On the surface, one could assume we have proudly chosen this slogan to reflect the aesthetically eye-pleasing and traditional architecture of our buildings and Villas or the lush landscape and flora that envelops our pools and buildings or the wondrous beauty of the entire country of Belize and all around us in Placencia. It could be the flora that we have imported from the reaches of the jungle to mingle with our local spectacular natural displays, the colorful fauna and spectacular marine life of the Caribbean, or the gentle crash of the waves on our beach. And, with each of these perceptions, you would be correct.

But . . .

On a deeper level, our slogan was chosen to reflect our true passion, to bring together guests and compatriots in a setting designed to foster those special moments in one’s life. We have chosen our slogan to cherish the beauty, hospitality and compassion of the Belizean people. It is then that we truly created a very very beautiful place.

True, a resort is what we all see in photos, a collection of bricks, wood, glass, and mortar filled with carpets, furniture, and art. And yes, these things are very important, meaningful, and even a beautiful enhancement to the vacation experience. While we love our buildings and Villas, and we do, there is a meaning of greater depth behind the phrase “Beauty by Belize” for us at Chabil Mar. We believe the true beauty by Belize is in the people of Belize. Their’s is a natural serenity, friendliness and peaceful happiness.

Enter the people, the life, the laughter, the conversations, the wonderful memories made in this space, our extraordinary service. And, the buildings are revealed to be a luxury backdrop, an additional player on hand, and a focal point where we come together to be one with Belize.

We believe that real value is the value placed by all of us at Chabil Mar on making each and every guest special and unique; getting to know them by name, understanding their passions and their joys, their wishes and their expectations; seeing a smile bloom on their face as they marvel at the wonders of Belize for the first time. Together with them we relish in their delights. Along with them, we smile in their joy at that first unforgettable photo of our barrier reef, the sight of the majesty of an egret or hummingbird in flight or as they feel the deep bass roar of a howler monkey and the surprise of a random iguana crossing their path . . . the sites and sounds of Belize and Placencia greeting them at every turn.

As one guest recently commented in a review of their Belize vacation, “From the minute you go through the gates at Chabil Mar your every request is taken care of. We were greeted like family members and treated as such from the moment of our arrival.”

What is Beauty by Belize? We invite you to discover it with us and be one with Belize, be one with Placencia and be one with Chabil Mar. We designed the luxury and now the beauty of Belize is our best kept secret no more.

5 Terrific Reasons to Visit Belize in September

Belize boy5 Terrific Reasons to Visit Placencia Belize in September

In the interest of transparency, we must tell you that there are about 500 reasons to visit Belize in September, but we want to invite you here in a gentle, non-frightening way because the thought of having that many reasons to come could make you feel faint. We’d prefer that your spinning head result from rock-bottom discounts, too much local beer and so many unforgettable memories, you’ll wonder why you never thought to visit here in September before now.

1. Visit Belize in September if the idea of a non-stop party that spans all 30 days of the month is something you’ve always wanted to experience. Even the Christmas and New Year’s holidays pale in comparison. Belize finally gained its independence on September 21st, thus that date serves as an annual anniversary party that triggers fireworks, bands, parades and pageants. You’re invited to attend as many of these celebrations as your energy level permits if you visit in September.

2. September in Belize has especially nice weather, with temperatures running between 77- and 86-degrees F. Sure, Belize remains temperate and beautiful nearly 365 days a year, but September is the tail end of the green season, when Mother Nature grows weary of dispensing life-sustaining rain. In September, showers typically arrive late at night or in the early morning hours—before anyone in their right mind gets up after partying late into the night before.

belize summer vacation3. Skip the crowds in September. For some reason, this has become the one month of the year that crowds don’t flock to Belize, and we’re convinced that this is because frequent September vacationers want to keep the secret that there’s lots of room to spread out because Belize tourism in September is at a low point. If over-crowded tours, bars and hard-to-find accommodations sound like a great time, by all means wait until December when prices rise and humanity arrives in force.

4. September accommodations, attractions and other amenities are less expensive than comparable rates offered during the other 11 months, so your U.S. dollar will stretch like taffy. Consider the strikingly affordable rates offered by Belize’s top lodging choice, Chabil Mar Villas in Placencia, for example. You’ll find deep discounts on everything from luxury suites to adventure tours. All-inclusive Belize vacation packages are particularly economical. Few travelers realize that September is on the cusp of tourism season, so visitors enjoy the same experience, but with less cash outlay.

belize luxury resorts
5. The kids are back in school! Parents desperate for an indulgent vacation that reminds them of what life was like before lunch boxes, report cards and sulky teens set the family barometer can rediscover each other at reduced prices. Time to ring Granny to babysit so you can vacation with the person with whom you fell in love. Environs at Chabil Mar Villas are so lush, private and intimate, even if you can’t recall a time when the two of you couldn’t get enough of each other, you’ll recapture it. Sure, there’s one long party going on in Placencia during September, but Chabil Mar accommodations are tucked away so exquisitely into the landscape, you might never even know it!

 September Celebration Events in Placencia

september celebrations in placencia belize

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize and Placencia, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation for the month of September.



Guests at Chabil Mar in Belize Choose to Make a Big Impact!

Belize is much more than just a beautiful destination for tourists from the United States, Canada, and around the world. In coordination with our guests, Chabil Mar and the Pack for a Purpose organization have worked to help improve the lives of disadvantaged families in the Placencia region of Belize.

Since 2015, Chabil Mar has been a proud participant in the Pack for a Purpose initiative which encourages tourists to pack much-needed medical and educational before embarking for Belize. Founded in 2010, Pack for a Purpose is an American non-profit organization that has helped deliver more than 200,000 pounds of critical equipment and supplies to developing nations around the world.

Thanks to the generosity of guests staying at Chabil Mar, the St. John’s Anglican Memorial school in Placencia has received much-needed school supplies, including paper, pens, books, chalk, and other basic educational materials.

Unfortunately, due to government shortfalls, many schools in Belize rely on funding from parents in order to cover basic expenses like chalkboards, pens, papers, and utility bills. Many disadvantaged families are unable to cover the costs of these fees, and a disproportionately high number of children in Belize drop out before completing high school.

St. John’s works with disadvantaged families in the region, including children who come from chaotic and unstable backgrounds. Much more than just a place of learning, St. John’s and other schools also play important social roles that would have, in the past, been fulfilled by families.

In addition, guests of Chabil Mar have also brought much-needed veterinary supplies for the Placencia Humane Society (PHS). These supplies included medicines and other medical equipment to help care for, house, and spay/neuter animals in the Placencia region. Thanks to noble contributions by guests of Chabil Mar, the Placencia Humane Society was able to set up a full-time veterinary clinic.

The PHS now has a fully-equipped surgical room, storage area, and all the basic office necessities to provide spaying/neutering services and other basic veterinary care in Placencia as well as the nearby communities of Santa Cruz, Independence, and Georgetown.

On behalf of the people of the Placencia region, Chabil Mar would like to thank all of our guests who participated in the Pack for a Purpose program for their generosity. Long after they have returned home from their vacation, these humble yet noble contributions will continue to help create a better future for all of Belize.

Experience the Magic of a Belize Wedding

Have you ever closed your eyes and pictured yourself getting married in a mesmerizing, beautiful,  and exotic place? Perhaps the sun was shining, the waves were gently crashing in the background, and all of your friends and loved ones were there to celebrate your most important day.

There is power and magic in thoughts like those, and there is a location where dreams can come true. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, located on the shimmering shores of the Caribbean, is the resort of Chabil Mar.

Tropical flowers, each one more colorful and fragrant than the next, are your first sight when you approach the resort, located on the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize. But the resort’s appeal goes beyond its fantastically beautiful setting. It is the careful attention to details, the right pairing of colors, the personalized gifts, and the elaborate choreography that makes everything look effortless – these are what make a wedding at Chabil Mar truly special.

Belize is a country made for love, a land where warm smiles and big hearts are its greatest riches. And there’s no better place to celebrate the love of your life than at Chabil Mar. The resort has everything you need, including arranging for the officiant, handling your wedding license paperwork, and providing a skilled team of photographers and videographers to ensure that every moment is captured.

Belize makes it easy and simple to get married. The only real requirement is that both the bride and groom must be in the country three days prior to the marriage. That is why Chabil Mar organizes exciting adventures and guided tours. Whether it’s snorkeling and scuba diving on the nearby barrier reef or explorations of the rainforests and jungles on the mainland, the time will simply fly by when you’re in Belize.

After three (or more!) days of celebrating the diversity of nature in Belize, of climbing to the top of an ancient Maya pyramid, of sailing through the air on ziplines and floating down underground jungle rivers, then, and only then, will you truly understand that your life is about to change forever. Barefoot yet dressed in their finery, the wedding party will assemble on the beach. The music will play, and the officiant will invoke the sacred words to join two hearts forever as one.

What are you waiting for? That fantasy Belize wedding that you’ve always dreamed of is only one click away.

CNBC: Belize a Great Alternative to Mexico and Caribbean Destinations

Once an isolated backwater that was difficult to reach, in recent years, Belize has emerged as one of the top destinations for American travelers seeking an alternative to overcrowded vacation spots in Mexico and across the Caribbean.

In a recent article published by CNBC, Belize was identified as a top destination for travelers wishing to avoid both overcrowded beach destinations as well as Caribbean tourist hotspots that suffered damage during last year’s hurricanes. Located just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Belize was untouched by 2017’s spate of hurricanes and has hundreds of miles of pristine beaches and offshore islands to explore.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Mexico and Caribbean destinations, here are five great reasons to choose Belize:


Belize Vacation Ideas

In Belize, the locals are world-renowned for their genuine friendliness and hospitality. Instead of being treated as a meal ticket, visitors in Belize are warmly welcomed as part of the family. Oh, and everybody speaks English as Belize was formerly a British colony.

Natural Beauty

Belize Vacation Ideas

More than half of Belize’s territory is in the form of a national park, protected conservation area, or a wilderness sanctuary. Simply put, Belize’s greatest asset is its incredibly diverse nature, including pristine rainforests, thick jungles, and vast broadleaf forests that are home to a cornucopia of tropical birds, flowering plants, and exotic wildlife.


Belize has fewer than 380,000 residents, but the country is home to several diverse cultures, including the living descendants of the Maya who built enormous pyramids and temples all across the landscape. Visiting Belize is a great chance to learn more about local cultures and traditional handicrafts, music, and food.

Outdoor Adventures

Whether it’s snorkeling and scuba diving on the offshore reef or horseback riding, bird watching, and zip lining on the mainland, there’s no shortage of amazing things to do and see in Belize. Other popular activities include cave tubing (floating down underground rivers), sea kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling, and visiting animal rescue centers and organic farms.


In Belize, it’s really easy to have fun. Life in Belize follows a laid-back, Caribbean approach, and it seems like there’s always a party, festival, or holiday going on. If modern life has you stressed out, there’s no better cure than a vacation in Belize!

If you’re coming to Belize, be sure to book your reservations with Chabil Mar Resort. With luxuriously appointed villas, Chabil Mar is an oasis of lush tropical beauty located on the Caribbean coast of southeastern Belize.

For more information about Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@}chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at:reservations{@}chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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