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Guests at Chabil Mar in Belize Choose to Make a Big Impact!

Belize is much more than just a beautiful destination for tourists from the United States, Canada, and around the world. In coordination with our guests, Chabil Mar and the Pack for a Purpose organization have worked to help improve the lives of disadvantaged families in the Placencia region of Belize.

Since 2015, Chabil Mar has been a proud participant in the Pack for a Purpose initiative which encourages tourists to pack much-needed medical and educational before embarking for Belize. Founded in 2010, Pack for a Purpose is an American non-profit organization that has helped deliver more than 200,000 pounds of critical equipment and supplies to developing nations around the world.

Thanks to the generosity of guests staying at Chabil Mar, the St. John’s Anglican Memorial school in Placencia has received much-needed school supplies, including paper, pens, books, chalk, and other basic educational materials.

Unfortunately, due to government shortfalls, many schools in Belize rely on funding from parents in order to cover basic expenses like chalkboards, pens, papers, and utility bills. Many disadvantaged families are unable to cover the costs of these fees, and a disproportionately high number of children in Belize drop out before completing high school.

St. John’s works with disadvantaged families in the region, including children who come from chaotic and unstable backgrounds. Much more than just a place of learning, St. John’s and other schools also play important social roles that would have, in the past, been fulfilled by families.

In addition, guests of Chabil Mar have also brought much-needed veterinary supplies for the Placencia Humane Society (PHS). These supplies included medicines and other medical equipment to help care for, house, and spay/neuter animals in the Placencia region. Thanks to noble contributions by guests of Chabil Mar, the Placencia Humane Society was able to set up a full-time veterinary clinic.

The PHS now has a fully-equipped surgical room, storage area, and all the basic office necessities to provide spaying/neutering services and other basic veterinary care in Placencia as well as the nearby communities of Santa Cruz, Independence, and Georgetown.

On behalf of the people of the Placencia region, Chabil Mar would like to thank all of our guests who participated in the Pack for a Purpose program for their generosity. Long after they have returned home from their vacation, these humble yet noble contributions will continue to help create a better future for all of Belize.

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