Placencia Marathon and 1/2 Marathon – December 8, 2013

Run Like Its the End Chabil Mar Belize Resort

A couple of years ago an article in GQ Magazine called Placencia Village “a quaint town that seems to have forgotten about mass tourism.” And, now this little village is the base for a beautiful combination marathon and Belize vacation. Chabil Mar is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013, Placencia Marathon.

The second annual End of the World Marathon is scheduled for December 8, 2013 on the Placencia Peninsula. By all accounts the first Placencia Marathon & Half Marathon was a huge success and an inspirational day for runners, volunteers, and residents of the peninsula.

The 2012 race was called the End of the World Marathon because it just preceded the end of the Mayan Calendar. We chose to keep this unique name and, thanks to the distinguished writer Aldous Huxley, we have a reason to do so. Huxley famously wrote in 1934,  “If the world had any ends, British Honduras (a.k.a. Belize) would certainly be one of them.”

The 15 mile long Placencia Peninsula provides a wonderfully scenic (and flat) course for either a 13.1-mile half marathon or a down and back 26.2-mile full marathon.

Beyond the many benefits afforded to individuals and businesses in Belize, all profits will benefit the local Belizean communities.

And while in Belize, why not follow your achievements by vacationing in a premier adventure vacation destination like Placencia, Belize?” Contact our office staff for more information about customizing your celebration by contacting us at We would be so pleased to have you as our guests.”

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Placencia, Belize – Congratulations on the Opening of the New Pier and Plaza

Placencia Village is arguably the most scenic coastal tourism destination and today, the aesthetics in one part of the peninsula will be all the more pleasing when a new pier will be opened.” – Love TV Belize, September 5, 2013.

Placencia Village Ben Kim Chabil Mar Belize Resort

It started back in 2008 and now we are enjoying the new pier of Placencia Village, at what is still known as the point of Placencia. Home to Chabil Mar, Placencia Village celebrates the opening of its new pier and plaza. Traditionally a fishing Village, Placencia today has evolved to become one of Belize’s leading adventure vacation destinations. Sprinkled with eating establishments from fine dining restaurants to traditional local street food vendors, gift shops of local wares and day and evening entertainment, Placencia has maintained its Belizean roots and culture while welcoming and embracing the Eco-tourism industry.

Through this new pier and plaza the point of Placencia welcomes the creation of another place to display and celebrate the culture of Belize and this Village’s history. 

Congratulations from Chabil Mar to all of the Village peoples who made this venture happen. We are so proud to be a part of this wonderful Village and welcome the opportunity to share it with our guests on a daily basis.

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