Belizean women lead the way in sustainable seaweed farming

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Belize has long been a magnet for ecotourism due to its incredible diversity of wildlife and the commitment of the Belize government to preserving delicate ecosystems. One of the loveliest areas in Belize is the Placencia Peninsula, which has some of the country’s most scenic beaches. Now, this slice of paradise is also the home of the Belize Women’s Seaweed Farmers’ Association or BWSFA. The members of this group are passionate about maintaining the country’s diverse natural beauty.
Over the last five years, The Nature Conservancy has partnered with both the government and local groups such as the BWSFA to develop a sustainable seaweed industry. The goal is to provide not just economic benefits for coastal communities but also ecological benefits for marine ecosystems. The coalition is therefore focused on innovative techniques that will satisfy both these requirements.
Seaweed farms function as natural carbon sinks that fight global warming and reduce the acidification of the ocean. They can create additional habitats and nurseries for marine creatures. Belize’s collaborative seaweed farming programs focus on practices that benefit species such as the spiny lobster, conch, and many types of fish including parrotfish and snapper. Training sessions help interested potential farmers learn how to develop a sustainable livelihood for their families.
Seaweed itself is a superfood. It can be eaten as a snack or used as a supplement that is added to shakes, soups, etc. It can also be used in natural beauty products. The BWSFA sells its naturally and sustainably harvested seaweed in dried, powdered, and gel forms. To learn more about the BWSFA and its products, you can check out their website.
Visitors who would like to learn more about the unique ecology of Belize and experience a truly special vacation can come to Chabil Mar Villas .
As the full-service resort nearest to Placencia Village, it is the ideal location from which to learn more about the BWSFA, which is based in Placencia. Chabil Mar is also the ideal location from which to appreciate the diversity of Belize’s marine life via snorkeling, sailing, and diving tours.
You can also arrange for a tour of the Belize jungle. A stroll along the beach will lead you to Placencia Village, the cultural hub of the area. Here you’ll find artisans and fishermen, as well as restaurants, bars, cafes, and live music. Or, if you prefer a more private vacation, the resort has its own secluded beach, as well as two infinity pools and a private pier.
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September is a Celebration of Patriotism in Belize


Belize celebrates two important events in September, St Georges Caye Day and Independence Day. St George’s Caye Day is celebrated on September 10 and commemorates the victory of the Baymen who won the battle that took place on September 10, 1798 between military forces from Mexico in an attempt to assert Spanish claims to present-day Belize.

On September 10th, the entire country dresses in patriotic colors of red, blue and white and in every corner of the country, you hear the lyrics of the patriotic song “The Tenth Day of September”.

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The song and lyrics are below:

The tenth day of September
words by B. F. Abeling

It was the 10th day of September In ninety-eight Anno Domini
when our fore-fathers won the
glorious fight at Old St. George’s Caye

Then hail them – cheer them.
Let our grateful loyal hearts not fail them,
as we march and sing and shout in merry glee
The Battle of St. George’s Caye.
Hip! Hip! Hurrah. Hip! Hip! Hurrah.

You can hear the song below courtesy of Lord Rhaburn Combo & Calypso Rose:


This year also marks the 222nd anniversary of the Battle of Saint George’s Caye Day.

The second most important event for the month of September in Belize is Independence Day. This year, Belize will celebrate its 39th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain and traditional events around the country include the Queen of the Bay Pageant, Carnival Parade, St. George’s Caye Day Citizens Parade, Expo, Official Independence Day Celebrations and live musical concerts.

The September Celebration theme is: Overcoming Adversity, Creating Opportunity, Belizeans: Unite for Prosperity!

Listen to some instrumental Belize National Songs here:

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At Last, Belize Welcomes Tourists! When Can We Expect to See You?


When the first planes touch down at Belize’s International Airport on October 1st, repeat visitors are going to find that things have changed dramatically because so many new protocols have been implemented to keep travelers safe from spreading Covid-19. Consequently, you’ll want to bring along swimsuits, sunscreen and patience, because these re-opening measures could take a bit of time.

Once you land, you will proceed to the airport’s health screening center where your shoes will be sanitized and you will process through thermal imaging cameras to make sure you’re healthy. You will be asked to verify the information on the Belize health app that you submitted before arrival and verify certified COVID-19 test results. Once you pass muster, you’ll proceed to immigrations and customs for the usual checks.

But there’s one qualification that you must meet in order to get on with your vacation: You must show authorities that you have reservations to stay at a Tourism Gold Standard property. This new designation is especially important. It proves that the resort or hotel has passed a rigorous 9-point inspection standard designed to create the safest, healthiest environment of all for guests. These measures include no-contact check-in procedures, stringent social distancing parameters, hand sanitation hubs and regular temperature checks.

Your host will protect you even more by establishing a unique quarantining arrangement that assigns quarters to guests who are suspected of being ill so they remain isolated from other guests. There’s much more, including new and more sophisticated cleaning and sanitizing methods so your accommodations are maintained to World Health Organization standards.

Where can you find a safe place that meets all of these criteria and perhaps a few more? Chabil Mar Villas, where COVID-19 precautions are elevated to an art. While Chabil Mar won’t open for guests until November 1st, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your reservations now – especially once you read about measures taken to keep you in good health during the entirety of your stay.

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From social distancing measures to the resort’s cancellation policies, you won’t find a resort as well prepared for your visit as Chabil Mar, and happily, nothing about the resort’s activity menu has changed. You’ll still roam 400 feet of private beach, swim in both of Chabil Mar’s beachside infinity pools, frequent the private pier overlooking the sea and borrow complimentary bicycles, kayaks, paddle Boards.

This is your chance to see how royalty vacation! You don’t have to budge from your lounge chair for sustenance because roaming butler service takes care of your every request for drinks and casual dining as you enjoy the good life.

Reservations should be made as soon as possible because fewer guests than usual will be booked at the resort after November 1st for safety reasons, and packages and specials tend to be grabbed up fast because they save money and take the stress out of the visit you’ve been waiting forever to make!

See what strikes your fancy on our Belize vacation package menu. Go for the gold, knowing that your stay is going to be as safe as it is fun and relaxing and we’re pretty sure you could use a big dose of both right about now!

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Chabil Mar named among best in Central America by Tripadvisor awards

Celebrate Valentine's in Belize

Can a small, lush resort located on Belize’s Placencia peninsula brag too much about awards that continue to be conferred upon this property? Not according to a growing list of entities that include GQ magazine, Fodor’s and Gordon’s Guides, Green Globe and My Vacation Pages, all of which have attested to this remarkable resort’s excellence.

As it has in the past, TripAdvisor has once again shone a spotlight on Chabil Mar by giving the resort not one but two top-25 awards for best Central America Hotel. Both staff and management are thrilled to add these two 2020 honors to the resort’s growing recognition list.

Marketing Manager Larry France suspected that Chabil Mar was in the running for a TripAdvisor award, “But I was over the moon when I learned that we were included in two top-25 categories for 2020: Small Hotels and Best Service. The second is particularly meaningful because our staff takes so much pride in their efforts to make every guest feels welcome and valued,” said France.

“This year has been a particularly daunting one for our people and our property,” adds France. “But we responded to the Corona pandemic with such immediacy and speed by following World Health Organization guidelines for guest safety and welfare, that we were well ahead of the curve. When our management announced that we would open for travelers starting November 1st, 2020, there were plenty of employee high-fives going around because we knew that we had taken every precaution to welcome guests back to our beautiful Eden.”

Placencia has become the trendiest new destination for tourists, and Chabil Mar has responded to the growth in traffic that is bringing people from around the world to this boutique property. Gardens and private villas promise a unique amount of privacy to every guest seeking relaxation and carefree tranquility. From mystic rain forests to pristine beachfront along the Caribbean Sea, the resort has established a reputation for excellence that extends well beyond service and beauty.

“If awards were given for ambience, I’m pretty sure we would win every honor on the planet,” said France. “Our resort specializes in the extra touches that no other property offers. It’s why our mission, to deliver “Beauty by Belize; Luxury by Design” has been actualized and recognized by the authority we most respect: Chabil Mar guests who return year after year. Their loyalty touches us and keeps us working even harder.”

Chabil Mar Villas is a 12-year-old, contemporary, full-service luxury boutique beach resort located along the Placencia peninsula coastline. As the closest full-service resort to Placencia Village, this all-villa resort is known for service excellence, superior accommodations filled with Belizean art and décor, an impressive tour menu affiliated with knowledgeable independent guides, and Café Mar, the award-winning onsite restaurant. For more information about the resort, restaurant, services and 2020 TripAdvisor awards: 1-866-417-2377;