Belizean women lead the way in sustainable seaweed farming

belize seaweed
Belize has long been a magnet for ecotourism due to its incredible diversity of wildlife and the commitment of the Belize government to preserving delicate ecosystems. One of the loveliest areas in Belize is the Placencia Peninsula, which has some of the country’s most scenic beaches. Now, this slice of paradise is also the home of the Belize Women’s Seaweed Farmers’ Association or BWSFA. The members of this group are passionate about maintaining the country’s diverse natural beauty.
Over the last five years, The Nature Conservancy has partnered with both the government and local groups such as the BWSFA to develop a sustainable seaweed industry. The goal is to provide not just economic benefits for coastal communities but also ecological benefits for marine ecosystems. The coalition is therefore focused on innovative techniques that will satisfy both these requirements.
Seaweed farms function as natural carbon sinks that fight global warming and reduce the acidification of the ocean. They can create additional habitats and nurseries for marine creatures. Belize’s collaborative seaweed farming programs focus on practices that benefit species such as the spiny lobster, conch, and many types of fish including parrotfish and snapper. Training sessions help interested potential farmers learn how to develop a sustainable livelihood for their families.
Seaweed itself is a superfood. It can be eaten as a snack or used as a supplement that is added to shakes, soups, etc. It can also be used in natural beauty products. The BWSFA sells its naturally and sustainably harvested seaweed in dried, powdered, and gel forms. To learn more about the BWSFA and its products, you can check out their website.
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