Photo of the day: Cave Tubing in Belize

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Today’s photo of the day is of Cave Tubing

Cave tubing is one of the top things to do on a Belize vacation. The tour takes you through the majestic Maya underworld in an inflatable inner tube where you will discover stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations, astonishing crystal curtains, fire pits, Maya ceremonial pottery, wall carvings, glyph writings and even skeletal remains of sacrificial victims.

Have you been on a cave tubing tour? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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Chabil Mar wins TripAdvisor’s 2014 Certificate of Excellence

Chabil Mar Belize Resort Registration Building

Trip Advisor, the world’s largest and most respected travel site recently awarded Chabil Mar with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award. The accolade honors hospitality excellence, and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on Trip Advisor. To qualify, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor.

Chabil Mar is located along the 26-mile-long beautiful Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize and sits between an indigenous Garinagu settlement and the former Creole fishing village of Placencia.

Marketing Manager Larry France said that just last week Chabil Mar received a Fodor’s Choice Award as one of the best resorts in Belize. “ To see a respected travel site like Trip Advisor honor Chabil Mar with a certificate of excellence award shows that we are really working diligently in this tourism industry”, he said. “Of course our staff also deserves big praise”, he added when asked about how he felt about Chabil Mar receiving another prestigious recognition.

About Chabil Mar:

Chabil Mar appeals to the discerning traveler looking to combine adventure and cultural experience with stylish, upscale and guest exclusive accommodations in Placencia, Belize.

Chabil Mar is Placencia’s only Guest Exclusive Resort, reserving the entire resort amenities for the private use of their guests.

The resort is comprised of 19 spacious villas and 1 honeymoon suite. Located on 400 feet of private Caribbean beach, Chabil Mar boutique resort boasts two beachfront infinity swimming pools nestled in lush tropical gardens, a private pier for swimming and reserved dining, a complimentary fleet of kayaks and bikes, free Wi-Fi, a bar, an outdoor restaurant with great food and views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

For more information about Chabil Mar, visit our web site at: Chabil Mar – Beauty by Belize, Luxury by Design


The Mennonites in Belize


I was with a birding group enroute to a Mayan ruin in northern Belize last year when our van passed through a Mennonite community. Belize is a Central American country bordering the Caribbean Sea, with a Mayan background.  Belizeans have chocolate skin, eat plantains and rice, wear brightly-colored clothes, and live in purple and green dwellings.  It’s a Caribbean world.

Within that laid-back and humid universe  are the fully clothed guttural-speaking conservative Mennonites, most of whom shun electricity and modern technology.  They wear identical outfits that cover the whole body, work industriously by farming, building, and engineering, and abide by their religious beliefs of the 19th century.  Stern faces, blonde, and fair-skinned, they looked like German farmers from another century.

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It happened to be a Sunday and we were way out on rural gravel roads headed for Lamanai, a Mayan ruin in the jungle.  The Mennonites were also on the road, on their way to church.  We had an eye-opening look at a cultural phenomenon.  There were eight of us in this van and I noticed we were all gawking as numerous horse-drawn carriages passed by.

As we drove slowly along making room on the narrow road, our guide explained that there is a big Mennonite community in Belize that arrived in the late 1950s and early 60s from Mexico.  Originally from Prussia and before that Germany and Holland, they settled and re-settled in many parts of the world including Canada and nearby Mexico.  You can read more about their history here.  We drove by their farmsteads and had many questions.

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Of Belizean as well as Mayan descent, our guide talked warmly about the Mennonites and praised the work they have done in Belize.  He said they have brought agriculture to his world, putting eggs and poultry on the table that they never had before.  So many vegetables they have now, he beamed.  And there was no one better, he said, for helping him fix his car and building furniture.  So dependable and honest, too.  He pointed to a farm tractor and explained:  their religion allows rubber tires on horse drawn vehicles, but gas-powered tractors or cars have to have metal wheels.

Later that day while birdwatching in Lamanai, we encountered a Mennonite group on the trail.  The men and boys walked in their own group, while the women and girls with armfuls of babies trailed behind.  Of course they stared at us as much as we stared at them.  We were sporting big cameras and binoculars, dressed in nylon and lycra, a group racially- and gender-mixed.  We all made quiet but warm gestures in passing, giving each other respectful room on the trail and nods of acknowledgment.  When they spoke amongst themselves their language sounded like German, but it is actually a combination of German and Dutch called Plautdietsch.

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I pondered all this.  Their beliefs and values were almost completely the opposite of my own.  They razed the jungles to farm, and continue farming practices that are damaging to the environment.  They breed strictly amongst their isolated community and at high rates, with no regard to population control.  Men are superior in their world, and women are for tending the home and making more babies. But my philosophies, I realized, were beside the point.

The disparate cultures of Mayan- and German-based communities have worked together in Belize for over half a century.  Over the years they have learned to accept and respect one another.  This was the point.  We all passed in proximity on this trail, serenaded by howler monkeys and squawking toucans overhead, all of us breathing together under one tropical canopy.  If only more of the world could coordinate their differences so amicably.


Man Travels 100,000 Miles and Wins a Free Vacation to Belize

belize honeymoon

This afternoon, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) awarded Jack Benjamin Hyer and his future wife Rebecca Strellnauer a free Belize honeymoon vacation via Twitter. According to Mashable, a popular social media site, Jack traveled more than 28 countries to film an epic proposal video which prefaces the history of his relationship.

“He says that he knew she was the girl he would marry — or so he wrote in his travel journal four years ago, on September 30, 2010” states the article on

Greece, Tanzania, China, Thailand and Vietnam were some of the countries that Jack visited the past four years all while filming short clips of him lip-syncing the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers.

Apparently the Belize Tourism Board loved the video that they extended a honeymoon invitation to the couple.

The BTB tweeted “We LOVED your proposal video (). Idea: Would you walk 500 miles .. on a free honeymoon in Belize?”

@belizevacation @JackHyer ummm yes we would love to go to Belize ! Jack tweeted.

“Fast forward to their graduation day from the University of Montana and Hyer shows her the video — only to then propose to her with one of the sweetest lines: “I’ve been on many adventures … but the best adventure I’ve ever had is loving Becca” reads the article.

The couple will be married in Montana later this summer and will receive an all expense paid honeymoon to Belize courtesy of the Belize Tourism Board.

The entire exchange took over Twitter.

Watch the video Jack created here:

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Make Sure Your Honeymoon is in Belize this Summer


Yesterday the travel section of, a popular website on the internet selected Belize as one of the world’s best honeymoon destination for 2014.

Andrea M Rotondo who wrote the article described Belize as follows:
Located in Central America, Belize is an incredibly compelling honeymoon destination for three simple reasons: its close proximity to the United States (a two-hour flight from Miami), its weather (around 84 degrees daily year-round), and the 190-mile-long Belize Barrier Reef, which is easily accessible along the coast and a wildly popular spot for snorkeling and scuba trips, fishing excursions and romantic sunset cruises. Belize attracts a variety of honeymooners, from nature lovers, history buffs and diving fanatics to zip-liners, cave (river) tubers and those who simply prefer to sit on the beach at a resort with drink in hand.

Belize was the only country in Central America that made it on the list. So if you are looking for a honeymoon destination this summer, look no further.

At Chabil Mar we offer a number of unique and romantic all inclusive Belize honeymoon packages to choose from such as:

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It is interesting to note that last year in December 2013, Belize got ranked among Google’s most searched honeymoon spot.

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