Beyond Gorgeous: 10 surreal scenes from the Great Belize Barrier Reef

belize barrier reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

The rich underwater world of Mesoamerican mangroves is mirrored at the surface on Funk Cay, near Gladden Spit in Belize. These schoolmaster snappers and assorted small fry live as hatchlings and juveniles in the protection of the mangroves, venturing out only as adults to the reef.

belize fishing in belize barrier reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A trumpetfish hangs in the coral gardens of Lighthouse Reef atoll off Belize.

lighthouse reef atoll belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A banded coral shrimp, Stenopus hispidus, works at its station in a tube sponge off Long Cay on Belize’s Lighthouse Reef atoll. With its three sets of claws—one heavy-duty, the other two delicate and surgical—it removes dead tissue, parasites, and fungi from the fish that queue up at the cleaning station.

gladden spit in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

Three-foot-long cubera snappers, drawn to Gladden Spit in Belize by a full moon in spring, produce clouds of eggs and sperm in a thunderhead of fertility that rises to envelop divers. Snappers of several species gather here by the thousands, releasing hundreds of billions of eggs.

hol chan marine reserve belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A male rainbow parrotfish patrols a bed of turtle grass in Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Scarus guacamaia, the largest herbivorous fish in the Atlantic, uses all three provinces of the Mesoamerican Reef in the course of its life. As a juvenile it seeks the protection of the submerged roots at the fringe of the mangrove forest, from which it makes foraging runs to adjacent sea grass beds. As an adult it makes a home on the reef, with occasional visits to its old haunts.

fishing in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

Schoolmaster snappers seek the protection of a sea whip in Hol Chan Marine Reserve. In the 1980s Belizean biologist Janet Gibson campaigned successfully for the establishment of Hol Chan, insisting that the marine protected area contain slices of all three crucial Mesoamerican Reef provinces: mangrove, sea grass, and coral reef.

whale shark diving in belize

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A whale shark, biggest of fishes, hangs out with small fry off the northern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula.

belize turtles

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A loggerhead turtle grazes. Sea grass is not the typical meal for the primarily carnivorous species, which feeds on jellyfish, crabs, and conchs.

belize reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A view from 12,000 feet, off the coast of Belize, shows the parts of the system that make the whole. The outer reef breaks the force of the ocean swells. Next comes the white line of coral rubble along the reef crest, then the sandy back reef, and, finally, the lagoon: a maze of sand islets, mangrove cays, and sea grass beds.

belize manatees

Photograph by Brian Skerry

A manatee mother with her calf in tow grazes on turtle grass at Swallow Cay in Belize. The West Indian manatee divides its time between sea grass pastures and the waterways of the mangrove forest.

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Chabil Mar: A Luxury Resort in Belize

Luxury Resort in Belize – Chabil Mar, Placencia Village

Chabil Mar is The Guest Exclusive Resort of Placencia and the nearest full service resort to the Village of Placencia. A boutique resort of 19 Villas and 1 honeymoon suite on the Caribbean.

Best Dive Locations in Belize

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Belize has many amazing dive locations. Take a diving tour to explore the soaring diversity of diving sites, from ship wrecks to whale sharks.

Best Dive Locations in Belize

By Scuba Diver Life

Belize has many amazing dive locations. Take a tour around the country to explore the soaring diversity of attractions, from ship wrecks near atolls to whale sharks.

  • Turneffe Islands

    By Scuba Diver Life

    20 miles East of Belize City, the Turneffe Islands are home to a variety of significant species and lush vegetation.

  • Lighthouse Reef

    By Scuba Diver Life

    The “Great Blue Hole” is part of the Lighthouse Reef and was formed when the ocean rose and filled the cave. Jacques Coustaeu declared it to be one of the top ten dive spots in the world.

Belize is the ultimate honeymoon destination

belize luxury resorts

Belize is once again listed as an ultimate honeymoon destination in the world. This time on The Huffington Post in an article entitled “The Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations” written by Ella Jameson, a travel journalist who writes for many different websites, blogs and magazines.

“It’s a given that couples want romance on their honeymoon, but what about adventure? Culture? Wildlife?” writes Jameson who highly recommends Belize because it gives couples who want to do more on their honeymoon than just kick back on the beach, swim in the sea, and enjoy romantic evenings in spectacular settings.

The writer advises honeymooners to explore the Belize barrier reef which is wonderful for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. And of course Belize’s number one attraction the “Great Blue Hole” comes highly recommended as an idyllic place to dive. “Sinking down into this haunting submerged abyss, gazing at bizarre, mesmerizing limestone formations and encountering all manner of marine life is something that you won’t forget,” says Jameson about the great blue hole.

“There’s plenty for couples to do on dry land too: adrenaline junkies can tube through ancient caves and zip line along the rainforest canopy, while those after a bit more culture can immerse themselves in the mystical Maya temples and multiple monuments at Xunanatunich” says Jameson about Belize’s inland adventures.

The writer also mentioned that last year Reese Witherspoon and her Hollywood agent husband Jim Tith honeymooned in western Belize which is considered ideal for couples keen to experience the rainforests, mountains and captivating culture of Belize.

Speaking about the article, Larry France, Marketing Manager of Chabil Mar in Placencia said that Chabil Mar, the guest exclusive resort in Placencia offers several jungle and sea vacation packages that features the best of Belize. “The Swim Suits & Hiking Boots and the Belize Rainforest and Reef Adventures are two of our popular all inclusive Belize vacations that I highly recommend for honeymooners,” says France.

The Moveable Feast Honeymoon Package which is an extraordinary honeymoon package that includes rainforest adventures, luxury accommodations and a potpourri of romantic experiences is another honeymoon package that honeymooners should consider” said Larry.

Kenya and the Mediterranean were the other two ultimate honeymoon destinations that Jameson recommended.

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Exploring the Placencia Peninsula


Today’s photo of the day is courtesy of Patrick Bennett.

Patrick recently stayed at Chabil Mar and he enjoyed it very much.

Here is a tip from him regarding Placencia:

To more fully immerse yourself in the real Belize, though, you’ll want to borrow one of the property’s several beach cruiser bicycles and ride into town. It only takes about five minutes, and for me, there was no better way to start the day.

You can read about Patrick’s experience here:

Checking into Chabil Mar Where Luxury Meets Magic in Belize


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