This Breathtaking Video By Discovery Channel Will Compel You To Visit Belize

The Discovery Channel says that “Belize, with the highest concentration of pristine rainforest in Central America and the second largest coral reef in the world, is a North American paradise.”

Watch the video now:

Come and explore Belize! Chabil Mar will be happy to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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Chabil Mar Supports Belizean Athletes at Commonwealth Games


The Commonwealth Games which is an international, multisport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations is currently taking place in Glasgow Scotland. There are presently 4950 athletes from 71 different nations and territories competing in 17 different sports.

Belize has participated in seven Commonwealth Games and this year, a team of 12 athletes were sent to Glasgow to compete in 5 of the sport events. Belizean athletes participating are Katy Sealy in the Heptathlon, Kaina Martinez in the 100 meter and 200 meter races,  Mark Anderson in the male category of the sprints, Brandon Jones in the male triple and long jumps, Kenneth Medowood in the 200 meter hurdle, Giovanni Lovell and Joel Borland in cycling, Gregory Lovell and Ron Vasquez in road discipline, Andrew Wigmore in trap shooting discipline, Tyrone Tun in table tennis and Kent Gabourel in triathlon.

These 12 athletes are accompanied by 6 coaches and officials and the Chief of Mission is Patrick Henry.

This Sunday, the track and field segment of the 20th Commonwealth games will begin and both Kaina Martinez and Mark Anderson will compete in the 100 meter qualifying heats.

Kenneth Medwood and Brandon Jones will also start their qualification processes next week as Medwood competes in the 400 meter Hurdles and Jones competes in the Triple Jump and Long Jump. And on Wednesday, Katy Sealey will begin her events in the Heptathlon Competition which will end the following day.

On behalf of Chabil Mar Management and Staff, we wish the very best to all of the Belizean Athletes who are in Glasgow right now. You make Belize proud!


Belizean cyclist, Gregory Lovell, and Flag Bearer, Katy Sealy, were selected on July 24th from the delegation to dine with Queen Elizabeth the Second and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Commonwealth Games Athlete’s.

The Best Diving in Belize

scuba diving in belize

A recent article on, a website that covers the marine industry in the Caribbean described Belize as a mecca for scuba diving because of its 190 mile long pristine barrier reef which extends from the northern tip of Ambergris Caye to the Sapodilla Cayes in Southern Belize.

“The country offers a range of diving from shore diving in shallow water to the plummeting depths of the famous blue hole. Barrier reefs found here offer superb diving for beginners including Hol Chan Marine Reserve Park located a few miles south of Ambergris Caye”, asserts the article.

Joe Zentner, the writer of the article divides Belize into three dive locations each with its own personality and types of diving:

1.)    Three outer atolls: Lighthouse reef, Turneffe Island, and Glover’s Reef

2.)    Ambergris Caye and the Northern Belize Barrier Reef; and the

3.)    The Southern Barrier Reef and Placencia. Divers can mix and match each of these destinations on a single trip.

At Chabil Mar, we have crafted a plethora of Belize Scuba Diving Packages that will unquestionably immerse divers to the most enchanting dive sites in Belize.

The scuba diving packages can be explored below:

Scuba Diving Vacations – Placencia Belize

About Chabil Mar Dive Services:
Chabil Mar is a full service guest exclusive resort in Placencia Village, with private concierge services. We have partnered with the award winning scuba diving centers of Placencia Village to provide you with a bountiful combination of luxury accommodations, resort amenities and dive services. Read More

Dive Belize Blue Hole – 4 to 7 nights Belize Vacation Packages

Where Belize’s “Barefoot Luxury”, “Barefoot Perfect” and “The Perfect Dive” come together. These 4 to 5 dive-site packages are your opportunity to experience land, sea and culture, Belizean style. Read More

Dive Placencia – 4 Night Belize Vacation Package

This dive package is designed for the diver who wants to explore the near southern Belize cayes, just offshore from the traditional fishing Village of Placencia. Includes two 3-tank and one 2-tank dives. Read More

Belize Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Vacations

The pristine waters off the coast of Southern Belize are home to some of the best diving in the world. Chabil Mar has partnered with the award winning scuba diving centers of Placencia and created a host of dive packages designed to take advantage of all that Belize has to offer. From beginner to expert or add land tours to your vacation. We are pleased to bring you award winning service, quality and guided tour specialization. Read More

Whale Shark Diving in Belize

Placencia, Belize Whale Shark Diving – An annual world renowned event! Package include 3 Whale Shark dives, 2 world–class reef dives along the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, and 7 nights at the luxurious Chabil Mar Resort. Custom scuba diving packages are out specialty. For groups or singles. Read More

Dive Belize – Turneffe Atoll and Southern Belize Dive Sites

With approximately 60 logged dive sites on the Turneffe Atoll alone, diversity and flexibility describe Turneffe Flats diving. Add the southern Belize dive sites, from Placencia and Chabil Mar, to your log. At last official count there are a minimum of 20 named dive sites in the southern waters of Belize, including Gladden Spit, home to the whale sharks, the Placencia inner reef and Glovers Reef Atoll. Read More

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Belize: “Un-Belize-able” Family Travel!

Belize Family Vacations

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled “Belize: “Un-Belize-able” Family Travel” which was originally published on, a website about traveling with kids. You can find the article in its entirety here.

Located on a long Peninsula about 2/3 of the way down the coast of Belize, Placencia is a small village filled with a fun vibe, lots of funky restaurants and shops and friendly people.  We stayed about 1/4 mile north of the village at Chabil Mar Villas, an elegant resort with a barefoot casualness about it.

The kids loved swimming in the pool and jumping off the dock into the ocean. We enjoyed the full-service…always with a friendly smile! We all enjoyed riding bikes and kayaks. Golf carts are the mode of transportation in Placencia (although there is a paved road and cars as well). For meals, we ate at the resort a couple of evenings – they do not have one restaurant, but instead will deliver your meal wherever you would like to enjoy it in the resort…a great concept for families!

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We ate on our balcony and at dining tables on the beachfront, but you could also be served out on the pier or in the BBQ area. We also headed into town for some meals – highlights included stuffed jacks at De’Tatch, the fun atmosphere of the Pickled Parrot (uber-welcoming owners Eugene, Lynn and Tommy and a nearby playground made us all feel right at home), lobster cakes at The Secret Garden and burritos ($1.50) from a cart along the road.  After our time in the jungle hearing the grunting of the howler monkeys, the kids are keen to see some, so we head out with Monkey River Eco Tours, for a guided boat ride upriver.

After winding through the maze-like paths through the mangroves across the lagoon from Placencia, the guide tells us about his hometown, Monkey River, at the mouth of the river. Along the river, he points out iguanas, birds and a crocodile. Then he pulls over to a bank and off we hop for a short hike…and short it is! After about 10 feet of hiking, we find a troop of howler monkeys – including a couple of babies. They come down from the trees searching for food and get within 8 feet of us.

Watching the kids faces as they gaze in awe at the monkeys makes the trip! Their faces change – accompanied by “ewww” and laughing and shrieks – as the monkeys turn the tree we are standing under into a port-a-potty; an easy way to get the kids dashing back to the boat! While the kids have fun jumping off the pier and checking out the fish, we’re told the crystal clear waters the Caribbean is known for lie just off shore on the barrier reef (the second longest barrier reef in the world).

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So, we head out with Avadon Divers for a day of scuba diving on the reef. Out of the 13 people we are traveling with, only 3 of us (including Nathan, our 12 year-old boy) are certified. So, Avadon sends plenty of dive masters to support an enjoyable Discover Scuba Dive. They start out with a short class about diving – including essential skills you will have to perform in shallow water prior to diving. The first dive starts with each student performing skills like clearing their masks and retrieving a lost regulator. They we swim around checking out small coral heads. The second dive is off the boat where we spot huge coral formations, brain coral covered in Christmas tree worms, lots of fish, a shy lobster, an Eagle Ray and more. I’m busy counting kids (and adults) but enjoy watching them discover a whole new world!

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