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The Women’s Travel Edition of Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine has recently published a four-page color spread on Belize. The magazine recommended Placencia for visitors who want to “surf or turf” on their vacation, referring to the peninsula’s location on the southeastern coast of Belize.

The Placencia Peninsula, named “Pleasant Point” by the Spanish, is one of Belize’s most charming and idyllic destinations. Still primarily home to small fishing villages, Placencia has risen to prominence as the gateway to the Belize Barrier Reef, a vast archipelago of more than 400 islands set along the largest coral reef system in the western hemisphere.

Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine highlighted Placencia’s pure white sands and proximity to the islands as a great place for its readers to visit. The magazine also recommended Placencia for popular activities such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, diving, and swimming. Placencia is also rapidly becoming a top sportfishing destination where anglers can test their mettle against tarpon, barracuda, marlin, and sailfish or strive to complete a Grand Slam.

Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine also remarked upon the fact that Placencia is well-placed close to some of the most popular attractions on the mainland as well, including hiking through the vast Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, bird watching and learning more about indigenous species such as tapirs, monkeys and jaguars, and exploring ancient Maya cities located deep in the jungle.

The magazine also recommended that its readers stay at Chabil Mar Resort. Located on the Placencia Peninsula just a short walk from Placencia Village, Chabil Mar has luxury villas, each decorated with colorful artwork and furnished with items crafted from locally grown hardwoods. Chabil Mar is a perennial TripAdvisor favorite thanks to favorable reviews from guests and an abiding commitment to outstanding customer service.

Guests at Chabil Mar can choose to lounge in one of the resort’s hammocks, enjoy al fresco dining on the resort’s sea pier, swim in one of Chabil Mar’s two infinity pools, stroll through the resort’s lush tropical garden, or explore the coastline with the free use of a HobieCat sailboat. The resort also has its own team of gourmet chefs who serve up a delicious medley of both Belizean and international cuisine.

Chabil Mar Resort organizes tours and activities to all of the most popular destinations, including snorkeling and diving on the reef, nature excursions on the mainland, boat tours, local culture visits, and explorations of ancient Maya cities, palaces, pyramids, and sacred caves.

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The coolest country to get married is Belize

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Just a few hours’ flying time from the United States, the tropical nation of Belize is the perfect place to host an unforgettably beautiful beach wedding and enjoy a fun-filled exotic honeymoon.

Getting married in Belize is fun, simple and available even to people from other countries. Local regulations require that the couple be in the country for a minimum of three days and then apply for a wedding license. The fee is just $105 U.S. and the process takes one day. After that, a Senior Justice of the Peace or a registered minister of a Belizean church can marry you! You’ll be required to show your passport, birth certificate, any other related documents (like a divorcee decree) and have at least one male and one female witness.

Once you’ve tied the knot, countless adventures await you, including:

– Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

scuba diving in belizeThe beautiful Belize Barrier Reef is home to an amazing abundance of colorful marine fauna and flora, making it an ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Placencia Peninsula is just a few miles from some of the best atolls and islands to see coral, sea turtles, sharks, and a wide array of aquatic life, including Laughing Bird Caye National Park and Silk Caye.

– The Rainforest:

Belize JaguarWhether you’re interested in seeing jaguars in their native habitat in the Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve, bird watching, taking a boat ride up the Monkey River, or sailing through the jungle canopy, the pristine rainforests of Belize are bursting with life.

– Maya Ruins:

rp_xunantunich-1024x683.jpgBelize was once the home of the mighty Maya Empire. Today, visitors can explore lost cities in the jungle like Xunantunich, Caracol and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tikal just over the border in neighboring Guatemala.

belize wedding resortsChabil Mar on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula is the ideal destination for an exotic tropical wedding or honeymoon. With gorgeously appointed villas facing the Caribbean Sea, Chabil Mar is a great place to host your dream wedding and enjoy an intimate honeymoon.

Chabil Mar offers complete Belize wedding packages to make sure that your special day goes off without a hitch and honeymoon packages for the perfect beginning to your new life.

Chabil Mar also offers comprehensive jungle and sea vacations for couples wanting to mix the best elements of the reef and rainforest as well as Belize and Guatemala vacation packages to continue your fun Central American vacation.


Real-Life Neverland Has Been Discovered In Belize and You Can Scuba Dive There

Turneffe Atoll in the Rain

If you and a friend are (collectively) named Wendy and Peter, you might be eligible to win a free trip to Belize. The Belize Tourism Board is now offering a five-day excursion to the country for American residents named Wendy and Peter who email before May 14, 2018.

What prompted this offer of a free vacation is the announcement that Neverland, the fictional island where children never grow up, has been located in the real world. By studying visual clues in the book and film adaptations, the popular YouTube Channel The Film Theorists has identified the Turneffe Atoll in Belize as the “real” location of Neverland.

Of course, being fictional, Neverland doesn’t actually exist. But the Turneffe Atoll is the only location on the planet that matches key aspects of the Peter Pan book and movies. The Film Theorists “located” Neverland on the Turneffe Atoll by first comparing the direction of travel of Peter and his friends as they left London. By analyzing visual clues, The Film Theorists discovered that Peter Pan was heading southwest across the ocean, indicating that their destination was somewhere in the Americas.

Visual depictions of Neverland in the movies show it to be an island surrounded by lagoons, a unique feature of atolls, only three of which can be found in the western hemisphere. Another key clue was a scene involving Captain Hook (a key personage in the book and movie) and a large saltwater crocodile species only found in the Caribbean. The clinching piece of evidence that Turneffe Atoll is Neverland is that Captain Hook is based on a real pirate named Blackbeard who used the atoll as a base of operations in the 17th century.

The Turneffe Atoll is located approximately 20 miles off the coast of Placencia and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Belize Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Measuring 30 miles by 10 miles, the Turneffe Atoll is the largest atoll in Belize and consists of several lagoons and mangrove forests. Now part of a protected marine reserve, the Turneffe Atoll is a popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing where more than 500 species of fish and 65 species of sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins live.

Located in Placencia on Belize’s Caribbean coast, Chabil Mar Resort offers scuba diving packages to the Turneffe Atoll and other astoundingly beautiful sites on the Belize Barrier Reef.

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