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The Women’s Travel Edition of Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine has recently published a four-page color spread on Belize. The magazine recommended Placencia for visitors who want to “surf or turf” on their vacation, referring to the peninsula’s location on the southeastern coast of Belize.

The Placencia Peninsula, named “Pleasant Point” by the Spanish, is one of Belize’s most charming and idyllic destinations. Still primarily home to small fishing villages, Placencia has risen to prominence as the gateway to the Belize Barrier Reef, a vast archipelago of more than 400 islands set along the largest coral reef system in the western hemisphere.

Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine highlighted Placencia’s pure white sands and proximity to the islands as a great place for its readers to visit. The magazine also recommended Placencia for popular activities such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, diving, and swimming. Placencia is also rapidly becoming a top sportfishing destination where anglers can test their mettle against tarpon, barracuda, marlin, and sailfish or strive to complete a Grand Slam.

Destinations Travel and Lifestyles magazine also remarked upon the fact that Placencia is well-placed close to some of the most popular attractions on the mainland as well, including hiking through the vast Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, bird watching and learning more about indigenous species such as tapirs, monkeys and jaguars, and exploring ancient Maya cities located deep in the jungle.

The magazine also recommended that its readers stay at Chabil Mar Resort. Located on the Placencia Peninsula just a short walk from Placencia Village, Chabil Mar has luxury villas, each decorated with colorful artwork and furnished with items crafted from locally grown hardwoods. Chabil Mar is a perennial TripAdvisor favorite thanks to favorable reviews from guests and an abiding commitment to outstanding customer service.

Guests at Chabil Mar can choose to lounge in one of the resort’s hammocks, enjoy al fresco dining on the resort’s sea pier, swim in one of Chabil Mar’s two infinity pools, stroll through the resort’s lush tropical garden, or explore the coastline with the free use of a HobieCat sailboat. The resort also has its own team of gourmet chefs who serve up a delicious medley of both Belizean and international cuisine.

Chabil Mar Resort organizes tours and activities to all of the most popular destinations, including snorkeling and diving on the reef, nature excursions on the mainland, boat tours, local culture visits, and explorations of ancient Maya cities, palaces, pyramids, and sacred caves.

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9 Delightfully Geeky Facts About Placencia Belize

(c) Palace of Westminster; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Placencia was settled by the English Puritans who were originally from Nova Scotia in the 17th Century; however the settlement died out during the Central American wars of independence in the 1820’s.


The closest village to Placencia is Seine Bight, a historic Garifuna settlement.

Fishing - Cap and Friend Belize Resort Chabil Mar

Placencia is a former fishing village.

Placencia beach with Chabil Mar Resort Belize

The Placencia Peninsula is sixteen miles long.


The name “Placencia” is actually a distortion of Punta Placentia, the name the Spaniards gave to the peninsula in the 1800’s.


The average temperature in sub-tropical Placencia is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average humidity is 83%.

Placencia Village Ben Kim Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Placencia’s Main Street sidewalk has earned the distinction as the World’s Narrowest Street in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Barefoot Perfect Placencia Chabil Mar Belize Resort

At the tip of a 16–mile peninsula, sits the quaint seaside Village of Placencia -the only place on mainland Belize that offers unspoiled white sand beaches and which is locally known as “Barefoot Perfect.”

Tipsy Tuna Beach Bar Chabil Mar Belize Resort

Miles of natural sandy beach, a virgin mangrove–fringed lagoon, a wonderland of coral–studded cayes just off-shore, nearby jungle rivers (home to the howler monkey) and pristine rainforests, Garifuna, Creole and Maya cultures and ancient ruins, all within a short tour away, make Placencia Village the ideal location for the adventure traveler.

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Belize Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

The latest edition of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad magazine has featured the incredible Caribbean nation of Belize. The only former British colony in Central America, Belize offers stunning landscapes and mesmerizing backdrops that are tailor-made for destination weddings and honeymoons abroad in exotic locations. Once a hidden backwater, Belize is now a popular vacation destination with daily flights arriving from the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Belize is a relatively small country, but it has been blessed by nature with lush rainforests on the mainland and hundreds of postcard-perfect offshore islands set along the length of the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage, like shimmering jewels. With sugar sand white beaches, enchanting sunrises, and a verdant landscape teeming with animals like howler monkeys, colorful toucans, and elusive jaguars, it’s no mystery why so many people choose Belize for their wedding and/or honeymoon.

Many couples are choosing Belize for their wedding because of the country’s natural beauty and simplified marriage license procedure. As an English-speaking country, the wedding documents don’t need to be translated for use at home, and local law allows foreign couples to easily get married in Belize, the only requirement being that both the bride and groom be present in the country three days prior to the ceremony.

The recently published edition of Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad magazine included a lovely, two-page spread on Chabil Mar (Chabil Mar’s feature: pages 82 & 83). Featuring the resort’s motto “Beauty by Belize, Luxury by Design,” Chabil Mar was lavishly praised for being a haven of luxury. Decorated with local hardwoods and indigenous art, Chabil Mar was given high marks by the magazine authors.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your destination wedding, Chabil Mar in southern Belize has it all. Located on its own privately owned stretch of beach, Chabil Mar is a luxury resort with elegantly appointed villas, a tropical garden, and two infinity swimming pools. Chabil Mar also has its own gourmet restaurant, and meals can be enjoyed on a lovely verandah or the resort’s private sea pier.

The Belize resort has an experienced team of wedding planners on hand to handle every detail of your special day, including the officiant, bouquets, catering, a wedding cake, and professional videography and photography services. Chabil Mar is close to all of the top attractions on both the pristine reef and the mainland and organizes Belize tours to all of the most popular areas.

For your dream wedding and/or honeymoon, choose Chabil Mar in Belize.

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The coolest country to get married is Belize

getting married in belize

Just a few hours’ flying time from the United States, the tropical nation of Belize is the perfect place to host an unforgettably beautiful beach wedding and enjoy a fun-filled exotic honeymoon.

Getting married in Belize is fun, simple and available even to people from other countries. Local regulations require that the couple be in the country for a minimum of three days and then apply for a wedding license. The fee is just $105 U.S. and the process takes one day. After that, a Senior Justice of the Peace or a registered minister of a Belizean church can marry you! You’ll be required to show your passport, birth certificate, any other related documents (like a divorcee decree) and have at least one male and one female witness.

Once you’ve tied the knot, countless adventures await you, including:

– Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

scuba diving in belizeThe beautiful Belize Barrier Reef is home to an amazing abundance of colorful marine fauna and flora, making it an ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Placencia Peninsula is just a few miles from some of the best atolls and islands to see coral, sea turtles, sharks, and a wide array of aquatic life, including Laughing Bird Caye National Park and Silk Caye.

– The Rainforest:

Belize JaguarWhether you’re interested in seeing jaguars in their native habitat in the Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve, bird watching, taking a boat ride up the Monkey River, or sailing through the jungle canopy, the pristine rainforests of Belize are bursting with life.

– Maya Ruins:

rp_xunantunich-1024x683.jpgBelize was once the home of the mighty Maya Empire. Today, visitors can explore lost cities in the jungle like Xunantunich, Caracol and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tikal just over the border in neighboring Guatemala.

belize wedding resortsChabil Mar on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula is the ideal destination for an exotic tropical wedding or honeymoon. With gorgeously appointed villas facing the Caribbean Sea, Chabil Mar is a great place to host your dream wedding and enjoy an intimate honeymoon.

Chabil Mar offers complete Belize wedding packages to make sure that your special day goes off without a hitch and honeymoon packages for the perfect beginning to your new life.

Chabil Mar also offers comprehensive jungle and sea vacations for couples wanting to mix the best elements of the reef and rainforest as well as Belize and Guatemala vacation packages to continue your fun Central American vacation.


2018 Placencia Belize Lobsterfest Expected to Draw Record Crowds

lobsterfest in placencia 2016

An unprecedented number of tourists are expected to make pilgrimages to Belize in June, but not for religious reasons. They will come to enhance their mental and physical health as the 2018 Placencia Lobsterfest takes place from June 22-24, 2018, honoring a tradition that’s been around for over 18 years.

Do frequent visitors use this humble crustacean as a reason to escape to Belize every June? Of course they do. Talk about a vacation with a purpose: attend Lobsterfest, eat as much as you like of this low-calorie, protein-packed seafood and return home slimmer after undertaking multiple recreational/sporting events associated with this lively three-day party.

“We joke about myriad health benefits visitors get when they attend Lobsterfest, because it’s so much more than a seafood eating orgy,” says Larry France, Marketing Manager at Chabil Mar Villas, a popular high-end resort where chefs hold court at the resort’s award-winning onsite restaurant. “Our chefs elevate lobster preparation to a fine art,” France adds, promising guests the experience of a lifetime if they stay at the resort throughout this big celebration.

Curious about how this lobster bacchanal began? Members of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association sought a unique idea to improve the local economy while introducing Placencia to visitors and showcasing its fishing industry in 1998. Lobsterfest was born.

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“Our first Lobsterfest was a humble affair,” recalls France with a chuckle. “A small bunch of enthusiastic eaters gathered at a single table to eat lobster bruschetta and enjoy makeshift carnival games. Word spread that guests had a blast, and every year since, crowd sizes have doubled.”

Over time, Placencia restauranteurs turned the celebration into a friendly culinary competition, at which point, other businesses jumped on the bandwagon, so visitors eager to see what can be crafted, prepared, designed and sold related to the humble lobster are going to be impressed.

What can travelers expect at Lobsterfest? A vacation that’s part tropical island party and part New Orleans at Mardi Gras without the bad weather. Resorts like Chabil Mar roll out the red carpet for guests who are encouraged to head for Placencia Village where 60+ booths filled with arts and crafts, beverages, t-shirts, art, games and attractions await. Little lobsters won’t be ignored: fun carnival games are sure to wear kids out.

Each year, the long-awaited culinary parade introduces new palates to delights like lobster stews, fajitas, pies, exotic beverages and treats while attendees wait to hear if they’ve won the Lobsterfest raffle. Meanwhile, the ongoing music scene fills the air with Garifuna and other trendy musical genres unique to Belize.

As of this posting, organizers have confirmed these 2018 Lobsterfest events, but there are likely to be more:

-A Belikin beer drinking contest
-Biggest lobstah’ competition
-Crowning of Mr. and Ms. Physique
-Tipsy tuna toss
-Spicy hot wing eating contest
-Kayak races and a “reel in the kayak” event that’s not for the frail
-Net casting competition (catch a schilling in a fishing net)
-Beach fly fishing contest.

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