Belize in April: Events, Activities and Trip Ideas

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Who Needs the Riviera When April in Belize is so Close?

Much has been said, written, and sung about April in Paris, but there’s a place closer to home and you don’t have to master the French language to find your way around. Further, a short plane ride pales in comparison to transatlantic time changes, which is why Placencia Belize, where everyone speaks English, offers travelers so much more.

Placencia in April is magnifique! World-class beaches along this 16-mile-long peninsula offer visitors both the Caribbean Sea and Placencia Lagoon where bashful manatees hang out. Local villages are delightful to visit and major attractions are nearby. See and do it all from heavenly digs at Chabil Mar Villas.

Paradise awaits your arrival

Placencia Belize Accommodations

There’s a reason the owners of Chabil Mar chose the Mayan word for beautiful sea when seeking the ideal name for this resort. Everything about the resort showcases the Caribbean shore, from tropical architecture and landscaping to positioning accommodations for maximum sea views. They’re furnished to reflect Belize’s sun, sea, and sky.

Onsite amenities are equally spectacular as are Belize vacation package deals that bundle all aspects of a stay, including personalized service that is impeccable and where every guest has access to all types of tours and local events. Sound too good to be true? Check out this video and you’ll realize these are no exaggerations.

What to do during your April stay? Everything on this list!


•Swim, snorkel, and dive during your stay in water temperatures that average 72-degrees. There is no shortage of sporting options off the coast of Belize and you can take advantage of specialized tours so you get your fill of your favorite.

•Celebrate Easter in style. No worries if you aren’t around on Sunday the 17th. Easter lasts for weeks in Belize. Celebrate your faith or celebrate the Easter bunny – there are lots of opportunities to do both.

•The annual Cross-Country Cycling Classic attracts bicycle enthusiasts and fans and you’re invited to watch the action. Beginning in Belize City and looping San Ignacio, station yourself along the route to glimpse top competitors and if there’s a pub nearby, you’ll enjoy the race even more.

•Come to Placencia in April to meet whale sharks. These shy creatures show up during migration season from March to June. Dive and swim with whale sharks by having Chabil Mar staff book this experience with a licensed tour operator since these creatures are protected by the nation’s conservation laws.

•You don’t have to get wet to love Placencia in April. Family-friendly rainforest and jungle expeditions include tours of spectacular Maya ruins and include daring adventures like zip-lining and cave exploration – all on Chabil Mar’s tour menu.

Sound like the place you want to be? April is fast approaching. Contact the Chabil Mar concierge for deals that can even save you money at or by phone at 1-866-417-2377 (toll-free). Should you tell reservations that whale sharks recommended Chabil Mar? Why not? You won’t be the first guest to do so!

Could Ants Offer a Blueprint For Humanity’s Future?

belize antsPhoto Courtesy of Mark Moffett

While most of us would freak out to find ants marching through our home, most of us think we understand how complex their networks of hives are. But we may understand less than we know, and the new facts that we’re discovering could help humans recognize better ways to build and maintain society.

There’s arguably no better habitat on Earth for researching ants than Belize. The Central American paradise may be most popularly known as a haven for ecotourism, but it’s also home to hundreds of different species of ant. But what’s most fascinating about these different species is how specialized they all are — and how they can share very unique niches within their ecosystem.

That’s a bold change of pace from the standard assumption — that there are merely worker ants, soldier ants, and queens. Biologist Mark Moffett has had a passion for arts since he was a child, and that lends him a unique perspective on the world around them. He sees these varied and generally co-habituating species as all members of a larger form of proto-society. Leafcutter ants are essentially farmers who bring home leaves that can be mulched and transformed into fungus. Smaller ants will often ride on these leaves to conserve their own energy and cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. Dozens of Belize’s ant species occupy rain forest canopies, and all of their behaviors change the environment around them and allow for uniquely beneficial relationships.

ants in belizePhoto Courtesy of Mark Moffett

The most important point, Moffett emphasizes, is that this sophisticated and largely autonomous form of quasi-society requires little in the way of brainpower. Ants aren’t especially smart creatures, but their single-mindedness allows for some incredibly sophisticated systems when different specialized ants are working in harmony with one another.

Moffett has a bold assertion that he’s drawn from his research — that the smartest way to solve some problems may be to make them less complicated. The method ants have for fulfilling their tasks is haphazard — one ant follows another which follows another, and they eventually settle into the route that offers the most efficient path. To test his hypothesis, Moffett tested out a more chaotic — and ant-like — alternative to traditional airline boarding practices. He discovered that when there is no assigned seating, less people are going to move seats on average.

That means if you decide to board a flight to see the unique varieties of ants (or beaches, or jungles, or ancient Maya sites) in Belize, you might want to suggest the airline offer free-for-all seating. And if yo do decide to stay, be sure to book your accommodation at the beautiful Chabil Mar in Placencia Belize.

7 Fabulous Reasons to Spend Christmas in Belize



1 – The Weather

Belize isn’t just a great place to escape the winter blues of North America, it’s also a lovely opportunity to enjoy some of the best weather anywhere on the planet with highs around 80F (27C) and lots of sunshine during the Christmas period.

2 – Festive

You’ll hear carols being played in all the cafes and bars, drummers on the street tapping out Christmas tunes, and both locals and visitors alike get caught up in a groundswell of old-fashioned Christmas cheer that’s rarely seen anymore in the United States and Canada.

3 – Surf and Turf

Not just a delicious menu item that you can enjoy at most restaurants in Belize, surf and turf refers to the wonderful vacation packages that top resorts like Chabil Mar offer their guests. By combining a trip to the top sites on the mainland (the “turf”) with scuba diving, snorkeling, and splashing in the Caribbean on the sun-drenched islands of the Belize Barrier Reef (the “surf”), visitors can enjoy a truly varied Christmas vacation.

4 – The Maya

Many visitors come to Belize solely for the opportunity to climb the ancient pyramids and ghostly ruins left behind by the Ancient Maya, touring top spots like Cahal Pech, Xunantunich, and Caracol.

5 – The Language

When you want to relax and unwind on your holiday vacation, there’s simply no destination quite like Belize. As the region’s only country where English is the official language, you’ll never struggle to read signs and menus, talk to the locals, or enjoy the music.

6 – The Locals

Although the country is the size of Massachusetts, a unique blend of just 350,000 locals call Belize home, a mix of Garifuna, Creole, British, German Mennonite, Maya, and Mexican peoples who live together in true harmony. Belizeans are world famous for their easygoing nature, abundant smiles, and natural generosity.

7 – Affordable Airfare

Thanks to new routes announced like AA’s non-stop service from Los Angeles, airlines now connect Belize City to most of the major cities in North America. All these competitors entering this hot market mean that the consumer – you – benefit from reduced airfares and great flights.

Chabil Mar

christmas in belize
Chabil Mar, the multiple award-winning luxury resort on the Placencia Peninsula, is where wonderful winter holiday vacations begin. Located right on the beach just a few minutes’ walk from Placencia Village, the resort features a lush tropical garden, gorgeous infinity pool, a full-service spa, a gourmet restaurant, and beautifully-appointed villas to make the most of your stay in Belize.

With so many delightful reasons to visit Belize during the winter holidays, you’ll definitely enjoy a wonderful end to the old year and beginning of the new.

News Travelers Can Use: Belize Eases Covid-19 Restrictions

belize all inclusive vacations

While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advised U.S. tourists to avoid traveling during Covid, those who couldn’t sit home and stare at their bucket lists traveled anyway. In fact, around 45% of the public took a trip, say CNBC reporters, and 6% took more than 4 trips during this international lockdown.

Frequent Caribbean rim visitors suffered most of all. Their vacation venues were so near and yet so far, thus all of us can breathe a sigh of relief today as Central America’s #1 vacation destination lifted restrictions associated with mask-wearing and announced that unvaccinated travelers can now come to Belize if they present recent negative test results.

Anyone age 5 and older will be welcomed at the Belize International Airport, at the nation’s berthing docks, and at borders where folks driving to Belize will discover lifted masks and vaccine protocols as of April 1, 2022, too. Thanks to restrictions being eased by the government, there’s no need to put off your Caribbean travel plans for another moment.

Spring Break Belize Vacations

Head here to get your travel fix and leave your masks at home

For travelers with compromised immune systems and those who aren’t quite ready to go out in public without a mask, you are welcome to continue to cover your nose and mouth. For the rest of you, getting a suntan without lines of demarcation on your face is now officially on! At Chabil Mar Resort on the Placencia peninsula, reservations from early birds in the know are already coming in.
belize slow travel

What can you do once you get rid of your mask?

•Pose in front of the iconic new Placencia sculpture that’s become a beacon for tourists with cameras.
•Show off the smile you’ve hidden for 2 years beneath your impressive mask collection.
•Relax knowing that Chabil Mar maintains all of the health and hygiene protocols that earned the property Gold Standard certification.
•Tone Covid-impacted muscles by borrowing a Chabil Mar bike, kayak, or paddleboard to cover the peninsula’s 16-mile distance by land or sea.
Book a Belize vacation package that best accommodates your needs so you don’t have to worry about a single detail during your stay.
Celebrating these changes is perfectly appropriate as you grab your suitcase, and plane tickets, and secure your accommodation before Chabil Mar is completely booked. Once this news gets out, things are going to liven up in Belize so why not get ahead of the curve right now by emailing