Huge wildlife corridor in Belize sees progress, boosting hope for jaguars and more

Belize Jaguars

Belize is no stranger to bold ecological preservation plans. The government’s holistic approach to nature management extends from the jungles and mountains of the Cayo District all the way to the unique beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef — but what’s happening at the Maya Forest Corridor should be enough to excite even the most knowledgeable of preservationists. And if the model works, it could potentially set a blueprint for other conservation projects both in Belize and elsewhere.

The Maya Forest Corridor

While it can be easy to see different ecosystems as bubbles with their own comfortably self-contained relationship of flora and fauna, that’s rarely actually the case. Like many Central American nations, Belize is home to a wide variety of different ecosystems, and each is home to its own selection of wildlife.

But the simple fact is that animals don’t understand the territorial lines that we set as humans — and many animals prescribe to territories that have them spanning multiple habitats. The stretch of interior known as the Maya Forest Corridor is essentially the equivalent of an interstate highway for much of Belize’s wildlife. The Corridor connects together two of the most important habitats within the country — the Belize Maya Forest located in the northwestern Cayo District and the Maya Mountains Massif network to the south.

This stretch of land is traversed by fierce jaguars and other wild cats in addition to less frightening creatures like opossums and tapirs. Jaguars, in particular, rely on this corridor — as these solitary and endangered predators rely on large stretches of territory. And while Cockscomb Basin offers the world’s first jaguar preserve, it won’t be enough to reintegrate them into their environment on its own.

Belize Tapirs

What’s Being Done to Protect It

Fortunately, conservationists throughout Belize realize how critical this corridor is to the ecosystem, and the Belize government has begun buying up land along the Coastal Road as a way to bolster the corridor and create a network of preserves that can maintain its existence.

That’s not to say that the future of the Maya Forest Corridor is certain. While the Belizean government is well known for its commitment to ecological preservation issues, there are plenty of industries and interests that could make use of the land within the corridor. If you want to see this stretch of beauty for yourself and see why the Maya Forest Corridor is such a big deal, be sure to stay at Chabil Mar – the ideal gateway for your journeys into the country’s rugged interior.

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Find a Safe, Secluded Beach Getaway in Placencia Belize

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Discover a luxurious getaway on the gorgeous beaches of Placencia. Chabil Mar offers world-class amenities and sumptuous accommodations in an all-villa resort.

Safe, Secluded Hideaway

When you’re traveling in the pandemic’s wake, you want to travel safely. Belize is a superb choice because its small population means you’ll never be among crowds. At Chabil Mar, you’ll find a secluded spot where you can escape the crowds and relax in your private villa.

The resort has only 22 guest villas, and you’ll have all the privacy you want. You can enjoy dining, walking on the beach, and visiting nearby communities while staying safely distant. Enjoy wonderful, chef-prepared meals at the resort’s restaurant, on the resort’s private pier, or on your villa’s private patio.

Chabil Mar has instituted butler service so guests can have all their meals delivered to them to enjoy in their villas or outdoors.

Luxurious Accommodations and Guest-Exclusive Amenities

Each villa is decorated in a high-end tropical style with Belizean artworks and local craftsmanship. The accommodation also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, private bathrooms, cable TV, DVD player, zoned air conditioning, ceiling fans, hairdryers, iron and ironing board, eco-friendly luxury bath products, free wi-fi, washer and dryer, in-room safe, and umbrellas.

It’s everything you need to feel totally at home while you’re wrapped in the lap of luxury.

Some of Chabil Mar’s outstanding amenities are for the exclusive use of its guests. These include:

  • Private Placencia beachfront area.
  • Private pier.
  • Two infinity pools.
  • Roaming butler service and outdoor dining.
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas.
  • Free use of bicycles, kayaks, and paddleboards.
  • A free evening shuttle to and from Placencia Village.

An Incredible Location

Chabil Mar is minutes from Placencia Village, a charming seaside community. The beaches of Placencia are the most beautiful beaches in Belize. White sand, swaying palms, and turquoise water are waiting for you.

A Gold Standard Belize Certified Resort

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The Belize government has instituted strict safety protocols for visitors and providers of tourist amenities. Chabil Mar is a Gold Standard certified resort and has instituted a program of safety, sanitation, and social distancing.

Its privacy, seclusion and stringent safety standards make Chabil Mar the ideal location for a beach vacation. To book a room, contact the hotel directly.

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Find the 6 Biggest Honeymoon Trends at One Lush Belize Resort

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Having come through 2020 in good shape, couples are doubly enthusiastic about the weddings and honeymoons they’re planning for 2021. Is it possible to find the biggest 2021 honeymoon trends at one location? It is – if that destination is Placencia Belize, the hottest spot for lovers and where Chabil Mar is at the center of honeymoon paradise. Keep reading to discover why you couldn’t choose a more idyllic honeymoon destination — whether or not you follow trends!

Trend #1: Private villas at intimate resorts

It doesn’t get any grander—nor more intimate—than time spent within the confines of Placencia’s most elegant resort, Chabil Mar. Some resorts claim to be small and intimate, but this one truly meets those definitions. Discover lush gardens wrapping around accommodations that add to the privacy. Even your sea-facing veranda is tucked into a lush tropical setting, so you will feel like you’re the only couple in the world.

Trend #2: Luxury upgrades

Because you spent 2020 planning and saving, luxury upgrades are affordable. For example, consider a 3-resort Belize honeymoon package that includes Chabil Mar plus a private island (Ray Caye) and a jungle retreat (Chaa Creek). Couples opting for this honeymoon trifecta call it a moveable feast! You’ll call it paradise.

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Trend #3: Superior personal service

There’s a reason Chabil Mar consistently receives superior ratings from guests, reviewers, and publications: The resort is known for impeccable service. Nothing ruins a romantic honeymoon more than poor service, but when honeymooners are asked to describe their Chabil Mar experiences, they become ebullient! Chabil Mar staff consistently wins Belize Tourism Board awards for outstanding service and honeymooners benefit most of all.

Trend #4: Close to home

Sit on an airplane sandwiched between passengers for hours on end? Is that any way to start a honeymoon? You want the exotic lure of an overseas experience without the hassle of discomfort and jet lag, which is why flights from southern U.S. ports to Belize last just a couple of hours. You two will bound off the plane, ready to start your honeymoon immediately rather than using precious time recovering from your flight!

Trend #5: Interior splendor

Can room décor make or break a honeymoon experience? It most certainly can, which is why interior designers commissioned by Chabil Mar management were given carte blanche to use their imaginations when designing suites that can only be described as sumptuous. Take a peek at the interiors of the resort’s accommodations to see what awaits, no matter which suite style you pick.

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Trend #6: Every moment is heaven

Couples who can’t schedule an extended stay love knowing that so much can be packed into the shortest Chabil Mar escape. You’re invited to view a taste of the Chabil Mar experience so you can see what your honeymoon can look like. Whether yours is a short or long honeymoon, this lush resort won’t disappoint. If you’ve got your wedding date chosen, now is the time to book the holiday that launches your shared future on a perfect note!

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What You Should Know About Booking a Belize Vacation Package?

Booking a Belize Vacation Package

Marc Andre, a columnist for the website is on a mission: He wants to convince travelers that the most important aspect of taking a fulfilling vacation is about the work one does before booking that airline flight and before deciding where to stay. Sound crazy? Not if you think about it. Andre also sings the praises of booking travel and resort packages because they deliver so many benefits.

Assuming you’re reading this because you intend to book a Belize travel package, you’ll want to take Andre’s advice and learn everything about the place you’re going to. How can doing research positively impact your long-awaited trip to Belize? Plenty. Put all of these on your itinerary so you don’t miss a thing:

-See hidden gems like Mayan ruins, caves, and monuments,
-Gain cultural insights into the arts, music, languages, and lifestyles of residents,
-Make smart choices about where and how you will spend your time,
-Prioritize your desire to engage in water sports like diving, sailing, and fishing,
-Learn about places best avoided during your vacation.

Should you be equally diligent about booking a resort package?

Oh, yes – for those reasons and more. Some resorts hide language in tiny print, so travelers have no idea what they are really paying for. They may artfully describe benefits and extras, but don’t go into detail about hidden charges. It’s a side of travel that can ruin dream trips – but you can count on upstanding resorts like Chabil Mar in Placencia to be the epitome of transparency.

What makes a great resort package? One that’s guest-focused, appropriately bundled to include luxurious accommodations, transfers to and from the resort and airport, meals, on-site recreational options, off-site adventures, and the inclusion of taxes and fees associated with the stay. Because everything is pre-paid and pre-arranged, Chabil Mar packages save guests’ money while treating them to everything that makes a holiday perfect.

Package choices suit every budget and every desire

Plenty of Caribbean properties say they offer packages, but when shoppers check them out, they often discover very few choices. Chabil Mar, as it turns out, may have too many! Visit this Belize vacation package page and you’ll learn that this is no exaggeration.

Options include a jungle and sea combination, family package, fishing, diving, and snorkeling adventures, a popular yoga/wellness vacation and so much more. Because you can customize your package when booking with the Chabil Mar concierge, you never have to settle for a trip that doesn’t cover all of your desires and you sure won’t be stuck with an itinerary that is too physically taxing. Do your homework. Learn as much about Belize as you can before coming. You will be rewarded mightily for your effort as soon as you arrive!

For more information about Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377 or WhatsApp us at +501-633-7547.