Surprise Dad with the Belize Vacation He Really, Really Needs!

Father's Day Vacation Packages in Belize

Treat Dad to a Father’s Day Trip to Placencia Belize

When Mother’s Day arrives, flowers, candy, and for most fortunate moms, vacation trips are the order of the day in May. Dad is lucky to get a card and a hug, but it’s time to set a new tradition to show him some love: plan a surprise vacation that takes him far away from all of his responsibilities. June in Belize is a perfect time for a visit because short flights from the U.S. run daily, rates at resorts, attractions, and adventures are low and there are no crowds. 

Sure, this area of Central America receives the gift of daily sun showers, but they stop as fast as they start, so when you spring this gift on dad, pin a note to a travel rain poncho and invite him to start packing for Placencia, the destination that’s fast becoming the favored mecca for tourists. 

What’s on a typical Placencia activity menu for dads with a variety of interests? If he stays at Chabil Mar, where affordable rates help family members foot the bill, he can choose the following and more:

-Indulge his inner seafood lover at Lobsterfest where festivities associated with this seasonal catch are a blast
-Dive and/or snorkel with whale sharks at Gladden Spit Reserve during their last month in the area before they migrate
-Try his hand at deep-sea fishing on a private or group tour 
-Take nature tours to Monkey River, Cockscomb Basin, and Maya King waterfall, camera in hand
-Relax in a sumptuous Chabil Mar villa when he’s not feeding his appetite for adventure
-Satisfy his inner gourmand by sampling the ethnic foods for which Belize is known around the world
-Visit ATM cave and ancient Mayan ruins where he can see how kings lived thousands of years ago
-He can even explore Belize industries that are of interest to get ideas for his work back at home. 

belize resort - chabil mar

Chabil Mar: Best Place to Take Dad

At Chabil Mar, Dad doesn’t have to be king for a day when he can be crowned “king for his stay”! He can awaken without an alarm clock, and stroll to the onsite Restaurant at the Sea where award-winning chefs oversee the preparations of delicious meals. And whether his idea of adventure is beachside lounging, swimming in the resort’s pool, or an action-packed itinerary, his Father’s Day will be perfect.

But perhaps the thing he will love most about the holiday you give him is living in shorts from sunup to sundown since temperatures range between the low 80s by day and high 70s by night. And while neckties aren’t prohibited, your dad can leave his home – alongside the stress and worry he carries 24/7. 

Make June your opportunity to show your father how much he means to you—and if he insists that you come along, you can tell him that you already planned to do just that!

Seven Phenomenal Belizean Women Vying For The Miss Universe Title

The jewel is set to shine once more at the Miss Universe Pageant, and the Miss Universe Belize team is wasting no time in selecting, preparing, and grooming seven phenomenal Belizean women who will be vying for the Miss Universe title this year.

While the date of the official pageant is yet to be announced, on Saturday, June 11th the Miss Universe Belize Team disclosed the names and photographs of the seven contestants on the official Miss Universe Belize Facebook page.

Ashley Lightburn, 25, Belize City.

As the competition heats up, it seems that the social media fanatics have already chosen some of their favorite contestants, with the first being Ashley Lightburn, 25, a resident of Belize City who was able to garner 1.3 K social media reactions in five days. Lightburn is a Project Manager Officer at a local bank and an adjunct lecturer of mathematics at the University of Belize. She possesses a bachelor’s in mathematics and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in international business administration. Her hobby is engaging in social outreach initiatives and says that “This pageant, to me, is not only about displaying external beauty but also about inner beauty. I aim to show young girls that you can have all beauty and brains, and you should use it to inspire others and build your country. “

Alina Scott 27, Cayo District.

Coming in second with a total of 1k reactions, in five days is Alina Scott 27, who hails from the Cayo District, and is a Ph.D. candidate and Littlefield Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. She possesses a bachelor’s and master’s degree in History; currently a Doctoral Candidate (Ph.D.) in History. Scott is passionate about educational equity and accessibility. She is an athlete and has volunteered in a number of social and educational associations and organizations. She says “As Miss Belize, I want to give back to those very communities [intellectual and cultural communities] and reiterate to the youth of Belize that education is just a stepping stone for you to realize the fullest version of yourself.”

Grace Brown, 20 San Pedro. (1)

Coming in third with 714 reactions is Grace Brown, 20, a resident of San Pedro Ambergris Caye and a florist by profession. She has a high school diploma and is currently pursuing a cosmetology degree. She is also the reigning Miss San Pedro and has overcome bullying, shyness, and body shaming. She says that she “believes that the next Miss Universe Belize should be a woman who is ready to handle the responsibilities of nurturing her community’s betterment, this woman should continuously look for solutions to assist and advocate for a better and greater Belize, but most importantly this representative should be ready to be the ultimate epitome of a role model who feeds others with love and compassion. I have spent the past 20 years crystallizing my experiences in order to be that woman.”

Sigourney Usher, 22, San Ignacio.

Coming in fourth with 654 likes is Sigourney Usher, 22, a resident of San Ignacio. She is a nurse by profession and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Nursing. She is currently studying in Guatemala and says that as a frontline worker, she has the opportunity to impact many lives. She says that “If I were to become Miss Universe Belize, I would use the platform to talk about the impact poverty has in my country, especially on older generations. I want to show that I can be confidently beautiful, but also have the ability to help our generation in need.”

kaira nunez

Coming in fifth with 599 likes is Kaira Nuñez, 19 a resident of Orange Walk Town. She is a sales clerk by profession and aspires to work at an environmental conservation organization. She possesses an associate’s degree in science with a concentration in natural resource management. She says that she takes pleasure in being productive because she believes that efficiency is the key to success. She says, “I want to be the next Miss Belize because I want to utilize the title as a platform to raise awareness and take action on animal cruelty in Belize. I also believe that winning this pageant will strengthen my will and confidence in my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

Samantha Singh, 27, Placencia.

Samantha Singh 27, a resident of Placencia managed to get 576 reactions. She is a writer by profession and possesses a bachelor of arts in English from Loyola New Orleans as well as a culinary arts degree from The New School of Cooking. As a writer, she says that she sees Miss Universe Belize as an opportunity to share her passion for Belizean literature and the importance of the arts in Belize with a broader audience. She says”I know that advocacy is a huge part of the title, and that part is what I am most interested in. To have a place of privilege to speak from in support of both literacy and the arts in Belize, two places I believe deserve much more attention locally both for their cultural importance and the opportunities they provide for young Belizeans to transcend circumstance — that’s exciting to me.”

Kenia Tejada, 27, Spanish Lookout.

Kenia Tejada, 27 a resident of Spanish Lookout was able to get 422 reactions. She is a tutor by profession and has a high-school diploma with an interest to major in psychology. Apart from tutoring children from her community Tejada is an advocate for children and says that “I want to instill respect, love, justice, and kindness into children’s lives. I know I can do that now, but I think as Miss Universe Belize, I can make a greater impact.”

The management and staff of Chabil Mar wish all 7 contestants all the best as they vie for the Miss Universe title this year.

15 Things to Know About Belize and Placencia Before You Go

chabil mar belize
Private Pier at Chabil Mar for Lounging and Dining

Are you counting down days until Belize’s international airport is again open? It’s obvious that you’re eager to vacation in Belize, and if you’ve already dusted off your suitcase, bought sunscreen and found your flip-flops, here are things you should know before you arrive!

1. Choose the Placencia Peninsula as your vacation destination where Chabil Mar Villas awaits.  Chabil Mar is a contemporary full-service luxury boutique beach resort and is the closest full-service resort to Placencia Village. 

2.Once a sleepy fishing village, Placencia has emerged as an increasingly popular destination in Belize and the Caribbean. Stroll along the beach, bike, kayak or paddle board to the center of this traditional fishing village from Chabil Mar.

3. There are no sidewalks in the Placencia Peninsula, so you’ll share the road with scooters, bikes, golf carts and cars. No worries. Traffic is nothing like your home turf.

4. Don’t look for traffic lights. Speed humps substitute. These mounds regulate the ebb and flow of everything that moves, but once you assess the activities available at Chabil Mar, you’ll want to stick around the resort.

5. Free coffee refills at Placencia restaurants are not on the menu. But if you book a Belize vacation package at Chabil Mar, your meals are included, so drink as much coffee as you like on the house.

8 Days of Bliss Found Only at This Belize Yoga Retreat


6. Who needs to rent water toys? Chabil Mar’s inventory is at your disposal, whether you want to pilot a kayak, waterboard or Hobie cat.

7. You won’t be bothered by people selling things, even in town, but once you spot hand-crafted goods available from local vendors, saying no could be difficult.

8. Forget the whole “third world country” assignation. Would U.S. retirees be moving to Belize in droves if Placencia wasn’t a fabulous place to live? Everyone speaks English, so you’ll feel right at home.

9. You could fall in love with the people of Belize. It happens every day. These sweet, hospitable, helpful folks know how good they have it in this tropical paradise and they like showing off their homeland to visitors.

10. Food you encounter will delight you. Belize offers an exotic mix of cultures and cuisine. At Chabil Mar, Daniel — the ultimate chef with credentials to match — has never served a meal that didn’t win guest approval.

11. You might stay longer than you planned! Small, personalized island-hopping, scuba diving, fishing, sailing and sightseeing tours are so compelling, fitting everything you want to do into your itinerary could be challenging.

belize fishing

12. This is your chance to drive a golf cart. No need to join a golf club to ride around Placencia in one, and if you want to wear a golf shirt, that’s your call.

13. You don’t have to rent a car. Why go to the trouble or expense? Everywhere you need to go will be handled by the Chabil Mar concierge, including getting to and from tours.

14. Every season is a great season to visit Belize. Summer is heaven for folks who hate crowds and Chabil Mar summer rates have triggered happy dances – especially if they are accompanied by Garifuna drummers!

15. It’s okay to roam around, beer in hand. Make it a Belikin. Yes, Belize has laws (and carrying glass bottles makes no sense), but as long as you behave, you’ll be just one more happy member of the crowd.

Visit our website for more information on Belize and Placencia, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Belize Turneffe Atoll Dive Trips

Belize is a small country in Central America with hundreds of offshore islands strung along the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world. Amongst these islands is the Turneffe Atoll, one of just three atolls found outside of the Atlantic Ocean, and the largest coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere.

The Turneffe Atoll is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) offshore from Belize City and measures 30 miles (48 km) from north to south and 10 miles (16 km) from east to west. A protected marine reserve, the Turneffe Atoll is one of the most spectacular dive sites in the country.

Surrounded and protected by the Turneffe Islands, the atoll is home to more than 500 species of fish, 65 species of coral, sea turtles, seabirds, manatees, dolphins, and a colorful array of marine fauna. The 400+ tiny islets that surround the atoll make Turneffe one of the most visually spectacular locations in the country, and the dense mangrove forests serve as a nursery and feeding ground for the diverse forms of wildlife that inhabit the area.

With so much amazing underwater terrain to explore, diving Turneffe is an all-day affair. Divers can explore sandy ledges, sheer walls, and spur-and-groove formations that offer challenges to divers of every skill level. Water levels in the lagoons are very shallow with crystal clear water before sloping down to shelves at a depth of around 60 feet. Nutrient outflow from the mangrove forests cause huge schools of fish to congregate.

Perhaps the most famous dive site in Turneffe is known as “The Elbow.” This area is used by hundreds of fish species as a nursery, including black grouper, tiger grouper, mutton snapper, splendid toadfish, and horse eye jacks. Other species seen in abundance in the area include cleaner shrimp, southern sting rays, channel crabs, French angelfish, nurse sharks, moray eels, and three different species of endangered sea turtles.

The Turneffe Atoll was once used as a base of operations by the pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. In the 18th century, Blackbeard and his crew captured several ships in the area and used the islands to launch operations throughout the Caribbean.

Chabil Mar is a luxury resort located on the Placencia Peninsula, the gateway to the Belize Barrier Reef and the Turneffe Atolls. Chabil Mar offers unique scuba diving vacation packages that include trips out to the Turneffe Atolls.



Best Family Beach Resort in Placencia Belize

Best Family Beach Resort in Placencia Belize

If you think that the Covid-19 pandemic has been stressful, imagine how your restless kids feel after months of missing school and their classmates. Life as they knew it has been jarringly interrupted. Even teens admit to feeling stir crazy.

Your kids need a vacation. So do you. And there’s no safer place to take a family vacation than Belize beach resorts where properties are undertaking extraordinary hygiene and sanitizing precautions so guests return home healthier than they were when they arrived.

Nothing brings a family closer than a vacation, and Belize family vacations at Chabil Mar Resort are exceptional. All inclusive package designed for all ages give every member of your family something to remember. That’s why returning families agree that this is the best family beach resort in Placencia Belize.

Kids have no clue this fun vacation is educational

Make up for the time kids missed attending school in person by taking the kids on real-life social studies adventures to archaeological sites that include fascinating Maya ruins like Lubaantun or Lim Ni Punit.

Help them understand more about diversity while visiting the Village of Placencia Belize, a traditional Belizean fishing village. No biology classes can come close to watching the faces of your kids as they experience the Monkey River Howler Monkey Tour or roam the Cockscomb Jaguar Nature Preserve, the only jaguar reserve on Earth.

Teach your youngsters to snorkel, dive and appreciate marine wildlife at the tranquil inner reef waters where even kids afraid of the water find the area shallow enough to enjoy their experience. Families can also borrow Chabil Mar kayaks from the resort’s inventory or just enjoy the property’s 400 feet of private beach. Belize family vacations give everyone a chance to do something each one loves!

belize family vacations all inclusive

Elegance designed just for exhausted parents

It’s okay to let the kids think that this Chabil Mar vacation was planned just for them, but nothing could be further from the truth. Turn the kids loose to explore the resort while you two grab some private time within the walls of your luxurious villa and then meet the kids at one of the two resort swimming pools for a family dip.

Switch your dining locations for new perspectives on this gorgeous resort: enjoy Chef Daniel’s specialties served beach- or pool-side, on the pier or at the Kaleidoscope Bar and Lounge. 

Suites sized to accommodate your family give you all of the room you need to relax and enjoy your escape, knowing that Chabil Mar staff has been trained in all of the new hygiene techniques recommended by international health authorities during the worst of the pandemic. Best of all, everything about your all inclusive package is pre-paid, so you don’t have to take out your wallet unless you want to add tours to your itinerary.

Now is the time to book your reservation

Discovering all of this wonder as a family is guaranteed to become a milestone in your family’s history, but you can’t start collecting memories until you secure a reservation. The process is as easy as calling the resort’s toll free number: 1-866-417-2377 or visit the website to make sure the dates your family wants to travel are still available at

Prepare to come home with a new perspective that is likely to be doubly meaningful in light of the fact that you have all made it through this pandemic together. Make this the adventure trip you rediscover each other in ways you could only imagine at Chabil Mar, the best family beach resort in Placencia Belize.