Belize Facts

Belize Facts

Aeraial of Placencia VillageCapital City: Belmopan.

Population: 325,000.

Climate: Subtropical, annual temperature of 80°F. Green season typically June-November.

Size: Approximately 8,866 sq. km.

Language: English is the official language. Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna, and Creole are also spoken widely.

Time Zone: Belize occupies time zone GMT-6, same as US central standard time. Daylight saving time is not observed.

Currency: The US dollar and the Belize dollar. Exchange rate is 2 to 1, Belize dollar to US dollar, therefore, $1US equals $2BZ.

Entry Requirements: Passport and return tickets are required to enter Belize. When you arrive at Belize International Airport you will go through immigration. You may list your destination simply as Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia. Following immigration you pick up your luggage and go through customs. You will then be permitted to enter the main airport area where you will locate the desk of the airline, if applicable, you are using to fly to Placencia. For transportation services other than air, it is best to ask for assistance at the service desk in the airport.

Flights to Placencia: The flight to Placencia is about 30 minutes, 40 if the plane stops in Dangriga on the way. When you arrive in Placencia the airport staff will contact us to let us know you have arrived. You will be greeted by a representative of Chabil Mar Villas when they arrive to pick you up and take you to the resort, about a 5 min ride from the airstrip. NOTE: In the event you miss your connection to Placencia from the Belize City International Airport, do not be alarmed. The airlines are very good about booking you on the next flight out, which is usually just an hour or so later.

Water: Tap water in Belize is potable, which means it is safe to drink and cook with in Placencia. Of course, bottled water is available, if you prefer.

Cash: You can spend US dollars in Belize and most businesses will take some credit cards. Most bank branches in Belize, all in Placencia, have ATM machines for easy access to cash during your stay. Note that most US banks will charge an international ATM fee, which may be in addition to any local ATM usage fees.

Tipping: A voluntary gratuity of 10 percent is acceptable; 15 percent for exceptional service. Some establishments may add a tip to the bill. Check before paying.

Taxes: Departure tax, $35US is charged when leaving; also travelers entering Belize International by air and connecting to in-country flights are charged a $.75US security fee.

Wildlife: We hope you have the fortunate experience of seeing a few iguanas, geckos or lizards during your stay. We are certain you will see many beautiful birds and the frequent visits from the humming birds on our property. And for those persons who are venturing into the jungle, on a tour or adventure, we recommend that you either bring along a good deep woods deet product or purchase it upon arrival in a local market.

Security: At Chabil Mar we provide 24 hour security services. Safes are in every Villa for you to lock your personal belongings if you wish.

main street PlacenciaWhat to Bring: While it is impossible to realistically help each visitor with that decision, we do have a few general suggestions. Placencia is casual. There isn’t a business that has a dress code. Belize weather is tropical. We suggest that you bring some form of light weight rain gear, such as ponchos or water resistant hats, in the event you are off the property and are subject to changing weather conditions. The front office can provide complimentary use of umbrellas for use with local excursions into the village. Depending upon the trips you plan to take, you may want a light pair of long pants and a long sleeved t-shirt, as they are often recommended for some of the deep jungle trips or horseback riding, for instance. Of course, t-shirts and shorts are most often worn in our climate. Don’t forget your bathing suit! As a full service resort, we will provide all of your villa needs, as well as beach and pool towels. May we suggest that you check the weather, prior to your arrival at your favorite weather web site. That may assist you with what to pack. There is a washer and dryer in every villa, if you need it, or, if you prefer laundry service, it is also available through the front desk. A back pack may come in handy not only for trips, but for shopping in the village. Aside from the normal clothing, you may want binoculars, sunglasses, camera, ipod, books, comfortable walkng/hiking shoes, sun screen. In the event you forget something there are a number of markets and a pharmacy in town from which to purchase items you need.

Shopping – There are a few grocery stores in town to purchase food, drink, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, etc. There are quite a few gift stores and stands throughout the village that sell hand made purchases, local artwork and some clothing. These are locally owned small stores. Their unique offerings and quaint style will likely be an adventure in itself. Enjoy a new world!

To Do – In the villa will be a copy of the Placencia Breeze – there is a section that shows you what is going on around town daily, such as art sales, dart tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, barbeques, and entertainment. Every villa is equipped with a TV and DVD player. A small library of movies, books and games is available to use, free of charge, at the registration office. Wireless internet is available at no charge from the comfort of your villa or anywhere on the resort property.

We look forward to your visit. If you have any questions about Belize, Placencia or Chabil Mar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CONTACT US: From the US or Canada, dial toll free, 1-866-417-2377. In Belize: 501-523-3606.

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