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It’s Trendy to Make the Green Scene by Summering in Belize!

summer in belizeYou’re a trend setter, right? You launch fashion styles, throw unusual soirees, hang out with fascinating people and you’ve earned a reputation for sleuthing out vacation destinations that aren’t just off the beaten track but downright extraordinary. Continue to grow your reputation by heading to Belize during the Green Season—between June and November. When rains come, the world bursts into life and those privileged to witness this annual phenomenon say there’s nothing that compares, so your reputation as a trendsetter will remain secure in perpetuity!

1. Luxuriate in green space. Because the world has yet to discover the wonder of the green season in Belize, you’re going to have plenty of room to spread out, stay at the best accommodations and take advantage of the lack of crowds, thereby enjoying more privacy and choices than at any other time of the year. For example, resorts like Chabil Mar offer green season accommodation discounts that thrifty Scotsmen would applaud.

2. Spend less green. Your dollar stretches into infinity during Belize’s green season when rates dip as much as 30-percent at resorts and hotels. Airfares? We hesitate to use the word plummet when discussing air travel, but during green season, airlines reduce ticket prices giving travelers more green to spend at their destinations. There’s a reason Southwest Airlines begins offering nonstop service to Belize in October! Take advantage of route introductory rates and make your friends green with envy.

3. Yellow trumps green. If you’ve heard rumors about nonstop rain in Belize, you’ve been listening to people who want to keep the secret of this season to themselves. Sure, there are nourishing showers, but mornings tend to be sunny and bright, lots of rain falls at night when tourists are winding down from busy days and even when showers break, they can disappear in such short order, you might not have time to open your umbrella. Days are cooled by rain and on some days, there’s not a cloud in the sky.

4. The green explosion. When the rains come to Belize, day trips to jungles, rainforests and gardens are enhanced by an explosion of vibrant colors. From succulent fruit to vivid flowers, it’s as though God grabbed a paint brush and coated every butterfly, leaf and bloom with shiny lacquer. Rains coincide with the birth of some types of marine animals in Belize, so if you’re looking to witness a few miracles, plan to be around when darling baby turtles come into the world.

5. Green beans. Not the veggie, silly. Rains play a huge role in Belize’s thriving cacao bean growing season, bringing nutrients and moisture to the crop that helps satisfy the chocolate cravings of people around the world. Rains nurture and push cacao beans to maturity, so the next time you bite into a bar of dark chocolate, you can thank Belize’s green season for that mouth-watering treat.

6. Green streams. When Belize’s green season arrives, sporty types, eager to tackle extreme aquatic adventures, show up in Belize to take advantage of rising rivers, lagoons, lakes and waterways fed by downpours that can make water activities so much more exciting. Tourists visiting at other times of the year may not get opportunities to experience the rush that comes when water levels are at their highest. Dare you fib about “the one that got away”? Of course. The rain won’t share your secret.

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