What Part of Belize Has the Best Beaches?

placencia belize beaches

Though only 8867 square miles in size, Belize has an enviable number of beaches due to its 185 miles of coastline, and while locals frequently debate which of their favorite beaches are the best, frequent Belize visitors, magazine editors, and lifestyle bloggers agree that Placencia peninsula beaches are superior in so many ways.

This 16-mile-long finger of land is home to not just one but two coastlines. Visitors can roam 32 miles of shore: One languid stretch of beaches fronts the Caribbean Sea while the other sprawls along the Placencia lagoon. Since this peninsula is only one-mile-wide, beach lovers don’t have to travel far to explore both.

Frequently called the island you can walk to, Placencia is home to three charming villages: Maya Beach, Seine Bight, and Placencia Village. Finding an equally fabulous resort situated in close proximity to beaches and towns is easy as identifying Chabil Mar Villas, where waves wash up on the shore just steps from luxury suites where they lull even self-proclaimed insomniacs to sleep.

Everything you seek in a beach vacation and more

Best Beach Destination To Visit This Summer

As the closest full-service resort to Placencia Village, guests enjoy an idyllic balance of peace and excitement at Chabil Mar. All sea-facing accommodations offer travel parties plenty of room to spread out amid lush lodgings that range in size between 950- and 2,000-square feet and feature charming verandas. Interiors boast everything you expect from a world-class resort: exotic furnishings, tropical art, and luxurious bathrooms.

Step outside your suite door and a world of excitement await. Walk the peninsula to stay in shape, borrow complimentary Chabil Mar bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards, and shop the boutiques of Placencia Village where cafes, pubs, small eateries and add to the fun.

Secure a Belize vacation package and everything about your sojourn will be included. As if a package isn’t incentive enough, grab a discount if you time your stay within the offer’s window.

What’s the best part of choosing Placencia and Chabil Mar for your getaway?

Authentic Beach Resort in Placencia Belize

Everything, say frequent guests! From the most helpful staff in Belize and award-winning cuisine prepared with local ingredients by the Chabil Mar Chef to the private pier you can reserve – and the fact that there are two infinity pools rather than just one on-premises – makes this the single best resort on the peninsula in addition to those fabulous beaches.

Skeptics may doubt the veracity of the words we use to describe this idyllic property, but you be the judge after you watch this video offering an overview of what you can expect from your Chabil Mar stay.

Convinced? Take a second look at the Belize vacation packages and specials page described above to take advantage of those savings while they’re available, grab a flight to Belize that coincides with the range of dates noted in this deal, and start packing. And if you’re trying to convince travel pals to join you, we recommend showing them that video. You probably won’t have to say another word to get them on board!


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The Only Belize Weather Guide You’ll Ever Need In 2024

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If it’s your habit to throw a dozen separates into a duffel bag and arrive at your airport departure gate just as the gangway is being removed, we salute you. You’re probably a spontaneous person who finds the process of packing tedious and bothersome. But let’s say you pack thoughtfully and you wouldn’t dream of choosing which articles of clothing to bring to Belize without first learning what temperatures to expect. We’ve got your year-round forecast, so packing for your tropical holiday will be a breeze.

Belize Weather in January

In case an infrequent shower at the end of the rainy season interrupts your Belize outings, relax. It won’t last long. Getting a little wet is part of the Belize experience as you think of friends battling snow and ice back home! Tote a light poncho and you’re good to go. January temperatures run about 70-degrees F at night and max out at around 80-degrees F by day.

Belize Weather in February

If you crave the same weather January visitors enjoyed—from 70- to 80-degrees F—you’ll love visiting in February. This month officially launches “the dry season,” so you can leave that rain gear home if you like and use the space in your luggage for more sunscreen, an extra pair of flip-flops, and a Valentine’s.

Belize Weather in March

If it rains in March, Belize weathercasters are quick to apologize because it’s not typical. Days and nights are usually crystal clear and slightly warmer, so bring clothing appropriate for between 74- and 83-degrees F temperatures. Nights are so delightful, you won’t need a sweater, but if you find a charming wrap at a local market, snap it up!

Belize Weather in April

Because Belize is a chill-out destination, it may come as no surprise that this time of year has several nicknames. Call it the “Green Season” or refer to infrequent showers as “Iguana Rains”—your call. Love puddle jumping? Do it fast, ’cause the sun will be back out in minutes. Temperatures in April, by the way, range from 76- to 85-degrees F.

Belize Weather in May

As spring settles in, you’ll notice a gradual temperature increase to between 79-degrees at night to 87-degrees by day in Belize. The rain gods are kind in May: The occasional nighttime thunderstorm or early morning shower will likely find you abed at Chabil Mar, where soft sheets, gorgeous suite appointments and a tropical breakfast get all five of your senses off to a relaxing day.

Belize Weather in June

There’s a smaller range of temperature fluctuations throughout Belize in June—between 82- and 86-degrees—so you can dress for the entire day in the morning. Enjoy easterly breezes on your Chabil Mar veranda. Afternoon showers could interrupt a plan or two, but if you’ve settled into a Belize state of mind, you’ll shrug them off—especially if you nab early season rate reductions.

Belize Weather in July

When your nearest and dearest complain about heatwaves back home, you may find it irresistible to let them know that Belize nighttime temperatures are around 79-degrees F. Morning rains are so cooling, they will help you transition into your plans for an outdoor adventure like diving the Belize reef. Wear as little as you like (within reason) during the month of July. You’ll find it liberating!

Belize Weather in August

Mother Nature is very predictable: she shifts those easterly sea breezes away from Belize in August, replacing them with drier winds, which is how the nickname “Little Dry” was picked to describe the month. If temperatures dip to 78-degrees F after an 86-degree F day, that lightweight wrap will come in handy.

Belize Weather in September

As the Green Season moves into September, temperatures dip to 77-degrees F at night, so dodging early morning showers is no big deal. Anticipate sunny days filled with fun and festivals as Belize celebrates its independence throughout September. Wear an outrageous costume at Carnival in Belize City to be an official part of the fun!

Belize Weather in October

Northerly winds bring bountiful rainfall and temperatures drop to 75-degrees F by night. Daytime highs of 84-degrees F are ideal for taking tours and outings. Should an unexpected storm blanket the Maya Mountains, repair to Chabil Mar’s Kaleidoscope Bar where a tightly-woven thatch roof, new friends, and the perfect Mojito will keep you dry and happy until the rain passes.

Belize Weather in November

This is the month dreams come true in Belize: Summer visitors are gone, there’s room to stretch out, and if you seek solitude on a budget, you won’t find more generous price breaks. Chabil Mar offers discounts in November and since the resort dresses up for Thanksgiving, come late in the month, reserve a large suite for your family and expect to find turkey on the restaurant’s menu!

Belize Weather in December

Temperatures? Heavenly. Crowds? Not if you come early in December. Swim or snorkel the day away in 80-degree F weather. Cuddle at night when temps drop to around 71-degrees F. Whether your goal is an unforgettable Christmas, you’re auditioning retirement locations or you want to see for yourself why Belize has become so popular, visiting in December will be the gift you give yourself.

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Indulge Your Senses at the Chocolate Festival of Belize (May 17-19, 2024)

Belize, a land steeped in Maya history and blessed with fertile cacao plantations, invites you to indulge in its sweetest tradition: the annual Chocolate Festival of Belize. This vibrant event, held in the Toledo District – the country’s chocolate capital – is a celebration of all things chocolate, from the humble cacao bean to the exquisite bars and confections it transforms into.

Belize chocolate festival

The festival, a magnet for both locals and tourists alike, promises a weekend of sensory delights, educational experiences, and pure chocolatey bliss. Whether you’re a seasoned chocoholic or simply curious about this beloved treat, the Chocolate Festival of Belize offers a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of cacao.

The festivities kick off on Friday, May 17th, with the elegant Chocolate Gala at the Copal Tree Lodge. This signature event, hosted by the Belize Tourism Industry Association Toledo Chapter, promises an evening of sophistication and indulgence. Mingle with Belize’s finest chocolatiers, sample their exquisite creations, and groove to the elegant music that sets the tone for a weekend of sweet sensations.

chocolate tasting

Saturday, May 18th, brings the Celebrate Chocolate Market Event to the heart of Punta Gorda Town. This free, family-friendly affair transforms the George Price Welcome Plaza into a bustling marketplace brimming with local vendors, artisans, and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you browse unique crafts, savor traditional Belizean dishes, and of course, indulge in a wide array of chocolate-themed treats.

The festival culminates on Sunday, May 19th, with the Cacao Football Marathon in the charming village of Big Falls. This community-centered event is a testament to the camaraderie and spirit of Belizean culture. Cheer on the local football teams, partake in the cultural celebrations, and get a glimpse into the heart of rural Belizean life.

 Maya chocolate

But the Chocolate Festival is just the beginning of your Belize adventure. The Toledo District, rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, offers a wealth of experiences to explore. Embark on tours of cacao farms, where you can witness the fascinating process of chocolate production firsthand. Discover ancient Maya sites like Nim Li Punit, whose towering pyramids and intricate carvings offer a glimpse into a bygone era. Hike through lush rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife, or simply relax on the pristine beaches of Placencia, a haven for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts.


To enhance your Chocolate Festival experience, consider a stay at Chabil Mar in Placencia. This award-winning resort, with its private villas, world-class amenities, and prime location, provides the perfect sanctuary for both relaxation and adventure. From Chabil Mar, you can easily access the festival’s vibrant events, explore the Toledo District’s natural wonders, and return to a luxurious retreat at the end of each day.

Mark your calendars for May 17-19, 2024, and prepare to embark on a journey that will tantalize your taste buds, enrich your understanding of chocolate, and immerse you in the warm embrace of Belizean hospitality. The Chocolate Festival of Belize awaits, ready to unveil the secrets of this beloved treat and leave you with memories as sweet as the chocolate itself.

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Belize – Adventure Awaits for Reunions of All Ages

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding time to reconnect with family can be challenging. Family reunions are not just gatherings; they are a celebration of roots, a bridge to our past, and a foundation for future generations. They offer a unique opportunity to reinforce family bonds, share stories, create new memories, and instill a sense of belonging, especially for the younger members. In a world where we are increasingly disconnected, a family reunion is a refreshing reminder of the warmth and support that family brings.

Belize: A Paradise for Family Adventures

Plan A Belize Family Vacation

When it comes to choosing a destination that caters to varied interests and ages, Belize stands out as a gem. This nation is a playground for adventure and relaxation. Unlike the typical tourist spots, Belize offers a blend of rich cultural experiences and natural wonders, making it an exceptional choice for families seeking an extraordinary reunion.

Discovering Placencia and Nearby Attractions


Placencia, a tranquil yet lively village in southern Belize, is the heart of your family adventure. Known for its breathtaking beaches and friendly locals, Placencia is more than a destination; it’s an experience. Here, families can bond over various activities that cater to all ages.

Exploring the Belize Barrier Reef

belize reef

The Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers families an unparalleled opportunity to bond through exploration and discovery. Among the most captivating spots within this aquatic marvel are Laughing Bird Caye and the Silk Cayes, where snorkeling and diving transform into an educational and rejuvenating journey for both kids and adults.

Laughing Bird Caye

Laughing Bird Caye

This national park, named for the laughing gulls nesting there, is a hidden gem within the Belize Barrier Reef. As families snorkel in the clear, shallow waters, they are greeted by an array of colorful marine life, from vibrant corals to playful schools of fish. The calm waters make it a safe and enjoyable spot for children and beginners, ensuring everyone can partake in the underwater exploration. The caye’s unique position also offers an opportunity to learn about the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, turning a fun day into an insightful experience.

Silk Cayes

Silk Cayes

These small islands are a tropical paradise and a snorkeling haven. The crystal-clear waters around the Silk Cayes are home to an astounding variety of sea creatures, including turtles, rays, and an assortment of tropical fish. Diving here allows for deeper exploration, where more experienced family members can delve into the wonders of the reef. The Silk Cayes also provide an excellent opportunity to educate the family about marine conservation, as the area plays a crucial role in the reef’s health and sustainability.

Exploring Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey River

cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary

One of the most exhilarating experiences for a family reunion in Belize is exploring the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and the Monkey River through river tubing and jungle tours. These adventures are more than just excursions; they are a gateway to the heart of Belize’s natural wonders, suitable for every family member, regardless of age.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Elusive Jaguar

Known as the world’s first jaguar preserve, this sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to explore Belize’s diverse ecosystem. River tubing here is an adventure that combines relaxation with the thrill of potentially spotting exotic wildlife like jaguars, ocelots, and a myriad of bird species. It’s not just about the animals; the rich flora and serene environment contribute to a truly immersive experience. The gentle flow of the river ensures a safe yet adventurous journey, making it perfect for all ages.

Monkey River Tour

monkey river

This tour takes you through the meandering Monkey River, nestled amidst lush greenery. As you glide along the river, keep an eye out for troops of howler monkeys, known for their distinctive calls that echo through the forest. This tour is not only about spotting monkeys; it’s a comprehensive nature experience where you might see crocodiles sunning on the riverbanks, countless bird species, and a variety of other wildlife. The guides are knowledgeable and engage with stories and facts about the local ecosystem, making it an educational experience for kids and adults alike.

Cultural Village Tours: Discovering Seine Bight and Garifuna Culture

belize garifuna

For families looking to enrich their reunion with cultural depth and understanding, the cultural village tours in Belize are a must-do. A highlight of these tours is a visit to Seine Bight, a village that is a vibrant hub of Garifuna culture. These tours are more than just sightseeing; they offer a profound glimpse into the traditions, cuisine, and daily life of the local communities.

Seine Bight and Garifuna Culture 


Seine Bight, located on the Placencia Peninsula, is a living showcase of the Garifuna culture, recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. As families stroll through the village, they encounter the rich tapestry of Garifuna history reflected in their music, dance, and art. Engaging in drumming sessions or watching traditional dance performances not only entertains but also educates visitors about the Garifuna’s unique cultural identity and their historical journey.

Culinary Experiences and Traditional Practices

A significant aspect of the cultural village tours is the opportunity to indulge in authentic Garifuna cuisine. Families can participate in interactive cooking classes where they learn to prepare traditional dishes like Hudut (a savory fish and coconut stew) and Cassava Bread. These culinary experiences provide a delicious and hands-on way to connect with the local culture.

Connecting with the Community

Photo credit: Lebawit L. Girma

What truly makes these tours special is the chance to interact with the residents of Seine Bight. Engaging in conversations, sharing stories, and participating in their daily activities allows families to gain a genuine understanding of the local way of life. It’s an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and to teach younger family members the value of cultural diversity and respect.

Chabil Mar: Your Ideal Family-Friendly Resort

placencia belize resort

As the day ends, families need a comfortable, welcoming place to rest, and Chabil Mar is just that. Nestled in Placencia Village, Chabil Mar is more than a resort; it’s a home away from home. With its family-friendly amenities, exceptional service, and warm ambiance, it’s the perfect base for your family reunion.

Accommodations for Everyone

Chabil Mar offers a range of accommodations to suit every family’s needs. Whether it’s spacious villas for large families or cozy rooms for couples, the comfort of our guests is our top priority.

Activities for All Ages

The resort organizes various activities that cater to different interests and ages, ensuring that everyone in the family has something to enjoy.

A Taste of Belizean Cuisine

belize food

Our on-site restaurant offers a range of local and international dishes, crafted to cater to diverse palates, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for the entire family.

Belize, with its unique combination of adventure, culture, and natural beauty, is an ideal destination for family reunions. And within this paradise, Chabil Mar stands as the perfect family-friendly resort, ensuring that your family reunion is not just a gathering, but a memorable experience that strengthens the bonds that tie your family together. Come, explore, and create lifelong memories with us at Chabil Mar.

Visit our website Chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize and Chabil Mar, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

Snorkel with Whale Sharks, Stingrays and Manatees in Placencia, Belize

Placencia is a beautiful, 16-mile long stretch of golden sand beaches in the Stann Creek District of Belize and serves as the gateway to some of the country’s most spectacular marine wildlife, including whale sharks, stingrays, and manatees.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and can measure up to 12 meters (41 feet) long and weigh up to 21 tons. Despite their enormous size, whale sharks pose little danger to humans as they feed on tiny krill and fish spawn. Every spring, the whale sharks migrate to the outer areas of the Belize Barrier Reef in southern Belize, and a limited number of divers get the amazing opportunity to interact with these immense creatures.

Whale sharks circumnavigate the globe every year. They normally spend their time in very deep waters that are inaccessible to humans, but they rise to the surface in conjunction with the phases of the moon in order to feed.

Stingrays are powerful hunters, but their prey in the waters of Belize are small fish and squid. Natural channels in the reef serve as “superhighways” for fish and other marine life, drawing in vast schools of stingrays. Divers and snorkelers face little danger from stingrays, and being surrounded by stingrays as they flit and dart through the water is a truly magical experience.

Sometimes known as “sea cows” and sometimes known as “mermaids,” manatees are gentle, vegetarian mammals that thrive in the shallow, warm waters of Belize. Feeding on the vast beds of seagrass along the coast and estuaries of Belize, manatees are a wonder to behold.

Manatees pose no danger to humans, but their numbers have dwindled over the past century as boat propellers can easily injure or kill them. Today, manatees in Belize are protected animals. Manatees are very docile animals, slowly swimming through the water, but they are very intelligent, often recognizing human beings after just one meeting.

Visitors to Belize are not permitted to touch manatees, but it can be very enjoyable watching them play and frolic. Manatees breathe air and must surface every 15 minutes, making them easy to spot. Manatees communicate with one another with whistles and clicks in a similar manner as dolphins.

Chabil Mar has a number of Belize vacation packages that include snorkeling, visiting the manatees, and diving with whale sharks. To book these activities or to learn more about customizing the perfect Belize vacation, contact Chabil Mar reservation’s office today!