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Great Blue Hole Featured on Australia’s #1 News Site

great blue hole of belize

Divers descend to stalactites in Blue Hole. Tim Rock/Lonely Planet Source: Getty Images

The jawdropping 310 meter wide Great Blue Hole in Belize is currently being featured on Australia’s #1 News Site http://www.news.com.au/. The story was published on April 7 2014 by Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world which described it as an azure submarine sinkhole that is a paradise for divers in search of crystal-clear water that hides treasures in its depths.

The article reads:

Welcome to the Great Blue Hole near Belize, a spectacular sight which Lonely Planet has explored for the new book The World’s Great Wonders.

From above, it looks like an eye — a large, dark pupil surrounded by a sliver of turquoise iris, framed by the eyelids of the reef. But now that you’re within its embrace, it’s hard to get a sense of its circular shape.

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A school of yellow angelfish linger by the reef. A lone parrotfish nibbles on the coral. Pressing on your scuba gear’s purge valve, you follow the stream of bubbles from fellow divers. As you sink lower, you are surprised by the absence of marine wildlife down here. You peer into the darkness, hoping for a glimpse of a turtle, or maybe a shark. But 40m down, there is an even more spectacular sight.

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Stalactites. The long swords of limestone, some 10m in length, cling to the roofs of cave inlets. At this depth they appear dirty brown in colour. You approach them tentatively, aware that one flick of a wayward fin could shatter eons of history. After all, stalactites started to form in these caves over 150,000 years ago.

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