Planning Your Belize Vacation

The Management and Staff of Chabil Mar would like to take this opportunity to thank you for staying with us. We are looking forward to hosting your visit to our beautiful country of Belize and the Village of Placencia.

We are happy to provide the following overview of all we have to offer you, while on your visit.

Althea Schable & Natalie Ranguy - Reservations & Guest Services ManagersIn addition, we have included a few logistical items of information we hope you find helpful as you plan your arrival.

Placencia Village

Is in a unique location on the mainland of Belize. It provides us with the opportunity to offer our guests a vast array of Belize’s most sought after activities, including Fishing, Snorkeling/Diving, Jungle Experiences, Exploring Maya Archeological Sites, Sailing, Kayaking and Horseback Riding all from one central location.

It is an ECO paradise at your fingertips.

Or, if you prefer to just relax and pamper yourself, feel free to take advantage of the Dining, Bar, Beach, Pool, Pier, Massage and Luxurious Landscaping that make Chabil Mar so special.

In addition to all of these wonderful ways to enjoy your days, Chabil Mar is uniquely located within a short beach walk, bike, kayak (complimentary) or golf cart ride to the traditional fishing village of Placencia. Enjoy restaurants, beach bars, art galleries, souvenir shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, markets and village life. There you can make friends with the locals of Placencia, along the world’s narrowest main street – the Placencia sidewalk. It is so narrow, that only one person can pass on it side by side comfortably. If two people meet, one of them has to step down into the sand to let the other pass by.

Chabil Mar

Did you know that Chabil Mar is Maya for “Beautiful Sea”?

Our Reservations, Guest Services and Concierge Staff are available to you both prior to your visit and after your arrival, to assist you with your dining, tour, adventure and exploration requests. Although it may not be necessary to schedule a trip in advance of your arrival, we do encourage you to contact our reservations office staff to discuss any of your favorite Belize vacation interests.

We are proud of our attention to personalized services. Following is a summary of the pre-arrival services that are available to you at Chabil Mar. Please do not hesitate to contact our reservations staff for assistance with any of the following items. Our objective is to make your Belize Vacation a unique, one-of-a-kind, All About You experience. We are glad to help you with the following services.

Arraning Your In-Country Transportation

  • Flights from Belize City to Placencia
  • Auto rental assistance
  • Advice on the availability of other public transportation services, such as water taxis and buses.

Meals, Dining, Pre-Stocks and Private Chefs

  • Would you like to pre-stock your kitchen prior to your arrival? Just let us know and we will provide you with options available from bottled water to fully stocked food items.
  • You can hire our chefs to prepare your catch of the day, a private meal or one for that special occasion. Let us know in advance if you would like to utilize this service to assure your reservation.
  • Your villa, of course, includes a full sized modern equipped kitchen. Local Placencia Village markets, easily accessible from Chabil Mar, are available for your purchase of items you may wish to prepare on your own.
  • Our Grills – Outdoor grills are available for your use anytime during your stay.
  • CAFÉ MAR – Your beach and pier dining option. Although our entire resort service is reserved for our guests, the pier dining option is very special and is by reservation only. You can wait until your arrival or reserve in advance.

Belize Tours and Adventures

What to bring for your Belize Adventures, Tours, Excursions and Vacation

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