Belize Prepares for La Ruta Maya River Challenge

The La Ruta Maya River Challenge

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La Ruta Maya will be commemorating its 17th anniversary this Friday, March 6th 2015. The race which started in 1998 by Big H Enterprises for the purpose of launching their Vida Purified Water in the Belizean market has turned into an international event bringing teams from U.S.A, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, the United Kingdom and even Japan.

 dsc6216 “Over the years more than 100 teams have participated in the 4 day grueling race that starts in the Hawksworth Bridge in San Ignacio Town and ends in the old Capital of Belize City,” states the official site of La Ruta Maya Race.

The fundamental ethos of the race is to promote environmental, ecology, history and culture awareness in Belize.

 dsc7060The race is more than 170 miles long consisting of 4 stops along the Belize River:

San Ignacio Town to Banana Bank Lodge which is approximately 46 miles long; Banana Bank to Double Head Cabbage Village, the longest phase of the four days race, and consists of 60 grueling miles; Double Head Cabbage to Burrel Boom Village which is 36 miles long; and Burrel Boom to Belize City, which is the final and shortest stop, and is made up of 28 miles long and bring together more people than the beginning of the race.

La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge also coincides with the Baron Bliss Day Celebration in honor of Henry Victor Edward Bliss, a great benefactor who left an incredible will to the Belizean people.

Since its inception, the race was sponsored by BIG H Enterprises, but is now sponsored by Belikin Beer, the national beer of Belize, and for the past two consecutive years, the Belize Bank Bulldogs have won the competition.

On behalf of Chabil Mar and its Staff, we wish the best of luck to all the participating teams.

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