Belize Proves that Small Pleasures Equal Unforgettable Holidays

placencia belize

You should probably stop reading now if your idea of an idyllic vacation includes grandiose hotels, stylish restaurants that require reservations days in advance and if you are enamored of an environment in which you’re busy night and day! On the other hand, if the idea of a boutique Belize resort that’s so small and exclusive you could blend into the gorgeous scenery intrigues you, keep reading. Small pleasures can mean the difference between a forgettable holiday and one that’s so remarkable, you’re willing to pay your airline a fee to change your flight to a later date!

If you’ve dashed around Europe and awakened each day wondering where you are, you’re not alone. Choose Belize for your destination and this eminently manageable country is going to give you experiences unlike anything you recall, because proximity spells accessibility. Use the exclusive Chabil Mar as your home base and you’re a short drive or walk from a wealth of attractions and sites, which is just one of the reasons TripAdvisor gave this Belize resort a 2015 Traveler’s Choice Award for the ninth consecutive year. Isn’t it time you visited a place small enough to explore everything within reach rather than whizzing by it all?


There are plenty of reasons to headquarter at Chabil Mar, not the least of which is its reputation for being the quintessential barefoot luxury guest resort. It’s small. Exclusive. You couldn’t get lost in a crowd if you tried. Check into the full service resort that’s just a ¾-mile stroll along the beach from Placencia Village and tuck into one of the 19 beautifully appointed villas on the property that sprawls along 400 feet of Caribbean shoreline. Chabil Mar’s tiny village-like setting has no shortage of amenities despite its size. Have your fill of time on the resort’s private pier, hire a boat, dip into two infinity swimming pools and stroll lush gardens before you taste yummy Caribbean cuisine at the Café Mar.

When you are ready to go out and about, there’s no better or more navigable haven than Placencia Village. With a population of just 1,500 Belizeans, your stroll to the town center quickly inserts you into a vibrant hub that’s far from madding crowds, yet the shops, stalls and attractions will feed your need for the flavor of Belize. Dare we mention the friendly, bi-lingual merchants? The Saturday town market is likely to have all of the souvenir and gift needs you require when you’re ready to come home, and once you’ve had your fill, stroll back to your beach umbrella to resume reading or snoozing.

placencia belize

The wealth of plants and wildlife found within Belize (60-percent of the country is forested) is astonishing and shouldn’t be missed. See exotic birds, 4,000 species of flowers (250 of them orchids), easily navigated caves and Maya archaeological sites that stun and inspire.

Organized tours take the work out of planning and there are so many opportunities to indulge in water sports close to Placencia and Chabil Mar, you needn’t worry about spending half your holiday getting to and from them. Kayaks and canoes get you inside caves, down rivers, around lagoons and through forests where waterfalls await. Miss opportunities to visit the underwater world off Belize? Not a chance.

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From vividly-colored fish, 100 kinds of coral and undersea caves that leave experienced divers and snorkelers speechless, you may even find yourself alone under the turquoise sea, so feel free to claim it as your peronal, private domain. After all, who’s there to challenge you?