5 Green Ways to Experience Belize

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Experience the Green Side of Belize’s Personality at Chabil Mar

There’s a reason travelers are enamoured of destinations showcasing our planet’s fragile state: Given global warming, industrial pollution, vanishing rainforests and climate change, green initiatives have never been more critical if we’re to protect the environment for future generations. Belize is committed to sustainable living, so in the spirit of the green movement, visit Chabil Mar Resort to get a bird’s eye view of natural treasures that abound in and around Placencia.

ATM cave in belize

See the ATM Cave. Archaeologists call it an epicenter of spirituality for the ancient Mayas. Visitors call it wondrous. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave is that unique. Exotic rituals took place on this sacred ground in the past; from celebrations to ritual sacrifice, this was a holy place. Only small groups are permitted to visit at any given time, but Chabil Mar staff can arrange yours. Be forewarned that traveling to ATM includes a daunting trek through water, so forget wearing nice clothing.

Howler Monkey Chabil Mar Belize Resort
Take a Monkey River Eco-tour. The howler monkeys won’t care what you wear, but if you opt for a day trip here, you’ll learn amazing things about an area that’s retained its ecological balance despite the incursion of humanity and construction. Trained guides arranged by Chabil Mar staff point out wildlife scurrying on and around riverbanks, including Manatees, Dolphins, tropical birds and reptiles. The stars of this tour? Aptly-named Howler Monkeys. They’re so loud, you may have to ask guides to repeat information on flora and fauna twice.

Visit Laughing Bird Caye. Explore a sliver of an island 11 miles from Placencia that’s so rich in coral and marine life, it’s a protected area under Belize’s National Parks System Act and was proclaimed a UN World Heritage site. Named for an endangered species—the Laughing Gull—this caye was once a crowded breeding ground but gulls moved to more remote atolls as a result of humans visiting too often. Chabil Mar-organized tours to this caye give travelers a unique perspective on our planet’s fragility.

scuba diving in belize

Scuba dive and snorkel off Placencia. The sheer number of diving and snorkeling packages offered by Chabil Mar is impressive. Partnering with village dive center professionals, select from multiple packages that include equipment, guidance and instruction. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced diver, take this opportunity to witness ecological wonders beneath the Caribbean Sea that harken back to Earth’s origins. Specialized dives include an annual Whale Shark dive experience, so if that’s your cup of tea, do inquire.

Logo closeup on boat Chabil Mar Belize Resort
Chabil Mar Resort. It’s a delicate balance to maintain a luxury resort while respecting the environment, but Chabil Mar Resort contributes consciously to Belize’s green living mission. Architects used hardwoods from self-renewing forested areas to construct the resort and craft furnishings within accommodations. Energy-saving practices are prioritized by resort staff. Lush gardens of natural plantings are everywhere and guests are encouraged to borrow bicycles and golf carts to get around to keep air pollution in check. Chabil Mar has been honoured by notable organizations for undertaking so many green efforts. Come see what it’s like to stay in a green lap of luxury!


USA Today recommends Belize as a prime location for a destination wedding

Cake & Fruit Wedding Chabil Mar Resort BelizeThe popular website www.usatoday.com is recommending Belize as a prime location for a destination wedding on a budget.

Here is what Jane Reynolds, the author of the article says about Belize:

Belize offers visitors more diversity than your run-of-the-mill beach destination, and flight prices are about the same as those you’d find to popular wedding locales such as Mexico. Not only does Belize boast beautiful sandy beaches, but it’s also home to lush rainforests, Mayan ruins and the second-largest barrier reef in the world. And once you’re there, it’s easy enough to save some green — and go green, for that matter. Belize has very few expensive mega-resorts and instead is dotted by eco-lodges and inns where room and board can be found cheap — if you’re willing to give up some “luxuries” such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Another perk? With lobster being a local specialty, it comes much cheaper here than stateside, so you can impress wedding guests with a lobster dinner for a lot less.

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Destin Florida, Vermont, Sedona Arizona, Dominican Republic, Savannah Georgia, Jamaica, and Lake Tahoe California were the other destinations that made it on the list.

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