Placencia Belize: Just Named A Best Place to Travel in 2016

Chabil Mar Belize Resort Night Scene Pier and StarsThe Academy Awards. Nobel Prize. The Pulitzers. You probably know these names because they’re awards given to the best of the best every year, and it would be difficult to find people from around the globe who weren’t familiar with at least one of them.

But did you know that there are also prestigious honors awarded to destinations that are internationally recognized for excellence by industry peers? It’s true—which is why being tapped by Travel and Leisure editors as one of the world’s top travel destinations for 2016 came as such a surprise to Placencia tourism movers and shakers.

In case you haven’t heard of Travel and Leisure, it’s an established, award-winning magazine owned by Time, Inc., so when editors were browsing the planet in search of top destinations, putting Placencia on that list was huge news throughout Belize. For folks in the travel industry, that’s equal to winning an Oscar!

It’s no mystery to Belizeans why Placencia was singled out for recognition. The peninsula is home to every type of activity and attraction in area, so whether tourists want to stroll ancient Mayan ruins, scuba, fish, see exotic wildlife in their natural surroundings or take in the beauty that is unique to this still-unspoiled Caribbean nation, they can count on Placencia to deliver all of this and more.

But, Travel and Leisure editors didn’t pick Placencia based only on its natural sights, sounds and experiences. Resorts in this district have received unprecedented reportage and attention over the past few years. Even hard-to-please veteran travelers are won over. If Placencia’s accommodations weren’t top notch, it would hardly have gotten the attention of Travel & Leisure editors–and few lodgings maintain so lofty a reputation for service, luxury and amenities as the Villas of Chabil Mar, no stranger to travel awards, either.

“We were completely caught off guard when word of this amazing Travel and Leisure news reached us,” said Chabil Mar Marketing Manager Larry France. “Imagine being a popular resort located in an area proclaimed an “outstanding destination” by a network of writers and correspondents who are likely hard to please in light of the fact that they cover travel topics all day, every day!”

Accommodations and amenities alone at Chabil Mar are Travel and Leisure reviewer-friendly and regular guests of Chabil Mar don’t have to think long to come up with their favorite resort features: 400 feet of private Caribbean beachfront, 19 luxury villas—each beautifully appointed and furnished—seductive sea-facing verandas and endless, lush gardens into which infinity pools and resort amenities deliver the ultimate in guest privacy. The private dining pier and award-winning Café Mar restaurant are reasons some guests don’t leave the resort during their stay in Placencia.

“We know that it can be bad manners to brag too much,” adds France, “but after nine consecutive years of winning TripAdvisor awards, Fodor’s “Choice for Luxury” designation and being chosen as a site for so many magazines, movies and TV shows, it’s hard to keep from bragging about Chabil Mar! I’m afraid that this latest news—that Travel and Leisure designation given to Placencia—is going to test our mettle big time, but in a way, this latest honor inspires our staff and resort to keep striving for even more awards in the years ahead!”

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Finding your adventure in Belize is possible with Copa Airlines!

New ImageBelize Is Now Closer Than Ever

Starting December 8, 2015, COPA Airlines will add two weekly flights from Panama City, Panama to Belize City, Belize, making it now easier than ever for visitors from South and Central America to visit the tropical paradise of Belize.

The new route will depart from Belize on Fridays and Tuesdays at 2:17 pm (arriving in Panama at 5:30p) and depart from Panama on Fridays and Tuesdays at 11:30 am (arriving in Belize at 12:52 pm), with a duration of about 2 hours and twenty minutes.

With the latest expansion in route coverage, COPA Airlines will now connect more than 31 countries in the Western Hemisphere to Belize, making the country easily accessible to travelers from North, Central, and South America. For details about the new Panama-Belize route, and to buy your ticket to a paradise vacation in Belize, visit the official website of COPA Airlines.

Now that Southwest Airlines has a direct flight to Belize, competition is heating up, making tickets more affordable than ever!

Placencia, the Jewel of Belize

2013-12-22-KayakandPierBelizeResortChabilMar-thumbThe Placencia Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions in Belize. Just a short domestic flight away from the Belize International Airport, the Placencia region is home to pristine white sugar sand beaches, with ready access to tranquil turquoise waters and gentle sea breezes. Visitors can soak in the sun, or take guided tours of the nearby rivers and dense mangrove forests, untouched natural areas teeming with colorful tropical birds and other exotic wildlife.

The main village of Placencia is home to around 1500 locals, but this once-tiny fishing hamlet now offers a number of world-class amenities for visitors. Bars and seafood restaurants offer a wide variety of entertainment and local delicacies, and the town boasts many festivals and live concerts. Visitors to Placencia can also take advantage of the superior fishing, snorkeling, and diving on offer in the crystal clear waters, and for the more adventurous, guided trips to spot whale sharks are available in the months of March, April, May and June.

Where to Stay in Placencia
landscape and gardens belize resorts chabil marChabil Mar is the premiere destination for visitors to the Placencia Peninsula. With gorgeous accommodations and five-star guest services, Chabil Mar is the perfect destination for newlyweds, honeymooners, and family vacations. A Chabil Mar shuttle van is available to pick up guests at the Belize International Airport, or a short domestic flight with Tropic Air can be booked through to the Placencia Airstrip.

If you are interested in experiencing a true tropical paradise, do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Chabil Mar. The resort has a number of Belize vacation packages on offer that include both lodging and air/ground transportation to Chabil Mar.

While some guests prefer to spend their days lounging in a hammock or dipping their toes in the surf, the resort also offers a number of adventure packages. Guests can explore Mayan archeological sites, trek through tropical rainforests, or plumb the depths of some of the world’s most spectacular caves. Special Belize family packages are also available upon request.

For more information about visiting Belize or Placencia in 2016 , feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.


Flights to Belize


What You Should Know About Flying to Belize

You might have thought that Belize was celebrating a national holiday when news was received that Southwest Airlines had joined the ranks of carriers who know a popular destination when they see it! Who was the most excited to greet the new kid on the block? Everybody.

From ex-pats to tourism professionals and from frequent flyers to honeymooners, the addition of Southwest direct flights to Belize made an immediate difference because the carrier already serves gateway cities like Houston, Miami and Dallas-Ft. Worth and these hubs are so close to Belize, flyers barely have time to finish a beverage before they spot Belize City below and buckle up for landing.

From the moment Southwest broke the news of their Belize route inauguration, things heated up! Other carriers with established routes to Belize—American, Delta, United and US Air—took a second look at their rate structures and voila! Competitive rates popped up everywhere. Talk about a domino effect: Even regional carriers like Grupo Taca, Tropic Air and Copa Airlines who starting on December 8th will add two weekly flights to Belize from Panama took note of “the Southwest effect,” so if you want to visit now–or if Belize is on your 2016 bucket list for 2016–here’s what you need to know:

Where’s the airport?
The Philip Goldson International Airport is located only 10 miles northwest of Belize City and with so many carriers flying in and out, you shouldn’t have problems making flight connections from North or South America. Conveniently located on the mainland, you can travel by bus, air, shuttle or car to popular locations in just hours. A second international airport is projected for Ambergris Caye down the road, but at the moment, Goldson is your hub.

Where to stay?
Chabil Mar on the Placencia peninsula is an ideal place to set up camp because it’s beautiful, luxurious and convenient. If you fly into Belize City, the Chabil Mar shuttle van can be arranged through the concierge to complete your trip, so planning is effortless. If you’re in a rush to get to Chabil Mar, you can grab a short flight to Placencia, and in fact, the Chabil Mar staff can arrange an all inclusive Belize vacation package that includes both lodging and air transport.

What to see?
First, if you use the Chabil Mar shuttle or rent a car at the airport, your drive will give you the chance to savor your first taste of Belize, so by the time you reach your accommodations, you’ll be ready for an eclectic mix of down time and adventure. Placencia has it all: jungle, water, forests, Mayan ruins, caves, rivers, the Belize Barrier Reef and other wonders unique to Belize. Put your arrangements into the hands of our Belize resort hosts after reviewing myriad package tours and excursions and that’s the last decision you’ll have to make!

How will you benefit?
By flying to Belize, you enjoy an affordable, convenient, luxurious and exciting vacation that is practically guaranteed to slow your pulse, clear your mind and give you a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility. Since it takes only a few hours to fly here—and since U.S. dollars are accepted in most places and you don’t have to learn another language since English is spoken everywhere here—Belize in 2016 isn’t just a great idea; it could be the best decision you make all year.

For more information about visiting Belize or Placencia in 2016 , feel free to chat with our Concierge at: or contact our Reservations Manager at: Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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