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Belize: A Unique Place to Celebrate Thanksgiving

At first glance, a perennially sunny and warm country like Belize may seem like a strange place to celebrate Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving isn’t even an official holiday in Belize. But because of the close ties between Belize and the United States and the large number of American visitors who come to Belize in November to escape the cold and snow, Thanksgiving has become a very popular holiday in Belize.

Not only that, but many of the “classic” Thanksgiving foods have their origins in the Maya culture of Belize. Turkey meat and corn have both been staple Maya foods for over 3,000 years, and many of the tasty sides that adorn an American Thanksgiving meal are also common foods in Belize. Except maybe, perhaps, that Belizeans like to add a little twist to the cuisine with a touch more spice and some real Caribbean flavor.

And frankly, a lot of people prefer celebrating Thanksgiving abroad simply because of how easy it is. Instead of endless negotiations over where to eat Thanksgiving dinner, you can just hop on a plane and enjoy a delicious feast prepared by a top-ranked chef. And forget about schlepping to the store and dealing with all the clean-up!

Oh, and don’t worry about missing a minute of the big game, if that’s your thing. All of the top resorts in Belize have satellite TV with American channels.

From the United States, American Airlines, United, Delta, Southwest, and Sun Country Airlines fly non-stop to Belize from major cities across the country. And from Canada, WestJet and Air Canada offer non-stop service from Calgary and Toronto.

“There’s no better place to enjoy Thanksgiving in Belize than at our resort,” said Larry France, the marketing manager of Chabil Mar. “This year, we’ll be serving a full Thanksgiving dinner as well as some live entertainment at Café Mar. This year’s menu includes turkey, Belize-style holiday ham, and a full selection of delicious sides.”

Café Mar is the popular restaurant located on the grounds of Chabil Mar resort in Placencia, Belize. Thanksgiving dinner can be enjoyed by guests  and due to its popularity, advanced reservations are recommended.

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