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Belize: The World’s Most Beautiful Destination

belize is so beautiful

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder as Margaret Wolfe Hungerford wrote in 1878, Belize belongs at the top of Western Hemisphere lists because everything about this nation is beautiful.

Once upon a time, Central and South America were favored playgrounds of travelers from around the world because tourists could count on beauty and safety everywhere they went. But circumstances changed, say BBC travel writers citing Honduras’s world’s highest homicide rates followed by El Salvador and Guatemala.

Destinations like Brazil charmed visitors—-until out-of-control Amazon wildfires broke out–and Colombia and Mexico remain problematic. But there remains a bastion of safety and beauty in Belize that puts the nation atop “world’s most beautiful destination lists,” and it deserves your attention.

What makes Belize the world’s most beautiful destination?

For a small country, the grandeur visitors experience while visiting is nothing short of traffic-stopping, especially visitors choosing the 18-mile-long Placencia peninsula, a lush finger of land that incorporates the best Belize has to offer. If you’re lucky enough to be one of them, these beautiful sites will capture your heart, camera lens, and your imagination:

-Teeming jungles where birds and animals coexist with medicinal plants, stately trees, and exotic flowers.
-The world’s second-longest barrier reef, home to rainbow-colored fish and vivid corals.
-Ancient Maya ruins once home to huge communities of creative, spiritual, industrious peoples.
-The friendliest people in Central America. You’ve never been welcomed as fully or as graciously.
-Placencia’s famously-gorgeous beaches offering lagoon- and seaside fun.
-Sail, fish, dive and snorkel the turquoise sea, lovely landmarks, and little cayes.

Stay at Placencia’s most beautiful resort

Celebrate Valentine's in Belize


There’s a reason Chabil Mar Resort has become the preferred destination of tourists targeting Placencia as the Belize destination they most want to visit. Chabil Mar lives up to its reputation: “Beauty by Belize – Luxury by Design.” Every inch of this distinctly Belize resort is a study in the tropical splendor and natural beauty of Belize, from the flora and fauna of its landscape design to the Belize woods and local art included in its Villas’ decor.

Stroll 400-feet of private “Barefoot Perfect” beach along the Chabil Mar shore. Relax within movie set-worthy seafront villa suites, most of which are just 70-feet from the beach. Plan a group trip and occupy the luxury, 2-story seafront villa offering 2,000-square feet of living space.

Wander or bike into nearby towns, especially Placencia Village, home to “The World’s Narrowest Main Street.” Quaint shops, fun pubs, galleries and year-round festivals contribute to the unique character of this warm, hospitable area where tourists are treated like royalty.

If you’re going to come all this way, stay at a resort that will take your breath away from the moment you arrive until the time you must reluctantly leave. Belize and Placencia await all five of your senses, offering safety, security and wonder! Come experience all of this beauty for yourself.

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