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Best Time To Fish In Belize

Belize Fishing Calendar

Thanks to its tropical weather all year round, the fishing in Belize is excellent no matter when you come. A strong conservation program and a flourishing ecosystem mean that popular gamefish species are easy to land all year round. And whether you prefer deep sea fishing or fly fishing from the flats, there’s plenty to challenge even the most experienced angler here in Belize.

Nonetheless, here’s a brief guide to when you can maximize your chances to land popular fish species in Belize:


If the wind’s calm, it’s easy to spot tarpon up to 90 pounds in size. Also a good month for reef fishing.


If the wind isn’t too high, fishing on the flats is excellent. Also a good month for bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Reef fishing is fantastic.


Lagoons are teeming with tarpon and permit can be found in big schools as well. Reef fishing is good to excellent.


Tarpon are getting quite aggressive as they head out to the reef. Bonefish and permit fish are found in enormous schools.


One of the best possible months for landing bonefish. Expect schools of bonefish up to 300 individuals in size.


Tarpon can be found everywhere from the flats to the reef. Reef fishing for other species is also quite well.

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Summertime is definitely the best time to land tarpon. Permit fish, too, are also at their maximum size. Reef fishing, in general, is also quite excellent.


Another great month for landing bonefish and tarpon. Fishing is good for permit fish. Reef fishing is good to excellent.


The very best month to land tarpon. Many tarpon records have been broken in September. Also a great month for landing bonefish.


An excellent month for jack crevalle and larger permit fish. If the rain picks up on the mainland, expect to find huge numbers of snook on the flats.


A great month for landing jack crevalle and bonefish. Reef fishing is good to fair.


On a still, sunny day, expect a bonanza of barracuda, bonefish, jack crevalle, tarpon, and ladyfish. During the full moon, this is an excellent time to do some reef fishing to land grouper and snapper.

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