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Discover Adventure in Belize: 10 Things To Do For An Epic Vacation

Discover Adventure in Belize

Ever wonder why there are so many “Top 10” lists floating around? Society has “an affection” for round-numbered lists say researchers at the Journal of Consumer Research, calling the phenomenon “The top 10 effect.” In fact people pay more attention to lists of 10 than they do to those with other numbers.

Why mention this fact? With so much to see and do in Belize, there’s a good chance you might miss out on something important, memorable or life-changing if you leave your itinerary to chance and go off without a plan. Wouldn’t you rather visit all of Belize’s hot spots, so you don’t waste a moment of your vacation time?

Top 10 Belize hot spots

1. Snorkel the Belize barrier reef. It’s the 2nd longest reef on the planet so show it some respect.
2. Visit a nature park like the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the world’s only jaguar reserve.
3. Sail down Monkey River where banks are filled with plants and creatures you may never have seen before.
4. Hang out with locals in Placencia Village. Everyone speaks English and they really love tourists.
5. Go island hopping around the Silk Cayes and Laughing Bird Caye.
6. Visit at least one sacred cave. We recommend ATM, an underworld that’s a feast for the senses.
7. Browse the ruins at Xunantunich or Lubantuum to see how ancient Maya people once lived.
8. Fall in love with Garifuna culture; the food, the music, the art and world view.
9. Sample Belize-style rice and beans, stew chicken, fry jacks and ceviche. Your taste buds will thank you.
10. Behold the majesty of nature at Maya King waterfalls before diving into the pool below for a refreshing swim.

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Where to stay in-between sightseeing tours

Belize is a relatively small country, but you still don’t want to waste precious time getting to and from each hot spot. Here’s your solution: Stay at Chabil Mar  so you are in close proximity to all of the destinations on this list. Chabil Mar is not only your gateway to these sites, but your stay will be unforgettable.

Chabil Mar is located in Placencia, today’s most popular Belize destination. This beachfront Caribbean boutique resort sets new luxury standards, offering beautifully-appointed accommodations and staff trained in the art of customer satisfaction, but it’s the lush and mystic gardens  enclosing this private resort that will win your heart.


belize luxury resort

Make it easy on yourself

Award-winning hospitality, onsite dining that sets culinary standards and a heavenly Caribbean vibe combine to make Chabil Mar the ideal jumping off point for all of your adventures courtesy of Belize’s most experienced independent guides. Book a Chabil Mar Belize vacation package to save more time and money.

Seeing all 10 of Belize’s most enticing sites is a goal you can achieve simply by securing your reservations and booking your flight. Leave all remaining details to your friendly Chabil Mar hosts so no detail of your top 10 holiday is left to chance!

Visit our website chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation.

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