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Even Travel Authority Kayak Urges Travelers to See Belize in October

Once upon a time, kayaks represented the best in primitive water travel for members of North America’s Inuit people and Aleut tribe members. We have these Arctic dwellers to thank for inventing the first driftwood, animal skin and whalebone kayaks, rendered waterproof by the application of whale fat.

Historians say that the word kayak mean’s hunter’s boat—but we like to think it actually means provider of the best deals in travel! After all, Kayak.com is the resource savvy folks turn to when they don’t want to pay full price. When this popular resource began touting amazing deals on Belize travel in October, we wanted you to know, too.

Belize finds itself in distinguished company

For a small nation like Belize to wind up on a heavily read website like Lonely Planet is a big deal—-particularly when the other countries on the list include magnets like Osaka, Ontario, Melbourne and Brussels. By applying due diligence to their search, analysts were surprised to discover that when folks decide on Belize as their vacation destination, they get the best deals of all in October.

Why does it cost less than usual to fly to Belize during the month usually reserved for haunted houses, Halloween costumes and trolling for candy? We tried to grill the folks at Kayak but they wanted to keep this secret to themselves, so you’re going to have to trust all of us when we tell you that you couldn’t find a better month to visit.

What’s on Belize’s October surprise list?

-A Halloween celebration that promises to out-do your past experiences.
-The weather is cooling down and the sunsets are spectacular.
-It’s conch season. Enough said?
-Find even more pumpkin and maple pecan coffee drinks in Belize than you do back home.
-The influx of unusual and rare birds picks up in October; birders become spellbound!
-With fewer crowds, booking excursions is a breeze.

There’s more? Maybe you should sit down 

In concert with the lowest airfares to Belize ever, resorts and hotels show their October spirit by offering super deals that are hard to turn down. Thus, there is an epicenter of hospitality that awaits tourists with open arms: the Placencia Peninsula and in particular, the jewel in Placencia’s crown: Chabil Mar Resort, an award-winning property that has been recommended by nearly every travel authority on the planet.

There is a long list of reasons to choose this property, so if you’re thinking vacation, wedding, honeymoon or getaway, see what’s up by visiting Chabil Mar’s website. Pair those amazing Kayak.com flight deals with the luxe hideaways that make up Chabil Mar Villas and if you can come up with a single reason why you shouldn’t make October your Belize visit, maybe you don’t need a vacation after all!

For information about visiting Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@}chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at: reservations{@}chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.

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