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Fodor’s Recommends Chabil Mar Resort in Belize

Fodor’s, the world’s leading publisher of travel information and guidebooks, recently recommended that its readers stay at the luxury resort of Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize.Highlighting the fact that the name of Chabil Mar Resort is Maya for “beautiful sea,” the Fodor recommendation lavished praise for the resort’s 400 feet of private beach just steps from the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The Placencia Peninsula is a narrow, 16-mile long peninsula in southeastern Belize with a mangrove-lined lagoon on the western side and the Caribbean Sea on the eastern side.

The Fodor’s report also included ample praise for Chabil Mar’s luxurious villas, each one furnished and decorated differently. The resort’s grounds were described as “indeed gorgeous,” and the resort received recognition for its lovely grounds that include topiary figures, tropical plants, and two freshwater swimming pools.

Chabil Mar was also recommended due to the delicious food available on site that can be enjoyed at the gourmet restaurant, on the verandah of a villa, poolside, or even by candlelight on the resort’s private sea pier. Chabil Mar was also recommended for being just a short distance from Placencia Village, the gateway to the popular diving, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing activities on the offshore cayes of the Belize Barrier Reef.

“We are truly delighted to have earned such a tremendously positive write-up by Fodor’s,” said Larry France, marketing manager at Chabil Mar. “At our resort, we welcome visitors to Belize with a taste of luxury and comfort just steps from the Caribbean Sea. We look forward to receiving readers of Fodor’s excellent travel publications and encouraging them to explore all the beauty that this country has to offer.”

According to Fodor’s, Chabil Mar was highlighted for its superior customer service, describing their stay at the resort as having “every comfort and convenience at hand.” Chabil Mar was also recommended by Fodor’s because of the resort’s substantial portfolio of Belize vacation packages that include snorkeling, diving, fishing, and adventure tours.

Fodor’s also recently published their famous “Go List” for 2018, and Belize came in at number 10. Belize was described as the ultimate getaway for travelers seeking to unplug from the modern world as the country’s prime attractions are its fantastic weather, the lush, natural scenery, an abundance of adventure activities, and its density of ancient Maya sites to explore. The eclectic cultures and long history were also recommended by Fodor’s as a reason to visit Belize in 2018.

To learn more about Belize and to book an unforgettable luxury vacation in Belize, contact the Chabil Mar Reservations office.

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