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Go Jaguars! Canada versus Belize


The first leg of Belize’s third round qualifying series will be played September 4 at BMO Field in Toronto with the second leg set for September 8 in Belize.

The disappointment of 2004 is behind us, and Canada is feeling the pressure after defeating No. 174 Dominica 6-0 on aggregate in a home-and-away series. Belize swept past Dominican Republic by a comfortable 5 to 1.

The six winners advance to Round 4, joining the six top-ranked teams: Costa Rica, Mexico, U.S., Honduras, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago. Those 12 teams will be placed in three round-robin groups, playing from November to September 2016. The top two from each pool advance to the next round.

If Belize wins we play Mexico, Honduras and either Curacao or El Salvador. Only the top two advance to the following round.

The final six teams will face off in the CONCACAF hexagonal, to be played from November 2016 to October 2017. The top three in the group will advance directly to the World Cup with the fourth country taking part in an intercontinental playoff spot.

It’s almost time to cheer the Jaguars on as they attempt to make history this week! Go JAGUARS, Go Belize!



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